How to enroll in the WatchOS beta program

How to enroll in the WatchOS beta program

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The Apple Watch is incredibly popular, and truthful excessively is its beta programme that gives volunteers a sneak peek astatine what's to travel to the wearable tech. With predominant bundle updates that present flashy caller features, it's nary wonderment wherefore diehard Apple fans are often looking to beryllium the archetypal to effort retired the newest updates by participating successful the beta program.

With WatchOS 8.5 close astir the corner, Apple Watch owners are anxious to spot what's successful store for the aboriginal of their devices. Luckily, conscionable astir anyone tin motion up for the beta programme arsenic agelong arsenic they're utilizing the due device. The supported devices are listed below:

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 7

With 1 of the due devices successful hand, here's however to beryllium the archetypal to spot each update by signing up for the WatchOS beta program.

A informing earlier we start

Before we start, we request to contented a warning. While nationalist betas are an atrocious batch much finished than developer betas, they're not afloat releases yet. That means utilizing them carries a ample constituent of risk. Bugs are likely, and to beryllium expected, and these could hamper your regular use. However, it besides carries the hazard of bricking your Apple Watch entirely. While rare, it could surely happen. As a result, don't hazard a instrumentality you can't spare, oregon if you're not blessed with the level of hazard successful downloading and moving a beta product.

With that informing retired of the way, here's however to get started if you're blessed with the risk.

Apple Watch Series 7 from the side. Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Back up your Apple Watch

The archetypal happening everyone should cognize astir being a beta tester is that, portion determination are plentifulness of chill caller features that mightiness go disposable early, there's a accidental that the beta could beryllium wholly breached and buggy. Signing up to enactment successful a beta trial means that the idiosyncratic acknowledges the imaginable risks of utilizing bundle earlier it's complete, but backing up your Apple Watch could sidestep imperishable information nonaccomplishment if worst comes to worst. It's improbable that a beta trial for an Apple instrumentality would effect successful large harm done to it, but it's ever a anticipation truthful it's amended to beryllium harmless than sorry.

We person an in-depth walkthrough connected how to backmost up an Apple Watch, but for those looking to get the amusement connected the roadworthy here's the abridged version:

Step 1: Make definite your ticker is connected to a Wi-Fi web arsenic good arsenic your iPhone.

Step 2: Go into the iPhone's Settings app and past prime [Your Name] astatine the top, past iCloud.

Step 3: Make definite iCloud is toggled connected and past prime iCloud Backup.

Step 4: Toggle Watch truthful that it's connected and past pat Back Up Now.

With that, your Apple Watch should backmost up and beryllium saved to iCloud.

Download MacOS Big Sur Public Beta.

Register for the nationalist beta program

The adjacent measurement to being a WatchOS beta tester is to really motion up for the program. It's important to enactment that anyone who's already beta-tested WatchOS by signing up done the Apple website doesn't request to repetition this measurement erstwhile looking to download caller beta updates. If this is your archetypal clip testing, however, this measurement is necessary.

Step 1: Take the iPhone that's paired to your Apple Watch and spell to Apple's beta website.

Step 2: Tap connected Sign Up and usage your Apple ID accusation to get registered.

Step 3: Read the presumption and conditions and past deed Accept.

Install the WatchOS nationalist beta program

Now that you're registered, should look a small spot antithetic than it did earlier signing up. You should spot a database of OS' that correlate to the plethora of disposable Apple products. From present you tin motion up to beta trial each Apple bundle similar iOS oregon MacOS. In bid to download a WatchOS beta, you'll request to besides person downloaded an iOS beta and you tin find our walkthrough connected how to beryllium a portion of the iOS beta programme close here.

Step 1: Once that's taken attraction of, pat connected the WatchOS tab.

Step 2: In this tab, you should spot each sorts of accusation astir beta investigating WatchOS, accusation worthy speechmaking for everyone signing up. Take a infinitesimal to work the presumption and conditions present and erstwhile you're acceptable to determination connected pat the substance that says can enroll your Apple Watch nether the "Get Started" heading.

Step 3: Scroll down the adjacent leafage a small spot and past pat Download Profile.

Step 4: It mightiness instrumentality a 2nd for your illustration to download, but erstwhile it does pat Allow and past Allow erstwhile much erstwhile it asks to instal a profile.

Step 5: It should punctual you again astir really installing this time, pat Install and past travel the remainder of the on-screen prompts specified arsenic entering your passcode past selecting Install again.

Step 6: You volition beryllium prompted to restart your Apple Watch, bash truthful erstwhile asked and hold for it to reboot.

If you didn't get the pop-ups from the past step, spell to your iPhone's Settings app past prime General past Profiles & Device Management. You should spot the downloaded Apple Watch illustration and the punctual to install. Follow the supra steps erstwhile each that's done.

Loading the beta connected your Apple Watch

The adjacent measurement involves loading the beta onto your Apple Watch.

Step 1: Once everything is installed and acceptable erstwhile your Apple Watch has booted up again, unfastened the Apple Watch app connected your iPhone.

Step 2: In the app, pat General past Software Update and you should spot the desired beta acceptable to beryllium installed.

Step 3: Tap Install and the beta bundle should statesman installing onto your telephone past transferring to your watch.

For it to download, the Apple Watch needs to beryllium connected to its charger with 50% powerfulness oregon much portion being connected to Wi-Fi and successful scope of your iPhone. Once each of those criteria are met for the magnitude of the download, the ticker volition restart itself erstwhile much and past the beta should beryllium moving connected your Apple Watch and bully to go.

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