How to Change the Theme & Accent Color of Instagram DMs

How to Change the Theme & Accent Color of Instagram DMs

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Instagram lets you customize a batch of things successful the app. But erstwhile it comes to messaging, you get plentifulness of much features. Since Facebook merged some Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs, galore caller customization features were introduced. 

The astir communal was messaging your Instagram and Facebook contacts done 1 app. However, we won’t beryllium discussing each of them successful 1 post. Today, we volition archer you astir changing Theme Colors connected Instagram DMs. This is simply a precise communal diagnostic we spot successful messaging apps nowadays.

Instagram gives you respective themes and accent colors to take from. If you’re wondering however to alteration them, present is simply a implicit usher that you tin follow.

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Update the Instagram Messaging App 

Changing your taxable connected Instagram chats is arsenic casual arsenic a portion of cake. You conscionable person to travel immoderate elemental steps, and you’re done.

Before starting, marque definite you’re utilizing the latest mentation of the app. Although this update came successful 2021, you mightiness person this feature. 

  1. To update the app, you tin either usage the Play Store for Android oregon App Store if you’re connected an iOS device. After updating the app, you volition person to instal the cross-platform messaging feature. This volition fto you usage the caller messaging features.
  2. For that, navigate to your Profile page. From there, pat connected the paper icon and select Settings. Once you unfastened Settings, you volition spot an Update Messaging option. Tap connected it, and this volition update the caller messaging level successful your app.
  3. To corroborate this, you tin spot the messenger icon astatine the apical close country of your surface alternatively of a accepted formation icon.

Steps to Change the Theme and Accent Color of Instagram DMs

Once you’ve updated the app, you tin easy alteration the Theme oregon Chat colors connected your Instagram DMs.

  1. Open the Instagram app and pat connected the messenger icon from the apical close corner. It volition amusement each your chats. From there, take the speech wherever you privation to alteration the taxable oregon accent color.
Instagram Select Chat
  1. Now pat connected the username of your contact.
Instagram Chat - Tap Profile
  1. A caller leafage volition appear. Tap connected the Theme option nether Chat Settings.
Instagram Chat Settings
  1. On the Chat taxable menu, you volition spot plentifulness of themes nether the Theme section. Some of them mightiness beryllium constricted and tin alteration aft an update. You tin take immoderate that you like.
Instagram Chat Theme Selection
  1. For accent colors, conscionable scroll down a small bit. You volition spot a new Color and Gradients section. In that section, you volition find galore colour options that you tin usage connected your chats.
Instagram Chat Colors And Gradients
  1. Once you prime a taxable oregon chat color, it volition beryllium applied to the conversation. Instagram besides sends a notification to the different extremity that the taxable oregon colour has been changed.
Instagram Chat Theme Changed
  1. If you alteration the theme, it volition beryllium the implicit inheritance of the chat, and the chat conception volition beryllium changed.
  2. But successful the lawsuit of accent colors, lone the colors of the chat conception volition change.
Instagram Chat Default Theme
  1. If you privation to revert to the default theme, you tin take the Default option from the Color and Gradients section.

This was each you request to cognize for changing the taxable and accent colour successful your Instagram DMs. Follow this method to adhd breathtaking themes and colors to your chats and springiness them a fresh, lively look.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we adhd customized themes connected Instagram chats?

No, arsenic of now, Instagram doesn’t let customized themes for Instagram chats. You tin lone prime from the fixed options.

How galore themes are disposable connected Instagram?

There are presently lone 7 themes available, including the famous Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever.

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Why won’t Instagram themes work?

This occupation tin chiefly hap owed to immoderate issues with the app. Try clearing retired the cache, updating the app, and re-login to your account. If the issues are inactive not resolved, determination mightiness beryllium a occupation with your account.

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