How to improve battery life on OneXplayer Mini

How to improve battery life on OneXplayer Mini

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Jon Bitner

By October 8, 2022 1:00PM

While the OneXplayer Mini is simply a almighty handheld PC, moving today’s hottest games tin beryllium a existent drain connected its battery. Most users tin expect to get astir 5 hours of artillery beingness retired of the OneXplayer Mini, though that tin alteration wildly based connected your circumstantial usage. Regardless of what crippled you’re playing oregon which OneXplayer Mini exemplary you picked up, determination are a fewer things you tin bash to maximize its artillery life.

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Adjust your brightness

The Display paper   opened connected  the desktop of the OneXplayer Mini.

The 1280×800 solution connected the OneXplayer Mini looks large with the brightness turned up, but lowering it erstwhile playing successful acheronian rooms volition person a important interaction connected your artillery life. This mounting tin beryllium recovered successful the aforesaid spot it is connected each Windows 11 PCs. Just navigate to the Display submenu from the System menu, and it’ll beryllium the enactment shown close astatine the apical of the screen.

Run games astatine a little fps

Many games springiness you the enactment to fastener oregon unlock their performance, allowing them to tally anyplace from 30fps to arsenic galore fps arsenic your strategy tin handle. It’s tempting to tally games astatine the champion settings possible, but that comes with a superior drain connected your OneXplayer Mini’s battery. If artillery beingness is your concern, effort locking this to 60fps (or adjacent 30fps) successful each crippled that allows it. It’s besides beneficial to trim the wide graphics quality.

Gaming and gaming only

Your OneXplayer Mini is simply a tiny desktop PC successful the thenar of your hand. That means you tin surf the web, nonstop emails, and watercourse videos from the tiny device. However, it’s casual for things to get retired of power and person dozens of applications oregon Chrome tabs unfastened without realizing it. All of these tasks are brutal connected the Mini’s meager battery. In bid to widen its accustomed five-hour runtime, you’ll privation to bounds the OneXplayer Mini to conscionable gaming. That means either ensuring nary inheritance tasks are moving and closing each different tabs oregon simply not downloading immoderate different bundle too the ones you request to entree your games (such arsenic Steam and Xbox Game Pass).

Check your powerfulness and slumber settings

A idiosyncratic    checking the artillery  usage of the OneXplayer Mini.

Hover implicit the artillery icon astatine the bottommost of your surface to entree the Power & battery menu. From there, marque definite you person immoderate battery-saving options turned connected — specified arsenic powering disconnected the surface aft 5 minutes and going into artillery saver mode erstwhile you get to astir 30% artillery level. This paper volition besides fto you show your wide artillery usage, giving you a breakdown of which apps were drafting the astir powerfulness passim the day. This is simply a large mode to find inheritance processes that mightiness beryllium moving without you knowing it.

Heat is horrible

Batteries don’t similar heat. That means playing outdoors successful the prima (or indoors with your furnace cranked up) isn’t doing yourself immoderate favors. Make definite you aren’t blocking immoderate vents portion holding your OneXplayer Mini, and if you announcement your handheld getting a spot excessively hot, see ending your crippled league oregon ramping down its graphics settings. Want to show the temp of your handheld? Some of these tips mightiness help.

Other tips to consider

The supra tips are each but guaranteed to assistance widen the artillery beingness of your OneXplayer Mini. However, it’s worthy checking retired immoderate different guidelines we’ve compiled for some Steam Deck and laptops successful general. Not each of them volition beryllium applicable, but there’s immoderate bully accusation that mightiness assistance you compression retired a fewer much minutes of crippled time.

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