How to delete your Cash App account

How to delete your Cash App account

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Peer-to-peer outgo app Cash App is astir arsenic fashionable arsenic Venmo for transferring wealth to friends and family, with 44 cardinal users successful 2021. Recently, however, the app hit headlines for each the incorrect reasons, erstwhile a erstwhile worker downloaded investing reports containing delicate lawsuit information.

Although the information breach, which supposedly impacts 8.2 cardinal U.S. users, didn't compromise accusation specified arsenic usernames, passwords, slope relationship information, oregon relationship entree codes, you whitethorn inactive beryllium considering deleting the app wholly and utilizing an alternate money transportation app. But earlier you spell up and delete Cash App from your phone, determination are immoderate things you request to bash first. Keep speechmaking and we'll amusement you however to delete your Cash App relationship the close way.

Because Cash App is linked to your slope account, you'll request to permanently delete your Cash App relationship earlier you region the app from your phone. Before you bash that though, you'll request to transportation immoderate wealth successful your Cash App relationship to your slope account.

Step 1: Open Cash App connected your phone.

Step 2: Transfer immoderate wealth successful your Cash App relationship to your slope relationship by tapping the Banking icon successful the bottommost near country (it looks similar a house), past tapping Cash out. Note if you person bitcoin oregon stocks, these volition request to beryllium sold disconnected earlier you tin adjacent your account.

Step 3: Now pat the Account icon (which looks similar a person) successful the apical close corner, past scroll down to and pat Support.

Step 4: Tap Something else astatine the bottommost of your screen, past Edit relationship settings.

Step 5: Tap Close your Cash App account.

Step 6: On the adjacent page, click Confirm to permanently adjacent your Cash App account.

Once you person followed each these steps, you volition beryllium automatically signed retired of Cash App. You should person an email oregon substance confirming that you person closed your account. Once you've received this notification, it's harmless to spell up and delete the app from your iOS or Android device. If the confirmation doesn't arrive, it's champion to interaction Cash App lawsuit work to cheque your relationship has been closed earlier deleting the app.

Looking for an alternate outgo app? We've rounded up immoderate of the best wealth transportation apps for iOS and Android which should assistance you take the close app to suit your needs.

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