How to Find the Best WordPress Themes for Your Website

How to Find the Best WordPress Themes for Your Website

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WordPress is the backbone for a ridiculous fig of websites, some tiny and large. In fact, WordPress is truthful beloved that it powers much than 40 percent of each websites, ranging from idiosyncratic blogs to firm websites. When you determine to spell the WordPress route, whether you're utilizing a accepted installation oregon managed WordPress web hosting, you request to see 2 factors: the website's quality and its functionality. After all, who doesn't privation an attractive, easy-to-navigate online presence? But you besides privation a tract that adheres to existent web standards and is optimized for hunt motor discovery. Fortunately, you tin execute those goals with the close WordPress theme.

What Is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is simply a acceptable of files that make a graphical idiosyncratic interface (GUI) for WordPress-powered websites. The GUI doesn't change the underlying software, truthful you tin swap themes with comparative ease, should you privation to springiness your tract a ocular refresh oregon adhd caller functionality. hosts galore free themes that were inspected for quality.

Yes, free themes. WordPress themes travel successful no-cost and premium varieties, with each benignant possessing pros and cons. Free WordPress themes are, well, free, but they typically travel with sponsored links, constricted lawsuit work enactment (or nary astatine all!), and fewer information updates.

Premium WordPress themes, connected the different hand, necessitate a monetary exchange, but you'll typically person a link-free installation, beardown lawsuit support, and predominant information updates. You should besides expect updates to support the taxable existent with the latest modifications to the WordPress bundle itself (which happens often). You'll wage a one-time interest of astir $40 for a high-quality, single-use nonrecreational theme. For an extended licence that grants you, oregon a client, a taxable that you tin merchantability to others, you'll wage much than $1,000. If you're superior astir gathering a WordPress-powered website, a premium taxable is an indispensable portion of the process. And to find a premium WordPress theme, you indispensable sojourn an online store. More connected that successful a bit.

The Anatomy of a Good WordPress Theme

A worthwhile WordPress taxable should see respective important elements: A responsive plan that's mobile and cross-browser compatible, a physique that's compliant with hunt motor optimization (SEO) standards, and a institution that offers bully method and update support.

A WordPress taxable with responsive plan eliminates the request for a mobile mentation of your site, arsenic it alters its signifier to acceptable screens of differing sizes. Do your owed diligence by checking a theme's statement to spot if it boasts a responsive design. Additionally, the WordPress taxable should lucifer basic SEO standards.

Check that the taxable you're funny successful purchasing is compatible with each large web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Fortunately, you tin cheque a theme's browser compatibility by firing up its demo successful your browser. Any WordPress taxable store worthy its brackish volition fto you effort earlier you buy.

Your imaginable acquisition should besides connection method enactment from the taxable store oregon taxable developers, truthful that you tin interaction idiosyncratic for assistance should you brushwood immoderate issues. Never underestimate the worth of having idiosyncratic locomotion you done the troubleshooting process. It helps a lot.

How to Find WordPress Themes

Before you bargain a WordPress theme, you indispensable archetypal find 1 that champion suits your needs. Many of our recommended marketplaces features dozens upon dozens of themes, but you don't person to slog done them all. You should look for a WordPress taxable that boasts a precocious idiosyncratic rating, a ample fig of reviews, and important sales, truthful that you get an close view. Set your sights connected themes with a 4.5 oregon higher reappraisal rating, and astatine slightest 3,000 sales. It's your money, truthful don't settee for thing but the best!

Thankfully, galore of our recommended taxable shops fto you use filters, truthful that you tin execute a accelerated hunt to conscionable those criteria. There are tons of themes designed for idiosyncratic and concern needs that autumn wrong that range, and a astonishing fig of heavy cuts that are laser-focused connected a peculiar market. For example, WordPress themes that are designed with online stores successful caput diagnostic integrate online buying carts. But without further delay, present are 5 WordPress taxable marketplaces to visit, arsenic good arsenic recommended themes.

Themeforest's Redwood theme


ThemeForest is simply a robust taxable marketplace that's packed with thousands of themes to peruse. ThemeForest's extended hunt and class strategy makes uncovering your perfect taxable a cinch, but we've selected 4 themes arsenic examples to usher your hunt. These conscionable the aforementioned criteria: They're highly rated, responsive, SEO-friendly, and person been purchased thousands of times.

BeTheme and Enfold ($59 each), are perfect for designers and business-centric users. BeTheme successful peculiar comes bundled with immoderate of the highest selling WordPress plug-ins successful the ThemeForest marketplace. Kalium and Redwood ($59 and $39, respectively) are fashionable non-business themes that are large for photography, typography, blogging, oregon idiosyncratic promotion.

StudioPress' Foodie Pro theme


StudioPress offers an fantabulous enactment of WordPress themes, arsenic good arsenic the fashionable Genesis Framework, an precocious framework and theme-building kit. Genesis gives you a fantastic acceptable of tools to trade the WordPress tract of your dreams, but if you’re not the originative type, you tin besides simply bargain themes from first- oregon third-party developers.

You tin acquisition idiosyncratic themes, specified arsenic the food-focused Foodie Pro ($75), oregon subscribe to Genesis Pro ($360 per year). A Genesis Pro subscription lets you usage each StudioPress-made themes, positive research the Genesis Framework.

Elegant Themes enactment    of tools

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has galore prime themes, including the Divi leafage builder. This fashionable theme/framework gives you the tools to make beauteous sites without needing to fiddle with codification oregon configure plug-ins.

Elegant has 2 elemental outgo options for its themes. A subscription costs $89 per year, and it gives you afloat entree to its taxable library. You tin besides acquisition a beingness subscription for a one-time, $249 fee. Themes cannot beryllium purchased individually; instead, you summation entree to Elegant's afloat taxable suite.

Themeisle's offerings


Themeisle offers respective WordPress themes to suit your needs, including the clean-looking Neve to the business-oriented Hestia Pro. Neve is perfect for businesses, designers, developers, and photographers. Hestia is the much option-heavy choice, giving you further tools to customize pages arsenic you spot fit. Themeisle has aggregate terms tiers for each theme. For example, the Neve Personal plan, Business plan, and Agency program outgo $69 per year, $149 per year, and $259 per year, respectively. Hestia Pro besides features three, yearly subscription tiers: the $69 Personal, $99 Business, and $299 Agency. You cannot bargain idiosyncratic themes.

Astra's galore  templates


Astra is simply a highly fashionable and flexible taxable that has galore customization options. Astra’s a freemium service, meaning it’s escaped to download, but has fantabulous perks if you subscribe to its $49-per-year program that includes precocious layouts and builders, WooCommerce features, and expansive layouts. The Essential bundle ($169 per year) includes Astra Pro, arsenic good arsenic the WP Portfolio plugin, Starter Templates, and a fewer page-builder add-ons. The Growth program ($249 per year) offers readymade websites, arsenic good arsenic plug-ins for those sites. It besides includes SkillJet Academy courses, which diagnostic extended web entrepreneur and concern classes.

For much connected web hosting, cheque retired our stories connected how to make a website and how to registry a domain sanction for your website, arsenic good arsenic our roundup of the best WordPress web hosting services.