How To Choose the Right Video Editing Software for Your Project

How To Choose the Right Video Editing Software for Your Project

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The aged adage, “You get what you wage for” mightiness person been existent for anterior generations of consumers. But successful today’s tech world, with start-up developers looking to marque a sanction for themselves, open-source software, and products successful their beta signifier made disposable to users successful the anticipation of improving the merchandise earlier it’s launched, that adage simply doesn’t ringing true.

The information of the substance is that today’s user tin often get rather a batch for precise little, and sometimes rather a batch for really thing astatine all. This is the lawsuit erstwhile it comes to video editing software.

Whether you are making promotional oregon selling videos, contented for your YouTube channel, a abbreviated oregon feature-length film, a fewer video editing bundle programs for Mac and PC are disposable connected the marketplace that you tin usage for free.

In this abbreviated article, we’ll instrumentality a look astatine a fewer options. Perhaps you request video editing bundle for Mac and PC to implicit a punctual oregon one-off project, and you don’t consciousness it would beryllium worthy the disbursal to put successful purchasing video editing software. Or, you are readying to bargain video editing bundle but privation to effort it retired archetypal earlier taking the plunge. In this article, we’ve curated our picks for the champion solutions for escaped video editing bundle for Mac and PC.

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Pros and Cons of Using Free Video Editing Software

For a nonrecreational filmmaker oregon contented creator – oregon idiosyncratic with nonrecreational ambitions and the means – video editing bundle is excessively important not to usage the 1 champion suited for your needs and preferences and simply wage for it. 

If you are a freelancer who is looking to interruption into 1 of the astir resilient and profitable tech jobs such arsenic integer marketing, contented creation, oregon societal media management, you mightiness privation to commencement retired utilizing escaped video editing bundle until you’ve built up capable of a lawsuit basal and tin spend to put successful a much nonrecreational oregon premium solution.

On the different hand, you whitethorn request to usage video editing bundle truthful sporadically that it simply conscionable doesn’t warrant purchasing video editing software.

There are escaped video editing bundle for Mac and Pc solutions disposable to you, but you should support successful caput a fewer caveats oregon downsides to utilizing escaped video editing software.

The Pros

  • Free proceedings periods let you to instrumentality the video editing bundle for a trial tally truthful that you tin marque a much informed purchasing determination later.
  • Using assorted escaped video editing bundle solutions for the antithetic projects you’re moving connected volition assistance you amended make your skills arsenic an editor. And it volition assistance you to place what your preferences are and wherever your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • You prevention money.

The Cons

  • Free versions of video editing bundle often bounds entree to much precocious features.
  • There is ever a learning curve erstwhile utilizing a video editing bundle programme for the archetypal time. Free proceedings periods don’t often springiness the idiosyncratic capable clip to get acquainted with the bundle to marque an informed decision.
  • Watermarks oregon the developer’s branding placed connected the video contented render immoderate task you are moving connected virtually null and void for nonrecreational oregon commercialized purposes.



We mightiness arsenic good commencement with the best. And erstwhile it comes to high-quality video editing bundle that is 100% escaped to usage with nary waterworks oregon branding (and escaped forever, not simply constricted to a escaped proceedings plan), Lightworks is hands down connected the apical of our list.

How escaped is it?

As we know, erstwhile it comes to offering products oregon bundle “for free”, determination is often a sliding standard arsenic to what is meant by “free”. In the lawsuit of Lightworks, determination are 2 premium subscription plans: Lightworks Create, astatine $9.99 per month, and Lightworks Pro, astatine $23.99 per month.

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These premium subscription plans springiness you entree to precocious effects, higher export capacity, unreality editing and collaboration, societal media export templates, precocious metadata, and more. If you are a freelancer, what you should cognize astir amusement jobs successful 2022 is that collaborating connected projects done unreality exertion is becoming much and much the norm. 

For moving freelancers, a premium subscription whitethorn beryllium worthy it for that crushed allow. Conversely, you tin motion up for the escaped plan. 

In the escaped plan, determination are nary watermarks oregon Lightworks branding embedded successful your videos. There is nary clip bounds connected however agelong you tin instrumentality vantage of the escaped plan. There are nary restrictions connected the fig of files you tin export (though each projects successful the escaped program are constricted to exporting successful 720p). And determination is nary request to taxable your recognition paper details.

The escaped program is an fantabulous mode for you to instrumentality your clip familiarizing yourself with the galore features of Lightworks video editing software. Then you tin determine aboriginal if you would similar to upgrade to a premium program oregon look for different video editing bundle for Mac oregon PC. You whitethorn besides find that the escaped program meets each the requirements you request successful a video editing bundle program. In that case, you tin simply enactment connected the escaped plan. 

How good does it perform?

Lightworks is simply a robust precision video editing bundle system. Their motto boasts “Hollywood spot video editing for everyone”, and the show of their video editing bundle backs it up.

Lightworks is fantabulous for picture-in-picture editing.

When you request to furniture an representation onto your video – a communal effect recovered successful merchandise selling videos and YouTube content, for example, Lightworks gives you unparalleled power implicit the image, however it is displayed (including size, angles, appearance, and vanish) and for however long.

Lightworks is fantabulous for optimizing the audio of your project.

Every spot of audio successful your task tin beryllium boosted, EQed, muted, etc., either arsenic an idiosyncratic constituent oregon successful a sequence. The power Lightworks gives you is impressive. And due to the fact that you are moving connected a ocular show of the audio tracks, immoderate manipulation of them is done successful an intuitive and easy-to-grasp way.

Lightworks video editing is stable

While nary bundle is wholly 100% crash-proof, Lightworks performs overmuch amended successful this respect than different akin video editing bundle programs connected the market. Lightworks continuously autosaves the task you are moving on, truthful successful the uncommon lawsuit that the programme does crash, the chances are that you won’t person mislaid overmuch of your enactment – if immoderate astatine all.

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Lightworks video editing successful the escaped program has basal effects

With the notable objection of picture-in-picture editing and adding text, the effects that are offered successful the escaped program aren’t apt to wow experienced video editors. Basic fades and surface wipes, arsenic good arsenic filters and colour correction, are disposable successful the escaped plan, and this should beryllium capable to fulfill non-professional users.

How casual and intuitive is it to use?

With immoderate caller bundle you are going to use, determination is simply a learning curve. The learning curve successful Lightworks is rather perchance a just spot steeper than successful different video editing bundle programs.

When you click connected an constituent connected the video way you are presently editing, determination are a fig of vastly antithetic ways the programme volition construe what you privation to do. These interpretations beryllium connected wherever precisely you clicked connected the constituent and if the enactment is simply a portion of a series of actions oregon if it is independent.

Once you get the bent of the strategy and of the logic that is down it, past it becomes intuitive – and it’s rather awesome conscionable however galore functions you tin get retired of conscionable 1 click. However, until you get the bent of the constituent enactment logic that is unsocial to Lightworks, the chances are rather precocious that you volition acquisition a fewer moments of hair-pulling frustration.

Furthermore, erstwhile you marque a mistake editing, that mistake is apt to impact much than the way you are moving connected (if you committed the Lightworks misdeed of not de-selecting the tracks you are not moving on). This is not ever evident oregon adjacent casual to spot astatine first. Mistakes tin snowball rapidly successful Lightworks (especially if they are corrected manually and not by pressing Cntrl z).

Once you person ruined a task by not spotting however 1 mistake was tied to aggregate tracks, you volition larn to ever de-select the tracks you are not moving on. This is thing that isn’t needfully intuitive arsenic it is not a wont you request to make erstwhile utilizing different video editing software.   

The Verdict

The escaped mentation is 100% escaped (no recognition paper required, nary watermarks, and nary clip oregon export limits). Lightworks is simply a high-quality, high-performance, professional-grade video editing bundle program. However, it does travel with a peculiarly precocious learning curve. And you are apt to acquisition immoderate moments of precocious vexation levels arsenic you familiarize yourself with the logic down this bundle and you make the indispensable habits to champion enactment with it.

Other Free Options 

HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express

Although they person a pro subscription package, the escaped mentation is not constricted successful time, comes with nary waterworks (provided you simply make a escaped relationship and motion up for a escaped license), and gives you entree to capable features to fulfill astir non-professional users – this includes unlimited exports successful 4k.

While HitFilm Express video editing bundle does person awesome audio editing features, they don’t travel adjacent successful presumption of prime and controllability to what Lightworks offers.

On the different hand, HitFilm explicit offers question tracking and animation tools.

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If you person a elemental video editing task to do, if you don’t person overmuch acquisition successful video editing, and you don’t privation to instrumentality the occupation of learning analyzable software, OpenShot whitethorn beryllium the close prime for you.

OpenShot is simply a scaled-down drag-and-drop video editor. It is acold and distant the easiest video editing bundle programme to larn (as it’s comparatively constricted successful presumption of features). The bundle does clang much than different video editing bundle solutions you could choose, truthful erstwhile utilizing OpenShot, it is particularly important to retrieve to periodically backmost up your work.

OpenShot comes with basal fades, crossfades, and a fewer antithetic types of surface wipes. The videos you enactment with successful OpenShot are casual to trim and splice, but you are severely constricted successful presumption of the power you person implicit the audio.

The Bottom Line

Whether you simply request to usage video editing bundle connected an occasional ground oregon you’re looking to summation acquisition and effort retired a fewer options earlier investing successful a premium subscription, determination are a fewer fantabulous video editing bundle solutions you tin instrumentality vantage of astatine perfectly nary cost.

Avoid offers of a escaped proceedings that travel with waterworks oregon branding striped crossed your videos. This renders your projects wholly useless for immoderate professional, semi-professional, oregon commercialized context. All the video editing bundle solutions mentioned successful this nonfiction are escaped of watermarks and travel with nary clip limits arsenic to however agelong you tin usage their respective escaped plans.

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Bear successful caput determination volition beryllium a learning curve successful immoderate video editing bundle you choose. Lightworks mightiness person the steepest learning curve of them each (HitFilm Express is besides rather hard to get the bent of astatine first). But ultimately, if you privation to marque prime video content, you’ll request to usage prime video editing software, and they each necessitate clip and signifier to get a grip connected their assorted features.