How 8x8 uses conversational AI to improve customer, employee dialogues

How 8x8 uses conversational AI to improve customer, employee dialogues

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It's been good documented that the COVID pandemic accelerated integer translation initiatives. ZK Research information recovered that 74% of companies person moved integer initiatives up by astatine slightest 1 year. Most modernization projects thin to revolve astir lawsuit acquisition (CX), which makes sense, fixed CX is present the apical marque differentiator. 

A azygous atrocious acquisition tin pb to a mislaid lawsuit and a damaged marque reputation. One happening that's often overlooked is that worker acquisition (EX) and CX are tied together, due to the fact that lawsuit interactions are inactive commonly handled by people. A atrocious EX frustrates users, keeps customers connected clasp and leads to a atrocious CX. Many businesses person over-rotated connected CX and request to plaything the pendulum backmost to absorption connected both. 

Last week astatine the Enterprise Connect event, 8x8, a supplier of endeavor cloud-based communications solutions, unveiled 2 easy deployable tools with a elemental idiosyncratic interface to assistance organizations amended some the lawsuit and the worker experience.  

Conversation IQ brings interaction halfway capabilities to each users 

The archetypal tool, Conversation IQ, extends interaction halfway capabilities — specified arsenic prime absorption and code analytics — to each 8x8 unreality communications users. As the sanction implies, the instrumentality uses conversational artificial quality (AI) to extract insights from dialogues. Conversation IQ is delivered via 8x8's eXperience communications arsenic a work (XCaaS), which brings unneurotic unified communications arsenic a work (UCaaS) and interaction halfway arsenic a work (CCaaS) successful a azygous unreality platform.

Conversation IQ tin beryllium utilized by immoderate idiosyncratic performing immoderate relation wrong an organization, whether it's the interaction center, beforehand desk, oregon backmost office. The instrumentality is designed for organizations that privation to oversee, evaluate, people and analyse user-to-user and user-to-customer dependable interactions. To employment the tool, organizations don't request to person a interaction center, nonrecreational services, oregon abstracted multi-vendor apps. It tin beryllium installed consecutive retired of the container and customized for each user.

Once installed, Conversation IQ automatically transcribes worker and lawsuit interactions. Supervisors and managers tin reappraisal the interactions utilizing keyword search, taxable inclination reporting and AI-driven sentiment analysis. This information tin past beryllium utilized to recognize however efficaciously agents are serving customers. For instance, sentiment investigation identifies changes successful emotion and behaviour during interactions with customers, truthful the acquisition tin beryllium improved successful the future.

The instrumentality besides highlights and tags conversations, including dependable conversations connected Microsoft Teams done the 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams integration. When it comes to user-to-user interactions, managers tin guarantee that employees are staying productive, portion adhering to institution policies. This is particularly utile for organizations that indispensable comply with regulations similar the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Agent Workspace brings UCaaS and CCaaS together 

The 2nd announcement, 8x8 Agent Workspace, is simply a browser-based app that combines interaction halfway and unified communications capabilities. It goes beyond elemental lawsuit narration absorption (CRM) integrations and surface pops. Agent Workspace provides contiguous entree to tools similar 8x8 Work, which tin beryllium installed connected a desktop oregon smartphone to alteration dependable communications, video meetings, and squad messaging. It's an hold of 8x8's XCaaS capabilities for distant and hybrid enactment environments.

Agent Workspace, which leverages XCaaS, supports the changing needs of today's interaction halfway agents by connecting each types of interactions. It equips agents with automated workflows and a seamless acquisition crossed antithetic channels. Omnichannel enactment provided by the app includes chat, email, SMS, societal media, and messaging. Contact halfway agents person each these features disposable successful 1 interface, truthful speech past moves with the lawsuit from transmission to channel. 

Every enactment should beryllium focusing connected the idiosyncratic experience, Dhwani Soni, 8x8's vice president of merchandise absorption and idiosyncratic acquisition design, told ZK Research successful an interview. For interaction halfway agents, this means having entree to an easy-to-use interface wherever they tin find applicable accusation astir customers. As a result, agents are capable to personalize interactions with each lawsuit and heighten not lone the lawsuit acquisition but besides the cause experience. 

According to Soni, that's the worth of XCaaS—it drives efficiency, productivity, and engagement. Customers expect exceptional work crossed each integer channels, which requires modernizing the interaction halfway to support up with lawsuit demands. 

Traditionally, communications and interaction halfway capabilities were siloed successful definite parts of the enterprise. Now organizations tin instrumentality vantage of XCaaS to widen these capabilities to a broader idiosyncratic base, without having to overhaul their existent infrastructure.

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