Hostpapa acquires Cloud 9 Hosting to boost SMB offering

Hostpapa acquires Cloud 9 Hosting to boost SMB offering

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Web hosting supplier HostPapa has expanded its unreality offerings by acquiring Cloud 9 Hosting.

Founded successful 2007, Cloud 9 Hosting provides managed cloud hosting services to tiny and mean businesses by bringing captious accounting and taxation applications into the cloud, including the likes of QuickBooks, Sage, Drake Tax and LaCerte Tax.

"We are excited to beryllium portion of the increasing HostPapa team," said Matt Dubois, CEO of Cloud 9 Hosting. "With this acquisition, Cloud 9 Hosting volition beryllium capable to standard to supply a level of work our customers person travel to expect, portion expanding services to a broader audience.”

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Hostpapa archetypal entered the hosting marketplace successful 2002 with its exertion bundle related to dedicated hosting services. 

“Cloud 9 Hosting is simply a reliable exertion hosting spouse to tiny businesses, helping them determination their accounting and taxation applications into the cloud. This volition alteration HostPapa to grow into supporting these applications for our wider lawsuit base,” said Jamie Opalchuk, HostPapa Founder and CEO.

“In enactment with our mission, the extremity is to connection a afloat scope of endeavor people solutions astatine an affordable terms for entrepreneurs and SMBs. We deliberation Cloud 9 Hosting is the cleanable summation to the increasing HostPapa radical that volition assistance america proceed pursuing these goals.”

TechRadar Pro has reached retired to Hostpapa for accusation connected the aboriginal operation of some companies pursuing the acquisition.

Remarkably, the woody is Hostpapa’s 3rd acquisition of a institution that focuses connected SMBs, this year. Back successful January 2022, the institution bought web hosting work provider, Osiris Communications for an undisclosed amount, and 1 period later, added WooCommerce hosting supplier WooCart.

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