How to dual boot Linux and Windows

How to dual boot Linux and Windows

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Although Windows is the astir wide supported operating system, Linux is simply a large alternative. Thankfully, you don't person to take betwixt them. In this guide, we're going to amusement you however to dual footwear Linux and Windows to get the champion of some worlds — whether that's with Windows 10 oregon the newer Windows 11.

Linux is perfect for developers and tinkerers, offering a wealthiness of open-source bundle and customization options. We'll beryllium utilizing the beginner-friendly Ubuntu for this tutorial, but marque definite to cheque retired our database of the best Linux distros if you privation to effort thing different.

Person sitting and utilizing an HP machine  with Windows 11. Windows 11

Start by installing Windows

The archetypal measurement is to instal Windows, assuming you're starting from scratch. We person a afloat usher connected how to instal Windows 11, truthful marque definite to support that useful if you request other detail. For dual booting, the process is mostly the aforesaid minus 1 cardinal difference.

Instead of allowing Windows to instrumentality up each of the abstraction connected your hard drive, you'll allocate it a partition. If you person aggregate hard drives for dual booting, you tin let Windows to instrumentality up the afloat abstraction connected your hard drive. This process works for Windows 10 and Windows 11, but we'll beryllium utilizing Windows 10 for our example.

If you don't person an other Windows PC to make installation media, you tin instal Windows archetypal earlier installing Linux (though you whitethorn request to afloat defrag your hard drive to make a partition for Linux).

Step 1: With your spare PC, download the Windows Media Creation Tool and travel the steps to make installation media connected 1 of your blank USB drives. Note: you whitethorn beryllium asked to format the drive, which volition region each of the data.

Windows 10 media instauration  tool. Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Step 2: Leaving your installation USB thrust plugged in, crook disconnected your PC. Turn it backmost connected and prime the F12 connected your keyboard rapidly portion the machine boots. This volition instrumentality you to a footwear menu. Select your Windows USB thrust and continue.

Step 3: Follow the steps for the Windows installer until you scope the What benignant of installation bash you want page. Choose Custom: Install Windows only.

Windows 10 installation screen.

Step 4: You request to make a partition connected your hard drive. You'll apt spot aggregate partitions present unless you're utilizing a brand-new hard drive. Assuming you privation to commencement from scratch, delete the partitions (note: this volition region all the information connected your hard drive, truthful marque definite your hard thrust is backed up).

Step 5: Select your hard thrust and prime New to make a caller partition. Set however ample you privation the partition to beryllium and confirm. This volition beryllium the full magnitude of abstraction Windows has entree to, and you'll request other abstraction to instal Linux. We urge splitting the bare abstraction successful half, allocating fractional to Windows and fractional to Linux.

Follow the remaining installation steps to finish.

A idiosyncratic   utilizing a Linux laptop.

How to Install Linux

Installing Windows archetypal is simply a bully thought due to the fact that it makes installing Linux overmuch easier. If you already person Windows installed, you tin inactive dual footwear Linux, but you'll request to create a caller partition connected your hard drive.

We'll beryllium utilizing Ubuntu for our example, but the process is akin for astir Linux distros.

Step 1: Download the latest mentation of Ubuntu and store it determination you tin easy access. Grab your 2nd blank USB thrust and insert it into your computer.

Step 2: Download balenaEtcher and unfastened it up. Select your blank USB thrust and your Ubuntu representation and tally the bundle to make your bootable Linux media.

Etcher bundle   moving  connected  Windows.

Step 3: Keeping your Linux USB thrust plugged in, restart your machine and rapidly property the F12 cardinal to participate the footwear menu. Select your Linux USB thrust to footwear into the installation screen.

Ubuntu installation screen.

Step 4: You volition beryllium capable to effort oregon instal Ubuntu, truthful if you're unsure astir Linux, effort retired the OS first. It tin tally disconnected of your USB drive, though with decreased performance. Once you're settled, prime Install Ubuntu to continue.

Select your keyboard layout and connection and opt for a Normal installation. Make definite to cheque some boxes nether the Other options conception connected this screen.

Ubuntu installation options.

Step 5: Ubuntu volition automatically observe if you person Windows installed. Select Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 connected this screen. The different option, Erase disk and instal Ubuntu volition region Windows from your PC.

Step 6: If you started with a blank hard drive, you're done. Finish the installation and usage the footwear paper referenced supra to take which OS to footwear into (select the hard thrust partition you want).

If Windows is taking up the full drive, you'll spot a surface that allows you to allocate disc abstraction to Ubuntu. Choose however overmuch abstraction you privation to allocate and continue. We highly urge creating a partition done Windows first, however, to debar accidentally deleting data.

Most Linux distros volition motorboat into a footwear paper that allows you to prime betwixt Linux and Windows, but you whitethorn request to usage the footwear paper to take which OS you privation to load into.

Dual booting opens up your possibilities connected your PC, and the process is elemental enough. The lone happening to support successful caput is sharing files betwixt Windows and Linux. If you're utilizing an external hard drive, 1 OS whitethorn play nicely with the files portion the different whitethorn not.

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