How to Buy, Sell, and Manage Bitcoin

How to Buy, Sell, and Manage Bitcoin

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Are you yet acceptable to instrumentality the plunge into the satellite of cryptocurrencies? It whitethorn look complicated, but with a small research, beginners tin beryllium buying and selling Bitcoin successful nary time.

Bitcoin is the astir ubiquitous integer currency connected the market, truthful we'll amusement you the ropes connected buying, selling, and storing it. However, these tips tin use to different cryptocurrencies similar Ethereum (or adjacent Dogecoin, if that’s your thing).

What to Know Before Buying Bitcoin

At the clip of this writing, the value of 1 Bitcoin is conscionable shy of $38,000. But don’t worry, you tin inactive bargain Bitcoin successful fractional amounts adjacent if you aren’t obscenely wealthy. Before you bargain your portion of Bitcoin pie, however, determination are a fewer things you’ll request to bash first. These include: 

  • Set up an relationship with a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. 
  • Collect the documents needed to verify your individuality for Know Your Customer (KYC) exchanges.
  • Get a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Set up your wallet.
  • Make definite you person a fast, reliable net connection. 

You’ll besides request to spell into the acquisition with an knowing that cryptocurrencies—and Bitcoin successful particular—can beryllium volatile, drastically changing successful worth from 1 time to the next. With that successful mind, ne'er put much than you tin spend to suffer erstwhile purchasing cryptocurrency.

Choose a Cryptocurrency Wallet

crypto wallet

Ledger Nano S

Before you bargain integer currency, you request a spot to store it, and that’s wherever crypto wallets travel in. They’re known by respective names—hot wallet, hardware wallet, bundle wallet—but travel successful 2 main types:

  • Cold Wallet: A physical, hardware-based integer wallet for storing cryptocurrency that isn’t connected to the internet, akin to a precise high-tech flash thrust for storing cryptocurrency. Cold wallets travel with aggregate layers of security, and are much hard to hack than an internet-connected wallet. 
  • Hot Wallet: A software-based integer wallet that is connected to the net and often comes successful the signifier of an app. 

Over the years, definite companies person emerged arsenic reliable crypto hardware wallet manufacturers. Ledger, for example, has been making acold wallets for years present and could beryllium a bully spot to start. Trezor is different large sanction successful the hardware wallet space.

If you privation to spell with a integer wallet, astir large cryptocurrency exchanges bundle an online wallet with your idiosyncratic account. Coinbase, possibly the largest cryptocurrency speech retired there, does this. Its wallet is highly rated, and you don’t request a Coinbase relationship to usage its app.

Our Top-Rated Bitcoin Wallets

Set Up Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

coinbase app

Coinbase app

If you’re utilizing a bundle wallet (aka, a hosted wallet, since it’s hosted connected third-party servers), you conscionable make an relationship with a username and password and alteration two-factor authentication. If you’re mounting up your wallet arsenic portion of a cryptocurrency speech relationship and that speech uses KYC, you’ll request to supply documents similar a driver’s licence to verify your identity. 

Non-custodial blistery wallets aren’t hosted by a 3rd enactment and instrumentality much information measures than a modular blistery wallet. Users get a randomly generated “private key” oregon “seed phrase” that they tin usage to entree the wallet. These keys are usually astir 12 words agelong and are known lone by the user. It’s recommended that you store this passphrase determination harmless and offline—it’s much hard to hack that way. But if you suffer the phrase, you're locked out of your ain wallet.

Cold wallets besides make a cardinal operation known lone to the idiosyncratic that allows entree to the wallet. This cardinal operation is usually a drawstring of 24 randomly generated words, and you’ll besides make a PIN to summation access. Cold wallets enactment unneurotic with apps and bundle connected your smartphone oregon desktop device, truthful you’ll instal them arsenic needed erstwhile mounting up a acold wallet. 


Exodus desktop app

A insubstantial wallet is simply a benignant of acold wallet successful which the nationalist and backstage keys needed for a transaction are printed connected a portion of insubstantial for an other measurement of security. A transaction cannot beryllium made without the accusation connected the portion of paper, which is generated online and tin past beryllium printed. More often utilized for semipermanent oregon high-security investments, they’re intentionally slower to usage than different kinds of cryptocurrency wallets. 

No substance which wallet benignant you use, you'll request to nexus a outgo method to it for purchases. That tin beryllium a slope account, oregon a outgo work similar PayPal oregon Apple Pay. When submitting outgo information, you’ll person to verify your identity.

Pick an Exchange



Once you take a wallet and acceptable it up, it's clip to find an speech and marque your archetypal Bitcoin transaction. Not each crypto exchanges are regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), truthful look for 1 that is. A fewer reputable and regulated crypto exchanges that are reasonably harmless bets include:

You’ll request to bash immoderate homework to find which speech is the champion for your needs. Since Bitcoin is the archetypal and astir fashionable cryptocurrency, you tin beryllium reasonably definite that each the exchanges listed supra volition connection it. You whitethorn besides privation to look into what different cryptocurrencies they connection if you person plans to grow your portfolio.

Look into each institution and spot what measures they instrumentality to support people’s wealth safe. Are they insured? If so, for however much? What information measures bash they use? Do they person a KYC argumentation for individuality verification? Know the answers to each of these questions earlier you proceed. 

Whichever speech you take volition necessitate impervious of identification—usually a driver’s licence oregon state-issued ID if you’re successful the US—when signing up. Being asked to taxable impervious of code and scans of further documents similar a passport is besides a possibility.

Do your research, take an exchange, acceptable up your account, money it with immoderate cash, and you’ll beryllium acceptable to commencement buying Bitcoin. 

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin


Now that you’re acceptable to acquisition Bitcoin, you’ll spell done the process of buying nevertheless overmuch you tin afford. The process volition beryllium antithetic depending connected what speech you use.

Some conscionable person a “buy” and “sell” fastener wherever you specify however overmuch currency you privation to acquisition oregon merchantability off. Others person you taxable an bid akin to a accepted banal exchange. Most cryptocurrency exchanges fto you bargain and merchantability utilizing 3 types of orders: 

  • Market Order: An bid to bargain a acceptable magnitude of Bitcoin astatine the existent marketplace price. This is precise speedy to execute and usually done successful seconds.
  • Stop Order: Sets a terms astatine which you privation to bargain oregon merchantability Bitcoin. This benignant of bid tin beryllium utilized to merchantability Bitcoin astatine a precocious earlier it drops, but tin instrumentality much clip to execute than a marketplace order.
  • Limit Order: Instructs the speech to bargain oregon merchantability Bitcoin astatine a circumstantial terms oregon better. These are disposable to the market, and tin instrumentality longer than halt orders to complete. This tin beryllium bully for buying Bitcoin erstwhile it comes down successful terms somewhat. 


Some exchanges connection adjacent much bid types than the ones listed above. As of this writing, Kraken presently offers the most bid variety, including stop-loss and take-profit orders. Start with the basics listed above, and enactment your mode up from there. 

As cryptocurrencies person evolved and gained a measurement of legitimacy successful the nationalist eye, crypto exchanges person grown with them into thing that tin beryllium astir equivalent to accepted banal exchanges. Some volition adjacent fto you choose a recurring dollar amount to put each day, week, oregon month. 

Various P2P cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges besides exist, but we urge sticking to accepted exchanges to commercialized and bargain Bitcoin, unless you cognize the idiosyncratic with whom you’re making a P2P exchange.

Make a Plan and Manage Your Assets

Choosing your concern strategy is important to occurrence successful investing. A communal strategy is to bargain and clasp onto Bitcoin successful the hopes of riding retired the ups and downs successful valuation for a higher mean return.

JPMorgan Chase expert Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou favors this strategy. He precocious told Insider that "It is amended to bargain and hold, possibly allocating a tiny information of your portfolio to cryptocurrencies, focusing connected the ones typically held by organization investors, specified arsenic Bitcoin and Ethereum astatine the moment."

Another fashionable strategy is the dollar-cost-average (DCA) approach: buying a tiny spot of Bitcoin each week oregon period without paying overmuch attraction to the fluctuations successful price. That mode you proceed to physique your concern astatine a dependable gait you set, holding onto it for the agelong term.

Experts urge allocating a precise debased percent of your portfolio to cryptocurrency investments, particularly erstwhile starting out. A azygous digit amount—like 5% of your full concern portfolio—is reasonable. And if you're wondering if you person to wage taxes connected crypto, we answer each your questions here.

A Word of Warning

ftc chart

Crypto tin beryllium a fascinating concern prospect. The myriad uses of integer currency marque it an absorbing and enticing concern option, but each caller capitalist should recognize that they are successful nary mode guaranteed monolithic returns connected crypto investments. You’re much apt to suffer wealth than go a billionaire overnight, truthful it’s worthy reiterating: never, ever put much than you tin spend to lose. 

There are truthful galore antithetic crypto scams retired determination these days—fake acold wallets, Twitter hacks, mining apps, scam calls, database hacks—that the FTC has issued a warning to consumers. As such, we urge you find a reputable wallet and speech that connection robust information features. Use each azygous instrumentality disposable to support your assets truthful you'll beryllium little apt to tally into occupation long-term.