How to add and use text replacements on Mac

How to add and use text replacements on Mac

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You mightiness beryllium acquainted with text replacements connected your iPhone, wherever you usage shortcuts to regenerate longer strings of text. You tin bash the aforesaid happening connected your Mac to velocity up your workflow.

You tin use substance shortcuts for things similar your name, company, and email address. You tin besides usage them for the substance you benignant often successful emails oregon substance messages, like, “I’m moving late,” or, “Sorry, I can’t marque it.”

Whether you’re creating a document, typing a substance message, oregon composing an email, you tin accidental what you request faster with substance replacements connected Mac.

Add substance replacements connected Mac

When you adhd caller substance replacements connected your Mac, you tin usage them connected your iPhone oregon iPad arsenic well. Just marque definite you’re signed successful with the aforesaid Apple ID to sync the content.

Step 1: Open System preferences utilizing the icon successful your Dock oregon the Apple icon successful the Menu bar.

Step 2: Select Keyboard.

Keyboard successful  System Preferences connected  Mac.

Step 3: Go to the Text tab. If you’re synced with your iPhone oregon iPad, you whitethorn spot shortcuts you’ve added there.

Step 4: To adhd a replacement, prime the Plus sign connected the bottommost left.

Plus motion   fastener  to adhd  a substance   replacement.

Step 5: Type the shortcut you privation to usage to regenerate the substance successful the container that opens.

Box to participate  the shortcut.

Step 6: Press your Tab cardinal and past participate the substance you privation to show erstwhile you usage the shortcut.

Box to participate  the substance   to regenerate  the shortcut with.

Step 7: Press your Return cardinal to prevention the substance replacement.

By default, your replacements are listed successful alphabetical bid according to the shortcut.

Text replacement added connected  Mac.

Use substance replacements connected Mac

When you privation to usage a substance replacement, unfastened your document, substance message, email, note, oregon different item.

Step 1: Place your cursor wherever you privation the drawstring of text, and benignant the shortcut.

Step 2: You should spot the replacement substance pop-up container beneath the shortcut.

Text replacement pop-up container  successful  Messages.

Step 3: You tin past prime that text, property Return, oregon usage the Space bar to regenerate the shortcut with the text.

Text replacement successful  Messages.

Step 4: If you don’t privation to regenerate the shortcut with the drawstring of substance for immoderate reason, prime the X connected the close broadside of the tiny pop-up box.

X to adjacent  the substance   replacement option.

Edit oregon region substance replacements

You tin alteration existing substance replacements oregon region those you don’t use.

Step 1: In System preferences > Keyboard, spell to the Text tab.

Step 2: To edit a replacement, prime it and participate the caller shortcut oregon substance you privation to display. Then, property your Return key.

Replacement substance   container  selected to edit text.

Step 3: To delete a replacement, prime it successful the database and usage the Minus sign connected the bottommost near to region it.

Minus motion   fastener  to delete a substance   replacement connected  Mac.

With substance replacements connected Mac, you tin velocity up what you privation to type. For akin ways to enactment much productively, cheque retired immoderate of the best Mac keyboard shortcuts.

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