How to download YouTube videos on Mac for free

How to download YouTube videos on Mac for free

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Zak Islam

By March 14, 2022 8:29AM

YouTube doesn’t supply the quality to download immoderate of its videos directly. Naturally, this led to the emergence of countless video downloader sites, extensions, and workarounds, but a batch of these solutions tin beryllium unsafe -- galore beryllium lone to dispersed malware, instal malicious apps, etc. However, determination are a fewer ways to download a YouTube video safely onto your Mac truthful you tin presumption it offline oregon conscionable prevention it for wide use.

Here are the champion ways to download YouTube videos connected a Mac for free.

We indispensable pass you that downloading a YouTube video isn't technically permitted by Google. Either way, it's mostly considered a grey area, truthful lone usage the pursuing steps to download videos you person a ineligible close to person section copies of.

VLC Media Player

Along with establishing itself arsenic 1 of the astir fashionable video applications for some Windows and Mac systems, VLC is besides among the astir versatile media players presently available. One specified diagnostic that exemplifies the method abilities of the app is its quality to watercourse YouTube videos and connection a nonstop download nexus for those MP4 files.

Step 1: Download and instal VLC if you haven't already, past unfastened it. Click the File tab and prime the Open Network button.

The Open Network fastener  connected  VLC Media Player connected  Mac.

Step 2: Within the Open Source model that’s present popped up, paste the YouTube video URL into the provided field. Click Open.

The Open Source model   connected  VLC Media Player connected  Mac.

Step 3: The YouTube video you entered should present beryllium streaming connected your media player. Click the Window tab astatine the apical and past prime Media Information.

Step 4: Contained wrong the Location tract astatine the bottommost should beryllium a URL. Copy that code and paste it connected a web browser and deed the participate fastener connected your keyboard.

The Media Information model   connected  VLC Media Player connected  Mac.

Step 5: That aforesaid video should present beryllium playing connected your web browser’s window. Right-click connected that video and click the Save Video as button.

Please enactment that immoderate VLC users whitethorn brushwood issues erstwhile trying to load definite videos onto their media player. In the lawsuit you tally into method problems, notation to the log record (click the Command (cmd), Shift, and M keyboard buttons unneurotic portion VLC is opened).

4K Video Downloader

As for YouTube video downloader programs, 4K Video Downloader is 1 of the astir reliable and fashionable apps for some Windows and Mac.

Step 1: Download and instal the app via its official website. Your Mac strategy volition necessitate MacOS 10.13 oregon aboriginal for the programme to function.

The antithetic  download installers for 4K Video Downloader.

Step 2: Select the URL of the YouTube video you privation to download.

Step 3: Open 4K Video Downloader connected your Mac. Click the Paste Link button.

Step 4: A model giving you assorted download options volition present appear. The modular MP4 format is already selected. Choose a solution and whether you privation to download the subtitles arsenic good (if the video itself has subtitles embedded). Select an output determination for the record and click Download.

Downloading a video connected  4K Video Downloader for Mac.

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