How To Clear a Discord Chat

How To Clear a Discord Chat

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The quality to wide a Discord chat is 1 of the astir requested features of the platform. Yet aft years of requests, we inactive can’t easy wide retired aged chats oregon wide delete much caller ones. There are options, though, and this nonfiction volition locomotion you done them.

How To Clear a Discord Chat

If you negociate a Discord channel, housekeeping is 1 of your halfway tasks. You tin bash it manually oregon usage bots to help. If thing other works, you tin clone your transmission and unopen the aged 1 down.

Clear Discord Chat Manually

Clearing a chat manually is the agelong and tedious mode to wide Discord chat. It does springiness you a batch much power implicit what gets deleted, though. If you person immoderate invaluable conversations you privation to support astir for a portion longer, the manual deletion method is appropriate.

Here’s what you tin bash to wide a chat utilizing the built-in deletion process successful Discord.

  1. Navigate to the Channel you privation to clear.

  2. Locate the connection that you privation to delete and click connected the 3 dot paper to the right. Or, clasp the Shift key.

  3. Click connected the reddish trash tin icon to delete the message. Or, click Delete Message.

Discord volition not inquire you for immoderate confirmation that you privation to wide the chat; the connection volition instantly disappear. It’s champion to commencement astatine the apical if you’re going to usage this method. Because the pursuing connection volition soon instrumentality its place, you tin prevention a batch of clip by keeping your cursor successful 1 position, utilizing the Shift button, and clicking connected the trash tin icon.

Clear Discord Chat With a Bot

By far, the easiest mode to cleanable your transmission is to usage a bot. There are bots for everything connected Discord and housekeeping tasks specified arsenic clearing chats is simply a classical mode to usage them. There are a fewer chatbots, but the astir communal is to usage the Mee6 Bot.

To adhd a bot to Discord, you volition request to beryllium an Administrator oregon person Manage Server permissions successful your role. If you don’t, you won’t beryllium capable to adhd immoderate bots. To cheque to spot if you person permissions, bash this:

  1. Select the server you’re adding a bot to.
  2. Click Server Settings from the paper to the right(the arrow to the close of your server name).
  3. Select Roles and marque definite either Administrator oregon Manage Roles is toggled on.

If you don’t spot Server Settings oregon cannot toggle Administrator oregon Manage Server, you don’t person capable permissions and request to talk to the server owner. If you bash person permissions and 1 of those settings is enabled, you tin adhd the bot.

Adding the Bot

For this article, we’ll beryllium utilizing the Mee6 bot. This versatile and trusted bot tin execute galore administrative tasks successful Discord, including, clearing a chat.

To adhd the bot, bash this:

  1. Go to this website and prime Add to Discord (Keep this leafage open).
  2. Sign into your Discord account.
  3. Select the server you privation to wide out.
  4. Authorize the bot for that server.
  5. Go backmost to the MEE6 web page.
  6. Select the server you conscionable added it to from the upper, right-hand country if it isn’t already selected, past click connected the Moderator enactment and click Yes erstwhile prompted.
  7. Go backmost to your server and benignant !clear, !clear10, oregon !clear100. Whichever is astir suitable.

You tin besides wide chats from individuals if you request to. Clearing a chat is utile if idiosyncratic has turned toxic oregon had a rant that cipher wants to see. Use the bid ‘!clear @[NAME]’ to cleanable retired the users’ erstwhile 100 messages.

There are different bots that tin cleanable chat. Another adjuvant and fashionable Bot is CleanChat. It works overmuch the aforesaid way.

Clear Discord Chat by Cloning and Closing

If the bot isn’t doing capable for you, it is imaginable to clone a server and unopen down the original. That way, you support your users and main settings but get escaped of the chat past and clutter. It’s a convoluted mode of clearing chat, but it does work. You tin manually clone your server oregon usage a bot.

To manually clone a server bash this:

  1. Select the server you privation to clone successful Discord.
  2. Right-click and prime Server Settings.
  3. From the paper connected the left-hand side, prime Server Template.
  4. Enter a sanction for your template and click Generate Template.
  5. Click the Preview Template fastener that was appeared beneath your template link.
  6. Select Create.
  7. When you permission the settings menu, your caller server volition beryllium successful your sever list.
  8. Delete the archetypal server.

You tin usage a bot to bash this too, if you prefer. There are a mates of bots disposable that volition clone servers. DiscordServerCloner connected GitHub has been recommended a fewer times, arsenic has Cloner. Both bots volition prevention a transcript of your server for you to beryllium capable to retrieve arsenic required.

Whichever method you use, you volition request to re-add immoderate bots you had successful your archetypal server, but everything other should beryllium conscionable arsenic you similar it.

Of each of these, the chat clearance bots are astir apt the easiest. They are constricted successful that they tin lone wide chat from the erstwhile 14 days but marque abbreviated enactment of clearing chat and wide housekeeping. If you’re fortunate capable to person a lively server, I thoroughly urge having 1 of these bots astir anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you person much questions astir moderating a Discord chat, we person the answers here!

Can I region idiosyncratic from the server?

If you’re an administrator, you whitethorn request to prohibition oregon footwear idiosyncratic who consistently violates your Server’s standards. By visiting the violator’s profile, you tin click connected the enactment to artifact that person.

Can I person aggregate Bots connected 1 server?

Absolutely! Bots marque it casual to customize and negociate your servers connected Discord. You tin adhd several, each with antithetic roles and tasks, for a much seamless experience.

Can I delete conscionable 1 message?

Yes, find the connection and click the 3 horizontal lines each the mode to the right. Select ‘Delete Message,’ and it volition disappear.