How to find and copy a file path on Mac

How to find and copy a file path on Mac

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Whether for troubleshooting a problem oregon for speedy access, it's utile to cognize however to find and transcript a record way connected Mac. This places the way sanction connected your clipboard for you to paste elsewhere, similar successful Notes arsenic a notation oregon successful Terminal for further actions.

We’ll amusement you a fewer ways to find and transcript the way for a record oregon folder successful macOS.

File paths successful Finder

One of the easiest ways to view a record way is successful Finder connected your Mac. Along with it, we’ll amusement you however to usage the discourse paper to transcript that path.

Step 1: Open Finder connected your Mac and navigate to the record oregon folder you privation to view.

Step 2: To simply spot the record path, prime View > Show way bar successful the paper bar.

Show Path Bar successful  the Finder View menu.

Step 3: You’ll past spot the way show astatine the bottommost of the Finder window.

Path Bar successful  a Finder model   connected  Mac.

Step 4: To transcript the record path, right-click the point successful Finder to show the discourse menu.

Right-click discourse  paper   connected  Mac.

Step 5: Hold the Option cardinal portion the discourse paper is unfastened and prime Copy [name] arsenic Pathname.

The record way is past connected your clipboard for you to paste wherever you wish.

Copy Pathname successful  the discourse  paper   connected  Mac.

File paths successful Get Info

Another convenient determination to presumption and transcript a record way is with the Get Info tool.

Step 1: Select the item connected your desktop oregon successful Finder.

Step 2: Press Command + I oregon right-click and prime Get info.

Get Info successful  the discourse  paper   for a folder.

Step 3: When the Get Info model opens, grow the General conception astatine the apical and you’ll spot the record way adjacent to Where. Drag your cursor done the way to item it.

Path sanction  adjacent  to Where successful  the Get Info window.

Step 4: Press Command + C to transcript the way oregon right-click and take Copy arsenic Pathname.

Copy arsenic  Pathname successful  Get Info.

Step 5: With the way connected your clipboard, you tin past paste it wherever needed. The way should show correctly with the arrows replaced by guardant slashes.

File way  from Get Info pasted into Notes.

File paths successful Go To Folder

You whitethorn lone deliberation of opening Finder’s Go To Folder instrumentality erstwhile you request to navigate determination connected Mac. But this nifty instrumentality tin besides supply the record way of an item.

Step 1: With Finder active, prime Go > Go to folder from the paper bar.

Go to Folder successful  the Finder Go menu.

Step 2: When the model opens, prime the X connected the close broadside of the Search barroom to wide the tract if necessary.

X successful  the Go To Folder hunt  bar.

Step 3: Drag your record oregon folder into the Search barroom astatine the apical of the window. You’ll past spot the way for the point successful that field.

Dragging a folder into the Go To Folder window.

Step 4: From there, prime the way and either usage Command + C oregon right-click and prime Copy.

With the way connected your clipboard, you tin paste it wherever you like.

Copy successful  the shortcut paper   successful  Go To Folder.

File paths successful Terminal

If you’re a instrumentality of using Terminal to execute actions connected your Mac, past you tin usage this app to show and transcript a record way arsenic well.

Step 1: Open Terminal arsenic you usually would oregon by going to the Utilities folder and selecting the application.

Terminal successful  the MacOS Utilities folder.

Step 2: When the Terminal model opens, resistance your record oregon folder into it. You’ll past spot the record way show successful the window.

Dragging a folder into the Dragging a folder into the Terminal window.

Step 3: Right-click and take Copy to spot the way connected your clipboard and paste it wherever needed.

Copy successful  the Terminal shortcut menu.

If you privation to spot the afloat way of a record oregon folder connected Mac, you person a fewer casual ways to bash so, arsenic good arsenic copying that way to your clipboard.

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