How to connect a Chromebook to a monitor

How to connect a Chromebook to a monitor

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We don’t springiness Chromebooks capable recognition for the workhorses they are. When you link your Chromebook to a monitor, you tin get enactment done conscionable arsenic you would connected a accepted instrumentality with insignificant hiccups. Ports are sometimes confusing, truthful successful this guide, we’ll amusement you however to link a Chromebook to a monitor.

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How to link a Chromebook to a monitor

The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 broadside  presumption    showing the near  ports.

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There are a mates of ways to link a Chromebook to a show oregon a TV. You tin take betwixt a wired and wireless solution. Wired is mostly the amended option, but you whitethorn request to acquisition 1 since it requires a compatible cable. The communal show output ports you tin find connected a Chromebook are HDMI and USB-C, with the second being much common.

So you’re going to request a cablegram that matches the show output larboard connected your Chromebook connected 1 end, and the show input larboard connected your show connected the different end. Monitors typically person HDMI, DisplayPort, oregon USB-C inputs now. So successful astir cases, you should beryllium capable to get by with an HDMI cable, a USB-C to USB-C show cable, oregon a USB-C to HDMI cable. You tin besides usage a USB-C hub and a compatible cablegram successful operation with one.

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Connect utilizing an HDMI oregon USB-C cable

Once you’ve determined what benignant of cablegram oregon hub you request and acquired it, link the cablegram to your Chromebook, mostly to the HDMI oregon USB-C port, oregon the hub.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 ports left

Connect the different extremity of the cablegram to the input larboard connected your monitor, mostly HDMI, DisplayPort, oregon USB-C.

Mi QLED TV 4K with larboard  selection

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Open the Settings app connected your Chromebook, either via hunt oregon by clicking the time, past the Settings cogwheel icon.

Chromebook clip  settings shortcut

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Click Device successful the near navigation pane.

Chromebook instrumentality  displays settings

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Click Displays. Your show volition beryllium listed here.

Chromebook database  displays

Click connected the sanction of your show to set the settings. Check the Mirror Internal Display checkbox if you privation to reflector your Chromebook screen.

Chromebook outer  show   settings

Another easy, albeit somewhat little reliable, mode to link your Chromebook to a show is by utilizing a Chromecast. It’s Google’s casting protocol, truthful you’ll request to person a Chromecast-enabled instrumentality — either a show oregon TV with a Chromecast instrumentality attached, oregon a TV that has Chromecast built-in.

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the website you privation to cast. Click the three-dot paper fastener astatine the apical right, and click connected Cast…

Chromebook formed  option

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A pop-up volition amusement you the disposable screens you tin formed to. Click your preferred display.

Chromebook formed  disposable  devices

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To power the root from the tab to the desktop, click the Sources fastener successful the casting pop-up, and click the preferred choice.

Chromebook formed  sources options

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To halt casting, click the formed fastener showing successful the Google Chrome toolbar, and click the sanction of your display.

Chromebook halt  casting

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Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is simply a somewhat antithetic mode to link a Chromebook to a monitor, but a moving solution nonetheless. You tin usage Chrome Remote Desktop to remotely link a Chromebook to a monitor. You’ll request to person 2 systems for this to enactment — a Chromebook, and different strategy with Google Chrome installed and connected to the monitor.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop connected the Chromebook and the different system, by clicking Add to Chrome.

Chrome distant    desktop extension

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After installation, unfastened the Chrome Remote Desktop web app connected some systems. Click connected + Generate Code nether the Share this screen tab successful the Chrome Remote Desktop web app connected your Chromebook. You’ll get a codification that’s valid for 5 minutes.

Chrome Remote Desktop Windows

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In the web app connected the different strategy connected to the monitor, participate the entree codification nether the Connect to different computer section, and click Connect. Give support for distant entree connected your Chromebook erstwhile prompted.

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Can I usage a Chromebook arsenic a 2nd monitor?

Yes, Duet Display costs $10 connected the Play Store and operates implicit Wi-Fi to nonstop and person video signals from different computer. Using this app, you’ll beryllium capable to formed to and from Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Can you link a Chromebook to a VGA monitor?

Yes, you tin link your Chromebook to a VGA monitor. Although VGA ports are comparatively uncommon present since they’re old, you tin inactive usage an HDMI to VGA oregon USB-C to VGA adapter.

How galore monitors tin I link to a Chromebook?

Google says Chromebooks tin enactment up to 3 outer screens. This fig volition alteration by your Chromebook’s processor and however galore video out-capable ports are connected the Chromebook.

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