How to build a table of contents in Microsoft Word

How to build a table of contents in Microsoft Word

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Navigating done a Microsoft Word papers tin beryllium a tedious task for some. Assignments and contracts tin pb to galore pages that tin beryllium hard to support way of. One solution Microsoft offers for this is simply a array of contents. In summation to providing an outline and wide overview of the content, the diagnostic gives the papers a much nonrecreational look.

Here’s a usher connected however to make a array of contents successful Microsoft Word.

Creating a array of contents

Before you insert the array of contents, you volition request to use heading styles to the pages connected your document, which volition past beryllium utilized by Word to formulate the array itself.

Step 1: Go to each leafage of your papers and instrumentality a heading benignant to the rubric via Home > Styles. You tin besides take to use subheadings that supply further discourse to a fixed page. Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 are the choices you tin usage to format headings successful bid to populate the Automatic Table, which is the astir straightforward mode to make a array of contents.

Step 2: Now usage your cursor and click the country wherever you privation to insert the array of contents. The archetypal leafage is usually a suitable spot for this. Click the References tab and prime the Table of Contents button.

The Table of Contents fastener  successful  Microsoft Word that allows you to take  from an existing template.

Step 3: Choose Automatic Table 1 (Contents) oregon Automatic Table 2 (Table of Contents), which is lone differentiated by the titles each mounting volition apply.

Microsoft Word volition present trust connected the headings applied successful measurement 1 to signifier the array of contents, which includes immoderate substance wherever Heading 1, Heading 2, oregon Heading 3 was applied to, arsenic good arsenic the associated leafage number.

For reference, I applied Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 for the archetypal 3 header titles shown below, which gives a tiered look to the array of contents.

A Table of Contents successful  Microsoft Word created via an existing Automatic template.

Updating a array of contents

Step 1: Select the array of contents. Click the References tab and past prime Update Table.

Step 2: Choose from either:

Update leafage numbers only: This enactment won't update immoderate changes made to the headings, but alternatively conscionable the leafage numbers.

Update full table: This volition update the array with immoderate heading-based substance that has been modified, successful summation to leafage fig changes.

The updating options for a Table of Contents connected  Microsoft Word.

Customizing the array of contents

Not satisfied with however the array of contents looks via the existing templates? Conveniently, there’s a mode to modify the look of your table.

Step 1: Click your table. Select the References tab, take Table of Contents, and click the Custom Table of Contents.

The Custom Table of Contents fastener  connected  Microsoft Word utilized  for customizing a table.

Step 2: Within the model that popped up, you tin marque assorted adjustments to the table, including however galore levels to show, removing leafage numbers, and alignment changes. You tin besides unfastened the Options fastener for further customization. Click OK erstwhile you’re done.

The Custom Table of Contents model   connected  Microsoft Word utilized  for customizing a table.

Step 3: If you privation to use further formatting specified arsenic changing the quality of the substance wrong the table, simply item what you privation to alteration wrong the table, and modify the size, color, style, etc. These options are located wrong the Home tab.

Building a array of contents manually

Your papers whitethorn beryllium acceptable up successful a mode that whitethorn marque populating an Automatic Table of Contents difficult. As such, you tin opt to insert a manual array instead.

Step 1: Click References, prime Table of Contents, and take Manual Table.

As its sanction suggests, you volition beryllium required to marque each the indispensable edits specified arsenic leafage numbers. It can’t beryllium updated automatically. You'll request to input each the applicable details yourself.

Step 2: To further customize the manual table, click the array of contents you created. Click the Custom Table of Contents tract wrong the Table of Contents menu.

The Remove Table of Contents enactment    connected  Microsoft Word.

Removing array of contents

Click the array itself, past prime the Table of Contents menu, and take the Remove Table of Contents option.

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