How to connect AirPods to an Apple TV

How to connect AirPods to an Apple TV

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Watching your favourite movies and shows connected Apple TV isn’t ever a radical activity: Sometimes, different radical successful the country would similar if you kept your streaming to yourself.

When that's the case, you tin brace your AirPods with an Apple TV, allowing you to ticker oregon perceive successful soundlessness portion inactive enjoying high-quality sound. But, you whitethorn ask, "How bash I link my AirPods to my Apple TV?" Our usher shows you however to brace AirPods with Apple TV successful a fewer casual steps.

Important note: This benignant of pairing volition enactment with immoderate AirPods oregon Apple TV models you have. However, the results volition beryllium overmuch amended if you person AirPods that tin enactment Dolby Atmos audio features (like the AirPods Pro, third-generation AirPods, oregon AirPods Max) and an Apple TV that tin besides enactment Dolby Atmos (the Apple TV 4K oregon aboriginal models). Dolby Atmos is the exertion that enables things similar Spatial Audio connected Apple devices. Here we go.

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Make definite everything is connected the aforesaid iCloud relationship and updated

Prep each your devices earlier you begin. Put your AirPods successful their case, and complaint them up. Turn connected your Apple TV and marque definite it’s updated to the latest tvOS version. You volition besides privation to cheque that your AirPods and your Apple TV are some logged into the aforesaid relationship and syncing with the aforesaid iCloud, arsenic this volition marque mounting up easier.

Turn connected the Apple TV and unfastened your AirPods case

Step 1: Check that your Apple TV is turned connected and signed successful to the close account. Then unfastened your AirPods lawsuit adjacent your Apple TV.

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Step 2: When everything is connected to the aforesaid iCloud account, Apple already has everything it needs to cognize astir your AirPods. So, erstwhile you unfastened the lawsuit — oregon deterioration them — adjacent your Apple TV, you should spot a notification popular up to property the TV Button connected your distant and link your AirPods. If it doesn’t enactment astatine first, effort unpairing them from immoderate different devices and effort the process again.

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Pair your AirPods manually if necessary

Sometimes automatic pairing doesn’t enactment arsenic it should. In this case, you should effort to brace your AirPods manually. This is an casual process, too.

Step 1: With your Apple TV and AirPods some on, instrumentality your Apple TV controller and property and clasp the Play fastener — the cardinal circular fastener astatine the apical of the remote. This volition popular up a little paper of disposable adjacent Apple devices, and your AirPods should beryllium connected the list. Select them, and Apple should adhd them without further trouble.

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Step 2: If this still doesn’t work, you tin skip down to our last conception connected what to bash if you aren’t utilizing the aforesaid iCloud relationship for a workaround.

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Adjust Spatial Audio if you prefer

Remember, if you person a much precocious mentation of AirPods similar the AirPods 3 oregon AirPods Pro, they enactment Spatial Audio via Dolby Atmos connected the Apple TV 4K and newer versions. If immoderate audio includes enactment for Dolby Atmos, this tin supply your ears with richer sound. If you person the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, you tin besides take levels of sound cancellation. These features tin beryllium controlled straight from the Apple TV menu.

Step 1: Once your compatible AirPods person been paired, you tin sojourn the Control Center paper again, and you should spot an AirPods icon you tin select. This volition unfastened a caller paper for enabling/disabling Spatial Audio.

Step 2: Shoose your Noise Cancellation settings if imaginable – you tin take betwixt Noise Cancellation, a Transparency Mode to perceive more, and turning Off progressive cancellation entirely.

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What if you aren’t utilizing the aforesaid iCloud account?

This isn’t precise usual, but you whitethorn privation to brace AirPods temporarily oregon a friend’s AirPods that aren’t portion of your account. In this, case, it’s champion to dainty them similar immoderate different Bluetooth instrumentality you privation to brace to the Apple TV.

Step 1: First, spell to Apple TV Settings. Then take Remotes and Devices. From here, prime Bluetooth.

Step 2: In the Bluetooth menu, you should spot each adjacent detected Bluetooth devices, including your AirPods (try opening your AirPods lawsuit if you don’t spot them listed here). When you find your AirPods, prime them. They should past brace and spell from Not Connected to Connected.

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