How to land a tech role at Microsoft

How to land a tech role at Microsoft

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Many radical prosecute Microsoft careers owed to their perks and the company's reputation. The contention means applying tin beryllium intimidating, whether you're a caller assemblage postgraduate oregon making a vocation change.

Passion and an awesome inheritance aren't ever capable to onshore the relation you want. But you whitethorn onshore the occupation you privation if you cognize what the institution is looking for and align yourself with those values.

This usher tin assistance you marketplace yourself arsenic a desirable caller prosecute for Microsoft. 

Microsoft employs radical successful galore roles, including bundle engineers, merchandise managers, designers, coders, and more. 

The institution has implemented work-from-home flexibility for astir of its unit and flexible enactment hours to suit their employees' needs.

If you're a pupil oregon caller graduate, Microsoft besides offers tech internships, including UX design, proviso chain, IT operations, finance, sales, and galore types of engineering. These internships are hard to gain but whitethorn supply aboriginal vocation opportunities. 

You tin submit job applications on the Microsoft website, LinkedIn, oregon many different occupation hunt sites. Applying straight to the Microsoft website won't summation your chances of getting hired. Pick immoderate tract works champion for you.

Referrals are a large mode to get your resume noticed astatine Microsoft — though you tin inactive get hired without one. If you don't cognize immoderate existent Microsoft employees, you tin usage LinkedIn arsenic a networking instrumentality and link with recruiters. 

Microsoft recruiters whitethorn be hiring events for students and caller grads. Check with your school's vocation services halfway for the adjacent recruitment event. 

Microsoft looks for individuals who align with their halfway values, person method knowledge, and tin deliberation connected their feet. 

Self-awareness and determination beryllium to Microsoft that you tin enactment good successful teams and persevere if you tally into method issues.

For coding roles, Microsoft looks for individuals with apical tech skills like Microsoft Azure, bundle engineering, SQL, Python, and Microsoft C#.

Soft skills Microsoft wants

  • Communication
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Empathy
  • Time management
  • Leadership

Microsoft's halfway values

  • Desire to learn 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passion for technology
  • Willingness to enactment hard

It depends connected the role. 

For example, the programme manager presumption is considered entry-level and requires lone 1 twelvemonth of experience. Software oregon hardware technologist positions necessitate 3 to 5 years.

How to conscionable Microsoft's expectations erstwhile applying for a tech role

Many big tech companies usage a akin process to surface a candidate's acquisition background, LinkedIn profile, resume, and portfolio.

It's important to marque a bully impression, truthful hole thoroughly earlier submitting your application.

Education background

Entry-level Microsoft careers may not necessitate a degree. The institution encourages anyone who thinks they're a bully acceptable to use and alternatively focuses connected applicants' brushed skills and willingness to learn. 

Completing a coding bootcamp demonstrates the determination hiring managers privation for positions requiring coding skills. 

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LinkedIn profile

Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26 cardinal successful 2016 and uses it arsenic a cardinal portion of sourcing caller hires. 

Update your illustration with a caller photograph and usage your LinkedIn summary to merchantability yourself to recruiters.

Refresh your illustration often and lucifer keywords to occupation postings you're funny in. Use connection that recruiters and hiring bundle hunt for. 


Remember that your resume volition apt beryllium scanned by an applicant tracking system. This bundle filters applications by searching them for keywords. 

Make it casual for the bundle to work by utilizing some long-form and acronyms of keywords, utilizing accepted fonts, and avoiding tables and columns.

Tailor your resume to the circumstantial relation you're applying for. Use keywords from the occupation statement and lone see your applicable enactment experience. A software technologist resume should beryllium wholly antithetic from a income oregon selling resume. 

Stick to a basal resume template with a reverse-chronological format to marque your resume much appealing to the bundle — and the radical performing the 2nd screening.

Online portfolio (if applicable)

All coding professionals should person a portfolio and update it often to show their coding abilities. You tin location your coding portfolio connected a website similar GitHub oregon your website. 

Your portfolio should bespeak some your biggest strengths and the skills commonly required by the positions you're pursuing.

Ensure your illustration includes your coding projects, interaction information, and a little bio.

Microsoft's interrogation stages

As of June 2022, Microsoft's interrogation process is entirely virtual. If you request to petition disability-related accommodations during the process, capable retired this form.

Phone screener

Tech companies typically commencement the process with a telephone screening. This  phone interview confirms your qualifications and your alignment with the Microsoft institution values. It typically lasts astir 15 minutes. 

The interviewer asks behavioral interrogation questions and rapidly checks your method knowledge. 

Be prepared to speech astir yourself and dependable enthusiastic erstwhile asked wherefore you privation to enactment astatine Microsoft. This interrogation checks whether you person done your homework connected the institution and researched them well. 

Extensive last interviews

During consequent interviews, you whitethorn virtually conscionable the employees and managers of the squad you're interviewing for. You volition apt spell done aggregate interrogation rounds covering antithetic topics related to your desired role. 

These method interviews measure brushed skills similar problem-solving and position-specific hard skills similar design, coding, and testing. They instrumentality spot implicit Microsoft Teams and different third-party software.

The problem-solving information lasts 45 minutes. Interviewers ticker however you navigate issues and spot however you think. 

Depending connected your role, you whitethorn besides implicit tasks and reply questions successful the pursuing categories: 

  • Design: Candidates are expected to recognize however to plan a caller level from scratch. 
  • Coding: You'll amusement your skills successful immoderate coding connection you are astir comfy with. Be definite to signifier arsenic overmuch arsenic you tin earlier the interview. Microsoft describes this information arsenic "a critical portion of the interview."
  • Testing: You'll trial your ain codification and codification written by the different squad members. 

For much accusation astir method interviews, cheque retired Microsoft's mentation tips.

How to hole for Microsoft's interrogation questions

Microsoft's interrogation questions aren't casual to answer, truthful marque definite you signifier arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. After speechmaking our interview tips, behaviour mock interviews with a person to polish your responses and your assemblage language. 

Use the STAR method erstwhile answering questions. Respond with the circumstantial situation, task, action, and result of the concern you're describing. 

Practice answering basal behavioral interrogation questions and probe unsocial questions Microsoft whitethorn ask. Interviewees study questions they've encountered connected sites specified arsenic Glassdoor and Exponent.

Unique questions that Microsoft whitethorn ask

  • Why bash you privation to enactment for Microsoft?
  • How would you enactment with a teammate of yours who is blind? 
  • Microsoft is an innovative institution and seeks innovative employees. What is the champion thought you've had successful the past year?
  • Briefly explicate however you would support a Windows computer. 

Behavioral questions that Microsoft whitethorn ask

  • Describe a clip a task failed. 
  • What would you bash successful a lawsuit wherever you disagree with your manager? 
  • What is 1 of the astir analyzable projects you've been progressive in?
  • How bash you support and update your skills?