How to install Windows 11

How to install Windows 11

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Installing an operating strategy onto your rig isn’t precisely riveting, but it’s a captious portion of immoderate gaming PC. Not lone does an OS alteration america to play the latest Steam games and ingest memes connected the internet, but it dictates precisely what benignant of acquisition your machine tin provide. While determination are a fewer bundle options disposable that cater to the needs of gamers, similar Valve’s Linux based SteamOS, the mean idiosyncratic is apt wondering however to instal Microsoft Windows 11.

Windows 11 hasn’t rather replaced Windows 10 yet, but its popularity is growing, and much users are installing the upgrade connected their existing gaming laptops and PCs. If you’re already rocking a Windows 10 machine, past making the leap won’t consciousness similar that large of a deal. If you’re inactive clinging onto a transcript of Windows 7, however, oregon you’re looking for thing to load onto a blank SSD, the process mightiness consciousness a spot daunting.

Arming a PC with the latest mentation of Windows isn’t needfully complicated, but determination are a fewer things to see earlier you dive in. For starters, you could tally into compatibility issues if you brace the OS with unsupported hardware, and your chosen instrumentality won’t beryllium eligible for updates. Shiny caller versions of Windows besides typically travel packed with quirks and bugs, truthful you should brace yourself for immoderate aboriginal adopter turbulence.

Here’s however to install Windows 11 connected your PC:

Windows 11 upgrade surface  with 2  screens and bluish  backdrop

Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11

If you’ve already got a PC with Windows 10 installed, an upgrade accidental whitethorn person already popped up for you via Microsoft’s Windows update service. If this is the case, each you person to bash is licence it to download and instal automatically. In a way, it’ll astir consciousness similar immoderate different scheduled update, isolated from the information you’ll beryllium greeted with a invited set-up screen. Just successful lawsuit it’s needed, here’s however to download and instal Windows 11 utilizing Windows Update:

  • Navigate to “Windows Update Settings” either utilizing the commencement paper oregon by typing it into the taskbar.
  • If you’re eligible for an upgrade, click the “download and install” fastener astatine the apical of the page.
  • You’ll past beryllium prompted to restart your computer, which volition initiate the installation process.

This is arguably the easiest mode to upgrade to Windows 11, but the punctual mightiness beryllium missing from your Windows Update Settings screen. If this happens, you tin kickstart things by downloading the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, arsenic it’ll independently cheque for updates and effort to download the operating system.

It’s worthy noting that Microsoft is dilatory rolling retired Windows 11 to compatible machines, and the update punctual could amusement up arsenic precocious arsenic mid-2022. You tin besides cheque if your existing PC is compatible with the OS by downloading the PC wellness Check app, which could assistance clarify whether your aged hardware is supported.

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Installing Windows 11 onto your PC

Look, we get it – getting your recently built PC to walk POST and scope your motherboard’s BIOS surface is simply a stressful affair, but you’ll privation to marque definite you person a program for what’s next. If you’re readying connected arming your rig with Windows 11, you’ll request to make Windows 11 installation instrumentality utilizing different machine, truthful you don’t battalion distant your rickety aged rig conscionable yet.

To make a Windows 11 installation disc, you’ll request to download Microsoft’s media instauration tool and drawback clasp of either a blank DVD oregon a USB instrumentality that’s implicit 8GB. Official retail copies of Windows 11 don’t look to beryllium yet, truthful support that successful caput earlier seeking 1 retired online.

Here’s however to create a Windows 11 installation disc:

  • Download Microsoft’s media instauration tool.
  • Launch the instrumentality and prime either ” USB Flash Drive” oregon “ISO file”.
  • Click adjacent and prime a record way utilizing Windows File Explorer.

If you’re readying connected utilizing an ISO file, you’ll request to pain it to a DVD utilizing an optical disc drive. Once you’ve yet got a freshly baked Windows 11 footwear disc successful your hands, you tin present insert it into your PC and statesman the installation process.

The connected footwear disc should punctual your rig to show a footwear menu, allowing you to prime your DVD drive or USB stick. Doing this volition instruct the instrumentality to load Windows instal files, alternatively than diverting to a BIOS settings screen. You’ll beryllium greeted by a acquainted Windows logo, followed by an installation wizard that volition kickstart the last agelong of the process.

Here’s however to set up Windows 11 installation:

  • Select your connection and determination preferences, past click next.
  • Click the “install now” fastener successful the centre of the window.
  • You’ll beryllium asked to activate Windows. You tin either insert a valid merchandise cardinal oregon fto the bundle automatically activate aft installation.
  • Select which mentation of Windows you privation to install
  • Read Microsoft’s licence terms, past click the “I agree” container astatine the bottommost to proceed.

Windows 11 installation surface  with instal  present  fastener  and navy backdrop

You tin present prime whether you privation to upgrade Windows and clasp files connected your hard thrust oregon instal a caller mentation of the OS. It’s important to backmost up immoderate existing files and folders if you spell with the 2nd option, arsenic the process volition efficaciously hitch your drive.

The last measurement is to prime which SSD oregon hard thrust you’d similar to instal Windows 11 on. Information specified arsenic the retention method’s name, capacity, and escaped abstraction is included, which should assistance you place the close option. Doing this volition pb to an installing Windows checklist that volition assistance you support tabs connected progress, yet resulting successful a caller installation connected the OS connected your PC.

Is Windows 11 free?

Windows 11 is disposable for escaped arsenic some an upgrade and caller install, meaning you won’t person to wage a penny for Microsoft’s latest operating system. While you tin activate the OS with a valid Windows merchandise key, it isn’t necessary, arsenic the strategy volition automatically activate itself and make a key.

Can my PC tally Windows 11?

If your gaming laptop oregon PC meets Microsoft’s minimum strategy requirements, you’ll beryllium capable to instal Windows 11 onto its SSD oregon hard drive. It is imaginable to instal the operating strategy connected unsupported hardware but doing means you won’t person entree to Windows Updates, and your desktop volition beryllium brandished with a watermark.


If you’re a PC gaming enthusiast, there’s a batch to similar astir Windows 11. Not lone does the OS load games quicker using DirectStorage – an API that’s utilized by consoles similar the Xbox Series X – but it besides features better PC Game Pass integration and auto-HDR for games that deficiency precocious dynamic scope support.

Windows 11 Xbox Game Pass advertisement with crippled  logos and mock show   connected  bluish  backdrop

Is Windows 11 amended than Windows 10?

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, and it volition yet win Windows 10. Not lone does it diagnostic aesthetic differences, similar an Apple-style taskbar and pastel colours, but it besides handles processes otherwise nether the hood.

Microsoft says that Windows 11 uses representation absorption to prioritise apps and programs that are actively being used, which helps the OS tally much efficiently than Windows 10. It besides features enhanced slumber functionality, arsenic the bundle lets your PC’s RAM clasp powerfulness portion efficaciously switching disconnected everything else.

As with astir caller versions of Windows, the latest mentation arrived with immoderate quirks. While the institution continues to refine its caller OS and robust retired bugs, you mightiness privation to instrumentality with Windows 10 for present if you’re looking for a hitch-free experience.

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