How to choose the best microSD cards for your smartphone or tablet

How to choose the best microSD cards for your smartphone or tablet

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If you tally retired of retention abstraction connected your telephone oregon tablet, you’ll privation to find a mode to get more. One of the simplest options is to insert a microSD card. Sadly, not each smartphones and tablets enactment microSD cards. If you person an iPhone oregon iPad, you’re retired of luck. Fortunately, immoderate of the champion Android smartphones and tablets bash enactment them, though if you’re the proprietor of a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you mightiness beryllium disappointed to enactment the microSD paper slot seems to beryllium gone for bully from Samsung’s latest flagships.

It’s champion to afloat recognize how to usage a microSD to get the astir retired of it. To spot if your instrumentality accepts them, cheque the afloat specs for your telephone connected the manufacturer’s website oregon look for a microSD paper slot successful your phone. On newer phones, they’re mostly portion of the SIM tray.

We’ve picked retired 8 of the champion microSD cards for smartphones for casual to nonrecreational use. You whitethorn privation to look beyond this list, but we counsel you to instrumentality to well-known brands specified arsenic Samsung, Lexar, SanDisk, Toshiba, and Kingston. All prices are close astatine the clip of writing, but the microSD paper marketplace moves fast, truthful expect them to change.

Netac 32GB

Netac 32 gigabyte microSD cards two-pack.

The archetypal paper connected our database isn’t really from 1 of the large brands we recommended sticking with a infinitesimal agone but carnivore with us. Netac’s 32GB microSD paper comes successful a useful two-pack and is the paper to spell for if you’re utilizing your telephone oregon tablet successful adverse conditions oregon switching it retired frequently. It’s ultra-rugged, built to withstand utmost vigor and cold, water, and shock. It’s adjacent X-ray proof. With up to 90MB/s work speeds, it’s nary slouch successful the show section either, though constitute speeds are a small dilatory astatine 10MB/s. At $12 for a two-pack, it’s 1 of the much affordable options connected our list, too.

SanDisk Extreme 32GB

32 gigabyte SanDisk microSD paper  and SD paper  adapter.SanDisk

Here’s a speedy SDHC paper that offers work speeds of up to 100MBps and constitute speeds of up to 60MBps. This is simply a durable paper with a beingness warranty successful astir regions, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. It volition person nary occupation with 1080p video and tin adjacent grip 4K, though you whitethorn privation a larger capableness if that’s what you’re buying it for. It is certified UHS Speed Class 3, V30, and A1 for Adoptable Storage. It besides comes with a useful SD adapter.

Samsung Evo Plus 64GB

64 gigabyte Samsung microSD paper  and SD paper  adapter.Samsung

This SDXC paper is rated arsenic UHS 3 and offers a constitute velocity of up to 100MBps. It’s a durable and reliable microSD paper with a batch of affirmative reviews. It’s accelerated and businesslike for usage successful phones and tablets and won’t person immoderate occupation signaling 1080p video, but you should opt for different paper if you sprout successful 4K. Ultimately, it’s a large all-arounder for a tenable price.

Lexar Professional 2000x 128GB

Two Lexar Pro 2000x 128GB microSD cards broadside  by side.

This twin-pack of fast-acting microSD cards is simply a large enactment for those looking for the astir bang for their buck. You get 2 SD UHS 3 rated cards that enactment work speeds of up to 300MBps. This paper supports 1080p Full HD, 3D, and 4K video signaling with ease. If you’re the person who ever seems to beryllium filming videos connected your mobile device, you’ll find that this paper is an fantabulous match. And you get 2 cards for the price, truthful you’ll ever person a backup.

Kingston Canvas Select Plus 256GB

256 gigabyte Kingston microSD paper  and SD paper  adapter.Kingston

This UHS 3 paper is A1 rated, truthful it’s optimized for usage successful Android phones. It supports up to 256GB astatine a outgo that fits galore budgets, and it tin easy enactment 1080p video recordings. Unfortunately, this paper doesn’t person a constitute velocity susceptible of executing 4K video recordings, but it does person an improved work velocity of up to 100MBps. Your acquisition besides comes with an SD adapter.

PNY Pro Elite 512GB

The PNY Pro Elite 512 gigabytes microSD card.

If you’re not definite you request 1TB of retention — but 256GB seems similar excessively small — this 512GB microSD paper from PNY is the cleanable mediate ground. True, it’s not the fastest, with work speeds of up to 100MBps and constitute speeds of up to 90MBps, but it’s a large enactment for your phone, arsenic it runs apps straight from the microSD card. Its U3 and V30 ratings mean it tin grip 4K video, though if this is your main crushed for buying the card, we urge upgrading to the SanDisk Extreme 1TB instead. It’s besides waterproof, shockproof, and magnet-proof, truthful it’s a large prime if you often power your paper betwixt devices.

Samsung Pro Plus 512GB

Samsung Pro Plus MicroSD Card

The Samsung Pro Plus embodies fantabulous speeds astatine a tenable terms erstwhile it comes to terms and performance. It has work speeds of up to 160MBps and constitute speeds of up to 120MBps, with assorted retention capacities that acceptable your needs. Additionally, with its U3 and V30 ratings, this paper tin adjacent grip 4K video with ease, making it cleanable for usage with the latest DSLR cameras. Therefore, we urge this paper arsenic it is optimized to instrumentality vantage of your Samsung mobile devices — adjacent if the latest Samsung flagships don’t see abstraction for microSD cards these days.

SanDisk Extreme 1TB

SanDisk microSD paper  1 terabyte.SanDisk

If your main precedence is storage, past look nary further than the 1TB enactment from the Sandisk Extreme line. This merchandise comes with expanded retention options, and its UHS 3 and V30 Speed Class ratings some mean it’s susceptible of handling 4K video signaling with ease. The card’s work speeds measurement astatine astir 160MBps, and its constitute speeds scope up to 90MBps. You’ll privation to guarantee your instrumentality is afloat compatible with maximizing that imaginable performance. On apical of each of these fantabulous show features, the paper besides received 1 of the highest imaginable A2 ratings for its retention capabilities connected Android devices.

What to see erstwhile buying a microSD card

There are a fistful of things to see erstwhile you’re choosing a caller microSD paper for your phone. Obviously, the terms and capableness are going to beryllium factors, but you besides request to marque definite that the benignant of paper you bargain is supported by your instrumentality and that it’s suitable for your needs.


SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity, and SDXC stands for Secure Digital Extended Capacity. The lone existent quality is the scope of information they tin store. You’ll find that SDHC microSD cards scope from 2GB to 32GB successful size, portion SDXC microSD cards tin scope from 32GB up to 2TB successful size, though the biggest microSD paper we’ve seen truthful acold is 1TB.

Speed Class ratings

You’ll astir apt travel crossed a slew of number-symbol combinations printed connected cards and their packaging. These are Speed Class indicators that notation to a microSD card’s minimum sustained constitute speed. Write velocity tells you however rapidly information tin beryllium saved to the paper and is expressed successful megabytes per 2nd (MBps). It’s utile to support successful caput erstwhile buying for definite usage cases similar video recording. There are presently 3 classes: Speed Class, Ultra High Speed (UHS) Speed Class, and Video Speed Class. The archetypal Speed Class is denoted by the constitute velocity enclosed successful a ample “C,” portion UHS Speed Class is shown with a Class fig wrong a ample “U.” The people for Video Speed Class is simply a stylized “V” followed by the constitute speed. Here’s however the minimum speeds for the antithetic classes interruption down.

ClassMinimum constitute speed
2 2MBps
4 4MBps
6 6MBps
8 8MBps
10 10MBps
UHS 1 10MBps
UHS 3 30MBps
V6 6MBps
V10 10MBps
V30 30MBps
V60 60MBps
V90 90MBps

Most reputable microSD cards these days volition person astatine slightest a Class 10 constitute velocity rating. These are conscionable minimum requirements, and galore cards are susceptible of faster speeds than their rating. A Class 10 paper whitethorn connection 95MBps, for example. Read oregon transportation speeds are apt to beryllium respectable — astir 100MBps — crossed galore options arsenic well.

Application Performance Class

The SD Association besides has a modular called Application Performance Class, which is designed to item microSD cards that are suitable for usage successful smartphones and tablets. The A1 standing means that the paper tin negociate random work input-output entree per 2nd (IOPS) of 1,500 and constitute IOPS of 500. The A2 standing indicates random work input-output entree per 2nd of 4,000 and constitute IOPS of 2,000. This is perfect for rapidly opening apps and processing tasks. These A1 and A2 cards are worthy looking retired for if you mean to format your paper arsenic interior retention successful an Android device, thing Google calls Adoptable Storage.

Choosing a microSD paper for your needs

If you are simply focused connected adding retention capableness for downloaded files and casual pictures and videos, the little Speed Class ratings volition bash conscionable good for your telephone oregon tablet. Content creators shooting a batch of video volition privation to look for higher-end Class 10 and UHS microSD cards, astatine the precise least. These volition beryllium amended equipped to grip 4K resolutions and precocious framework rates of 60 frames per 2nd oregon 120 fps. Android powerfulness users whitethorn privation to see cards with the App Performance Class designation.

In immoderate case, you’re evidently going to privation the highest speed, highest capableness microSD paper you tin get for the lowest price. We would counsel you to origin successful the marque estimation and the reported show and reliability. Check retired the warranty terms, conscionable successful lawsuit thing should spell wrong. You besides request to beryllium cautious wherever you buy. If you’re going to usage Amazon oregon eBay, past work immoderate lawsuit reviews and ticker retired for fake microSD cards, due to the fact that they’re disappointingly common.

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