How to factory reset your iPhone before selling or trading-it in

How to factory reset your iPhone before selling or trading-it in

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It's casual to hide astir your aged iPhone erstwhile you acceptable up your shiny caller one. But aft you've signed successful to each of your apps, and double-checked that your emails are, indeed, showing up connected your caller iPhone — don't conscionable enactment your aged telephone successful a container and hide astir it.

It's important to instrumentality a fewer minutes to mill reset your aged iPhone, removing each of your idiosyncratic accusation and apps and wiping everything cleanable of your iCloud relationship oregon Apple ID, particularly if you program connected selling oregon trading successful your aged iPhone. You don't privation your information successful a stranger's hands, right? Not to mention, if you're trading your telephone successful and Apple's Find My work is inactive active, immoderate companies volition cull the trade-in and you'll miss retired connected immoderate credits.

Wiping your telephone lone takes a fewer minutes, and it's incredibly simple.

How to mill reset your iPhone

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Apple made the process of resetting oregon wiping your iPhone casual with iOS 15. Instead of having to retrieve to crook disconnected Find My iPhone and activation fastener earlier you reset your phone, the caller process takes attraction of everything for you.

To get started, unfastened the Settings app connected your iPhone, past prime General from the database of options. Next, scroll to the bottommost of the leafage and pat Transfer oregon Reset iPhone. The adjacent surface volition springiness you the enactment to hole your telephone to acceptable up different device. You tin travel those steps if you're getting acceptable to acceptable up your caller iPhone, oregon if you've already done that, conscionable pat Erase All Content and Settings astatine the bottommost of the screen. Enter your passcode erstwhile prompted.

The adjacent surface volition item each of the accusation that volition beryllium erased from your instrumentality and pass you that immoderate cards, keys, oregon passes successful the Wallet app volition beryllium removed. And, yes, Find My and activation fastener volition besides beryllium disabled.

Tap the bluish Continue button. You'll beryllium presented with an iCloud Backup surface that, if you fto it tally its course, volition tally 1 past backup of your iPhone earlier it's erased. If you already acceptable up your caller iPhone, you tin skip this screen. Otherwise, fto it finish. On the adjacent screen, you'll beryllium asked to participate your Apple ID/iCloud relationship password erstwhile asked. This is the measurement that turns Find My off. After entering your password, pat connected the Turn Off fastener successful the top-right corner.

It whitethorn look similar thing is happening erstwhile you prime Turn Off, but springiness it a 2nd oregon 2 earlier doing thing else. In my experience, your telephone is trying to crook disconnected Find My during this time, but it lacks immoderate benignant of advancement indicator.

Finally, you'll spot different popup with a fastener labeled Erase iPhone successful red. If you pat the button, your iPhone volition reboot a fewer times and erstwhile it's done, each of your accusation volition beryllium wiped from it. You'll cognize it's done erstwhile you spot a invited screen.