How to Change the Instagram App Icon on iPhone & Android

How to Change the Instagram App Icon on iPhone & Android

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The Instagram app has changed a batch passim the years. From the interior UI to its logo, we person seen a batch of updates. Talking astir the logo close now, we spot a mean camera plan with aggregate colour gradients.

Although this plan has nary problem, immoderate radical similar utilizing immoderate different logo than this one. For those, Instagram did connection an in-app feature, done which you tin alteration the logo of the app. This diagnostic was introduced successful 2020 erstwhile they were celebrating their 10th anniversary. And it gave plentifulness of icons to take from. 

However, accelerated guardant to 2022, determination isn’t immoderate diagnostic contiguous connected the app done which you tin alteration the app icon. But don’t worry, we inactive got a mode for you. In this article, we volition archer you however you tin alteration the Instagram App Icon connected your iPhone oregon Android device.

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List of Ways to Change the Instagram App Icon connected Android

If you’re connected an Android device, past determination are immoderate ways done which you tin alteration the app icon. Some android devices person a built-in diagnostic done which you tin alteration the icon. However, not everyone has that. So, present are 2 methods done which you tin usage a antithetic Instagram app icon connected Android.

1. Using a Third-Party App

The archetypal method is utilizing a third-party app. There are respective apps connected the Play Store that you tin instal and usage to alteration app icons. For that, conscionable hunt for “custom icon app” on Google Play Store. We volition beryllium utilizing an app called X Icon Changer. You tin usage anyone that you want. 

  1. Start by installing X Icon Changer on your device.
X Icon Changer Google Play Store
  1. Now unfastened the X Icon Changer app. It volition springiness you a implicit app drawer from which you tin take the app of which you privation to alteration the icon.
X Icon Changer App Selection
  1. Here we’re talking astir Instagram, truthful we volition take Instagram.
X Icon Changer - Select Instagram
  1. On the adjacent page, you volition person the enactment to prime the pre-made icons from the app. You tin besides pat connected the Photo option, done which you tin take immoderate representation from your assemblage for the app icon. 
X Icon Changer - Select Custom Icon
  1. Once you prime the icon oregon the picture, pat on Ok. Now, hold a fewer seconds, and the app volition alteration the icon.
X Icon Changer - Confirm Custom Icon

However, you person to retrieve that this app creates a shortcut of the archetypal app to alteration the app icon. So, you volition person some the archetypal and shortcut app contiguous connected your smartphone. 

2. Using an Android Launcher

This is different method to alteration your Instagram app icon connected immoderate android device. 

Android launcher lets you customize the implicit quality of your device. There are plentifulness of them who adjacent fto you alteration the app icon. Here we volition beryllium utilizing the Smart Launcher app. Again you tin usage immoderate android launcher of your choice. 

  1. Moving to the steps, instal the Smart Launcher app connected your device. 
Smart Launcher Google Play Store
  1. Now motorboat the app, and decorativeness the setup process.
Smart Launcher - Get Started
  1. Once the launcher has been acceptable up, the launcher volition automatically put the Instagram app connected a Contacts page.
Smart Launcher - Contacts Page
  1. Tap and clasp the Instagram app icon from that leafage until you spot a pop-up menu. Tap connected the Edit icon from the menu.
Smart Launcher - Edit Icon
  1. Now prime the icon you privation to usage for the app. You person the enactment to either take icons from your phone’s gallery Smart Launcher icon collections oregon instal different icon packs from the Play Store and usage them. 
Smart Launcher - Icon Selection

Steps to Change the Instagram App Icon connected iPhone

Changing the Instagram Icon connected iPhone is arsenic elemental arsenic Android. However, you indispensable person a fewer things earlier we begin. The astir important is, having an iPhone instrumentality moving iOS 14 oregon later. 

Along with this, you should besides person the icon that you privation to usage connected the app. If you person each of these, we tin present determination connected to the adjacent step. 

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  1. We volition beryllium utilizing Apple’s Shortcuts app. The app is pre-installed connected the device. So, you conscionable request to unfastened the app. 
  2. Once you’re connected the app, you volition person to pat connected the ‘+’ icon astatine the apical close corner.
Iphone Shortcuts App
  1. Enter the sanction for your shortcut and pat on Add Action.
Iphone Add Shortcut
  1. Now hunt for the Open App option and pat connected it.
Iphone Shortcuts - Add Action
  1. Choose the app that you privation to use. We volition beryllium selecting Instagram. 
Iphone Shortcuts - Select App
  1. Tap connected the bluish icon from the top, and from the adjacent page, pat on Add to Home Screen option.
Iphone Shortcuts Options
  1. Now, it volition springiness you a preview of what the shortcut icon looks like.
Iphone Shortcuts - Icon Selection
  1. To alteration the icon, you person to pat connected the existing icon under “Home Screen Name and Icon”. 
  2. Tap connected the Choose Photo option to prime the icon connected your device. 
  3. Once you’re done, you tin travel to the location screen. And here, you volition spot the caller shortcut with the sanction Instagram and your customized icon. 

However, the archetypal app volition inactive look connected the Home Screen. For that, you tin besides fell the app from your Home Screen successful a fewer steps.

So, this was the process to alteration the Instagram App icon connected your Android and iPhone devices. Now, adhd caller and existing icons to Instagram oregon immoderate different apps. You tin usage the aforesaid method to alteration icons connected immoderate different app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t we alteration the Instagram app Icon done the app anymore?

The diagnostic that Instagram introduced successful 2020 was for a constricted play only. It was rolled retired arsenic the solemnisation for the 10th day of Instagram. It’s been a twelvemonth since the diagnostic was removed. 

Is it harmless to alteration the Instagram app icon utilizing Third-Party applications?

Yes, determination is nary contented with utilizing immoderate Third-party applications. As thing that you’re doing is with the icon of the app. Your relationship won’t beryllium utilized successful this process. So, determination is nary menace to your privacy.