How long is Evil West?

How long is Evil West?

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How agelong is Evil West? Given that 50+ hr games are the inclination astatine the infinitesimal – and person been for rather immoderate clip – you whitethorn beryllium wondering however agelong you’ll beryllium spending successful this vampire-slaying steampunk third-person shooter. If you’re a instrumentality of shorter action-adventure games that don’t instrumentality themselves excessively seriously, packed with monsters to detonate successful a ablution of blood, past Evil West whitethorn beryllium the gunslinging escapade for you.

Evil West has 16 missions that volition instrumentality astir 10-15 hours to complete. The game’s operation features a linear acceptable of missions filled with treasures disconnected the beaten way (including the Evil West unsocial chests) and arenas wherever you duel against vampires, their cowboy thralls, and different wicked creatures of the night. If that sounds good, but you’d similar to larn a batch more, we person an Evil West preview that goes into much item astir what you tin expect to find successful the western game.

Evil West missions

Here is the implicit Evil West ngo list:

  • Mission 1 – The Questionable Cargo
  • Mission 2 – The Raid
  • Mission 3 – The First Spark
  • Mission 4 – From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Mission 5 – The Devil’s Pass
  • Mission 6 – Remote RI Outpost
  • Mission 7 – Smoke and Mirrors
  • Mission 8 – Pharmakon
  • Mission 9 – Where Oil Tastes Like Blood
  • Mission 10 – Bats In The Belfry
  • Mission 11 – A Man Of The People
  • Mission 12 – Lightning In A Bottle
  • Mission 13 – Old Friends
  • Mission 14 – A Son’s Duty
  • Mission 15 – The Heist
  • Mission 16 – The Grand Finale

That’s each of the Evil West missions, and portion it’s chiefly a single-player experience, it is imaginable to play done the full crippled with a spouse covering your back. The developers person revealed quality astir Evil West crossplay successful a caller watercourse successful lawsuit you’re hoping to play the co-op crippled alongside a person readying to play the console version.

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