How to Check Airtel Phone Number in Nigeria

How to Check Airtel Phone Number in Nigeria

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This nonfiction you are astir to work contains however to cheque your Airtel fig easy and accelerated utilizing the USSD Code below!

Remembering your ain phone fig tin sometimes beryllium an utmost sport. This happens often erstwhile you precocious acquired a SIM but aft immoderate time, you abandoned it for different network. If you’ve ever been successful specified a concern wherever you request to stock your ain Airtel fig but can’t retrieve it, this nonfiction is conscionable the champion solution to that problem.

I person fallen into situations wherever I volition person to supply my telephone fig for 1 oregon 2 purposes. And present successful Nigeria, it’s hard to trust connected 1 SIM, I person arsenic galore arsenic 2 SIMs for 1 network… Imagine Frank having arsenic galore arsenic 2 (2) sims for assorted web providers, 1 for internet modem/Mifi, 1 for telephone etc.


Hehe!! sounds comic right? Having tons of Sim cards is simply a mean happening but remembering their fig is the Big question?

So with that said… I americium going to rapidly amusement you close present connected NAIJAKNOWHOW the steps I usually usage successful revealing my Airtel fig without having to work it retired from a notepad oregon jotter.

How to Know, Reveal oregon Check Airtel Phone Number (USSD Code)

Method 1:

  • To cheque and cognize your mobile telephone fig connected Airtel, dial *121*3*4#, your fig volition beryllium revealed close away.

check airtel telephone  number

Method 2:

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Alternatively, you tin dial *121# and travel the steps below…

  • Follow the onscreen instruction, Select 3, and nonstop for My Account option.
  • On the adjacent surface that comes up, prime 4 and nonstop arsenic My Number option.
  • Your telephone fig volition beryllium displayed to you connected the screen. You tin constitute it retired and prevention it somewhere.

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There you go! Were you capable to uncover your forgotten Airtel telephone fig with the code? You tin notify america via the remark container if this USSD codification worked oregon not. I’ve antecedently covered how to cheque your MTN, Glo and 9Mobile (Etisalat) telephone numbers, click the nexus to work more. Thanks for reading, sharing is caring!!!

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