How to land an Apple career: Inside secrets

How to land an Apple career: Inside secrets

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Whether you're making a vocation alteration oregon a caller assemblage grad caller to the workforce, applying for jobs tin beryllium overwhelming. Knowing what hiring managers privation tin get you 1 measurement person to landing your imagination job. 

Apple boasts 12 days of paid clip off, paid maternity leave, and discounts connected Apple products and services. These benefits marque Apple careers competitive. 

Preparing yourself for your Apple interrogation makes the process overmuch easier. This usher outlines precisely what to expect successful Apple's one- to four-month hiring process.

There are hundreds of occupation postings connected the Apple Careers page. 

Positions are available in design, instrumentality learning and AI, operations and proviso chain, bundle and services, hardware, marketing, firm functions, income and concern development, and support. 

Earlier this year, Apple announced plans to instrumentality to the bureau for their firm campuses with a hybrid model. Working from location is present constricted to a fewer roles, including moving arsenic a home advisor

Apple retail locations prosecute for specialist, concern expert, method specialist, Genius, and manager roles. 

 Apple offers tech internships for undergraduate and postgraduate assemblage students. These internships let students to enactment connected captious projects, get an insider's perspective, and proceedings Apple careers.

Apple besides offers the Apple Support College Program. This tech enactment relation for full-time students is designed to enactment astir people schedules. It pays an mean of $16 per hour, according to Glassdoor

Where to use for Apple careers

When you're acceptable to capable retired your occupation application, skip the occupation committee posting tract and caput to the Apple website. It lists hundreds of entry-level, mid-level, and elder absorption positions. 

Competition is fierce, truthful your exertion needs to basal out. 

One mode to bash truthful is by networking and having a referral. If you already cognize idiosyncratic who works astatine Apple, asking them for a referral tin summation your likelihood of being interviewed. 

If you deficiency connections, reappraisal our networking tips and find a networking lawsuit successful your area. Many assemblage campuses clasp recruitment events for students to link with hiring managers and internship opportunities.

Apple's online occupation signifier asks for the applicant's motivations and aspirations wrong the company. The institution values collaboration, originative innovation, and challenging standards. 

When answering questions, stay positive, stress valued brushed skills, and enactment existent to the company's halfway values.

Soft skills Apple seeks

  • Brilliance
  • Determination and grit
  • Obsessive curiosity
  • Team focus
  • Idealism

Apple's halfway values

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Education
  • Accessibility
  • Environment
  • Supplier responsibility
  • Privacy

Positions similar bundle engineer, database engineer, web information engineer, oregon information subject manager request 4 to 7 years of applicable experience. 

The much elder the presumption you're applying to, the much acquisition you need.

How to conscionable Apple's expectations erstwhile applying for a role

Apple's hiring managers look for occupation solvers and innovators for prospective hires. Screeners reappraisal your acquisition and enactment history, LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter

An awesome and organized coding portfolio sets you isolated from different applicants for programming roles astatine big tech companies.

Education background

For galore roles, Apple does not necessitate a bachelor's degree. Positions similar plan verification technologist and engineering task manager are present unfastened to each with the needed skills.

If you don't person your degree, see enrolling successful a coding bootcamp to summation experience. Like different Big Five tech companies, Apple has a past of hiring coding bootcamp graduates.

Senior positions whitethorn necessitate a master's grade successful a related field, specified arsenic a computer subject master's.

LinkedIn profile

Recruiters usage bundle to filter candidates' LinkedIn profiles by occupation titles, skills, school, and graduation year. 

Prepare your illustration by editing your past occupation descriptions to item skills demanded by positions you want. Enable LinkedIn's Open To Work diagnostic and scope retired to Apple recruiters to assistance your chances. 


Keep your resume simple. Applicant tracking strategy bundle scans resumes for keywords and sorts them earlier hiring managers spot them. 

While this bundle makes beingness easier for hiring managers, it affects however your resume should look.

Resist showing disconnected your originative broadside with graphic plan elements oregon colors. This whitethorn marque your resume unreadable by the ATS software. 

It's important to tailor your resume for your desired position. A software engineering resume should beryllium wholly antithetic from, say, an HR relation application. 

Use keywords from the occupation statement erstwhile summarizing your acquisition and region irrelevant information. 

Use your screen missive to springiness examples of your brushed skills and sermon circumstantial projects you privation to grow on. 

Online portfolio (if applicable)

If it's applicable to the relation you're applying for, gathering an online portfolio is simply a nonrecreational mode to showcase your skills and basal retired from different applicants. 

A large coding portfolio should incorporate 4-10 projects either completed successful schoolhouse oregon links to immoderate web pages you've worked on. Some of the astir fashionable and highly-rated portfolio sites are GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

A coding portfolio is indispensable for positions specified arsenic information scientist, web developer, bundle engineer, oregon immoderate different coding job. Update your portfolio regularly.

Apple's interrogation stages

Phone interview

The telephone interview, often called the screener, is the archetypal measurement of the interrogation process. 

This competency-based interrogation is lone astir 15 minutes. The interviewer whitethorn inquire astir your favourite Apple product, however you heighten your skills extracurricular of work, and however you solved problems astatine enactment successful the past. 

Don't speech excessively overmuch astir 1 relation oregon task — you privation the interviewer to get a complete, high-level representation of what you offer.

You tin hole for this archetypal measurement by answering signifier questions recovered successful our phone interrogation tips. 

Skill trial information (if applicable)

The adjacent interrogation whitethorn beryllium successful person. Applicants study it lasts astir six hours. 

If you're applying for a presumption requiring coding, you volition request to implicit a accomplishment test. Like Microsoft, Apple doesn't necessitate you to cognize a circumstantial coding connection — they conscionable request to cognize you are proficient successful astatine slightest one. 

Be prepared to lick coding problems portion recruiters reappraisal your attack to problem-solving.

If not a accomplishment test, past a second-round interview

Candidates implicit a radical exercise, a written exercise, and a roleplay workout that allows you to web with Apple employees and larn much astir the institution portion being evaluated. 

Questions astatine this signifier volition beryllium circumstantial and technical. Behavioral interrogation questions absorption connected clip absorption and task prioritization. 

To hole for this stage, effort to capable successful immoderate gaps successful your method cognition and signifier answering problem-solving questions. Even if you don't cognize the nonstop reply to a question, Apple wants to perceive you crushed done it. 

Final interviews

In your last interview, you'll conscionable a elder manager successful the squad you applied for. 

This signifier involves back-to-back interviews with 2 radical astatine a time. Lunch is an hold of the interrogation process. 

Interviewers inquire method questions and expect candidates to amusement their knowing of strategy design. 

How to hole for Apple's interrogation questions

While Apple's interrogation process is challenging, a adjuvant interview tip is to hole for interrogation questions. 

Conducting a mock interrogation with a person is simply a large mode to signifier basal interrogation questions, skills for the skills test, and unsocial questions to inquire your interviewer. Research questions interviewees get asked connected sites specified arsenic Glassdoor.

Use the STAR method to operation your answers. 

  • Situation: Describe the concern you were in. 
  • Task: What was your work successful the situation? 
  • Action: Explain the actions you took to code it.
  • Result: Share the result of your actions. Be definite to instrumentality recognition for your accomplishments.

Unique questions that Apple whitethorn ask

  • Tell maine astir an innovative task you led.
  • If you could spell backmost successful time, what would you bash differently?
  • How does tokenization work?
  • How are outgo credentials saved connected a device?
  • Explain a router to an eight-year-old. 

Behavioral interrogation questions that Apple whitethorn ask

  • How bash you prioritize competing priorities?
  • What benignant of nonaccomplishment person you encountered successful the past, and however did you get implicit it?
  • What makes Apple antithetic from different companies?
  • Which Apple merchandise is your slightest favourite and why?