How to Make Money on YouTube: 13 Easy Strategies

How to Make Money on YouTube: 13 Easy Strategies

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If you're a integer contented creator, you've astir apt wondered however to marque wealth connected YouTube astatine immoderate point.

And if you’re aspiring to beryllium a integer contented creator, you're besides astir apt wondering that!

Social media is simply a profitable avenue for contented creators, and YouTube is nary exception. Let's interruption down however to marque wealth connected YouTube, each the details, and the tools you'll need.

There is nary request for a inheritance successful videography; each you request is simply a simple video shaper similar Animoto, immoderate inspiration, and a small spot of cognition connected the subject.

You're connected your mode to being a YouTube star!

how to marque   wealth  connected  youtube

How to marque wealth connected YouTube

There are a clump of ways to marque wealth connected YouTube. Some are easy, and immoderate necessitate a small spot of creativity.

We've recovered the apical 13 ways to marque YouTube your adjacent income source. Read connected to find retired which gig is the 1 for you.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (or YPP) is measurement fig 1 for 2 reasons: it allows you to monetize your contented and gives you entree to large resources to assistance turn your channel.

The YPP gives creators entree to the Creator Support team, the Copyright Match Tool, and the YouTube monetization features.

The Creator Support squad tin troubleshoot issues for you, assistance with method aspects of YouTube, navigate policy, and more. They're ever determination to help.

The Copyright Match Tool allows you to copyright your content, place matches that beryllium crossed YouTube, and takedown stolen content.

Without joining the YouTube Partner Program, you won't monetize your videos oregon your channel.

Check retired this video for a little overview of the YouTube Partner Program positive a fewer commonly asked questions.

2. Make wealth via YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium gives viewers galore benefits erstwhile watching YouTube, specified arsenic nary ads, inheritance play, download abilities, and more.

You'd deliberation that YouTube Premium takes distant gross by removing ads from videos, but that's not the case.

YouTube supports creators whose videos get displayed connected YouTube premium erstwhile advertisement gross is lost. YouTube volition wage creators for views erstwhile viewers ticker your contented via YouTube Premium.

Many viewers similar the YouTube Premium experience. And acknowledgment to YouTube, your viewers tin person their preferences, and you tin inactive profit.

3. Connect with brands via YouTube Brandconnect

YouTube Brandconnect is simply a level that fosters connections betwixt creators and brands.

Brandconnect makes it elemental for influencers and brands to enactment connected campaigns together.

Everybody's happy–brands stock their products, you marque money, and your viewers larn astir caller products from apical brands based connected your recommendations.

When partnering with brands, you tin negociate your rates, kickbacks, and campaigns. And arsenic a bonus–YouTube Brandconnect has almighty penetration tools truthful you tin beryllium your worth.

4. Monetize unrecorded streams via Super Chat

If you're a streamer, you amended beryllium monetizing your unrecorded streams!

Super Chat exists done the YouTube Partner Program, and it allows users to wage to permission comments connected your streams.

Viewers tin acquisition comments portion watching your content, and they get pinned to the apical of the chat feed. The much wealth they spend, the longer the remark stays astatine the apical of the feed.

This is simply a ace elemental mode to monetize YouTube content. You get a 70% chopped of the Supers gross conscionable from your fans leaving comments.

5. Participate successful the YouTube Shorts Fund

If you marque originative shorts, the YouTube Shorts Fund is for you.

The YouTube Shorts Fund is simply a $100M money that rewards creators for archetypal shorts connected YouTube.

Each month, YouTube assesses the show of Short films connected their tract and offers creators a bonus from the fund.

You could person betwixt $100 - $10,000 per period conscionable for uploading your regularly scheduled programming!

Make definite your abbreviated is original, creative, and exclusive to YouTube. If it performs well, YouTube volition travel done with your bonus!

6. Offer transmission memberships

You tin connection your biggest fans exclusive contented for a monthly interest with channel memberships.

How does it work? Well, you tin gatekeep contented similar videos, badges, emojis, and lone your monthly subscribers volition person entree to it. They go members of your transmission and get members-only perks.

You don't request a cardinal subscribers to find occurrence with transmission memberships! If you connection invaluable contented and person devoted viewers, transmission memberships are an fantabulous money-making method.

7. Get advertisement gross from video ads

YouTube's superior root of gross is advertising. And yours tin beryllium too!

Once you enroll successful the YouTube Partner Program, you're capable to connection your videos arsenic advertisement abstraction to brands and advertisers.

Just acceptable up your AdSense account, link it to your YouTube account, and Google does the rest! You get a chopped of the advertisement gross they make.

Your gross volition beryllium connected your content, views, and engagement rate. And arsenic your relationship grows, your income volition too.

8. Use Merch Shelf to showcase your merchandise

Merch Shelf allows creators to merchantability branded merchandise to their followers done your channel. You tin show your buyable merch connected your videos, extremity screens, channel, and unrecorded streams.

Organizing and selling branded merch mightiness dependable complicated, but we committedness it's not. Many retailer sites and platforms grip everything similar payments, production, fulfillment, and shipping.

They bash the work, and you marque money!

Selling merch is simply a large mode to marque wealth connected YouTube due to the fact that it's a mode for your fans to enactment you portion getting thing successful return.

9. Sell products oregon services to viewers directly

If you're concern savvy and you privation to merchantability straight to your viewers, see creating a merchandise oregon work for them to purchase.

Selling products is an fantabulous enactment for creators with specialized contented oregon a ample following. For example, a quality guru could nutrient constitution brushes, oregon a YouTube cook could merchantability a cookbook.

If you merchantability your products oregon services disconnected YouTube, conscionable beforehand them successful your videos! Make definite to see links connected your extremity screens, your bios, and your video captions.

10. Make sponsored video content

If you bask moving with brands, making sponsored video contented is simply a large enactment for making wealth connected YouTube.

Partner with brands that subordinate to your contented and fanbase, and get them to sponsor your videos successful speech for a shoutout.

Lots of YouTubers usage this method. The much followers you have, the much brands volition wage you for a shoutout.

Getting sponsored video contented is straightforward:

  • Research brands who mightiness person a akin assemblage arsenic your YouTube audience
  • Reach retired with a abbreviated intro and your YouTube insights and stats
  • Mention them successful your adjacent video

Then, you tin negociate rates, and voila! You present person a sponsor for your video.

11. Become a marque affiliate

Brand affiliation is simply a fashionable method for creators to nett from their content.

When you go a marque affiliate, you go a typical of that brand. These partnerships past for a while, and you marque wealth disconnected of kickbacks and conversions.

Brands volition springiness you a mode of tracking which income you influence, either done an affiliate nexus oregon a discount code.

Every clip you pb a shopper to marque a purchase, you get a cut.

12. Crowdfund your adjacent project

Crowdfunding is an fantabulous mode to root gross for upcoming projects. If you deliberation your task volition payment others, effort crowdfunding!

Perhaps you're a question YouTuber who is perpetually exploring caller places. Your followers whitethorn beryllium inclined to enactment your trips truthful they tin presumption the content.

If you big your run connected a crowdfunding website, different investors tin find it and money your task too.

13. Become a YouTube influencer

Influencers beryllium connected each societal media platform. Simply put, they are creators with a devoted following. And they're experts astatine monetizing their content.

You tin beryllium an influencer successful immoderate industry. Some industries are much fashionable than others, similar beauty, fashion, and wellness and wellness. But that doesn't mean you request to enactment wrong these guidelines.

As a YouTube influencer, you should usage each 13 of these ways to marque wealth connected YouTube. Being an influencer means creating contented is your full-time job, truthful get to it!

A speedy checklist to monetize your YouTube channel

So present you cognize determination are galore ways to marque wealth connected YouTube. And immoderate methods whitethorn beryllium amended suited for you than others.

But if you're acceptable to monetize your YouTube channel, here's a speedy checklist to get you started.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

As we mentioned before, this is an indispensable archetypal step. Almost each the monetization channels we said earlier necessitate your enrollment into the YouTube Partner Program.

Joining the YoutTube Partner Program volition alteration you to usage the astir profitable aspects of YouTube.

2. Meet YouTube's requirements

Most of YouTube's perks person requirements.

There are basal eligibility requirements to crook connected monetization features. They alteration by diagnostic and beryllium connected your follower size, location, and age.

3. Create a Google AdSense account

A Google AdSense account is what connects your YouTube relationship to advertisers.

You request an AdSense relationship to marque money, way analytics, and get paid.

4. Choose a method to monetize your channel

Choose from the 13 methods supra to monetize your YouTube channel.

As we mentioned, immoderate monetization methods volition amended suit your transmission and contented than others.

However, take arsenic galore oregon arsenic fewer arsenic you like, and commencement making money!

5. Follow YouTube’s rules connected monetization

You'll request to larn astir YouTube's policies to guarantee that your relationship doesn't interruption immoderate rules. If it does, you tin suffer each the ways to marque wealth connected YouTube.

Your contented volition request to comply with rules and champion practices to proceed receiving advertisement gross and different forms of monetization.

Frequently asked questions

What are the YouTube Partner Program requirements?

There are six requirements for your relationship to beryllium eligible to articulation the YouTube Partner Program.

  1. You indispensable travel each the YouTube monetization policies.
  2. You indispensable unrecorded successful a portion wherever the YPP is available.
  3. You cannot person immoderate progressive assemblage line strikes against your channel.
  4. You indispensable person much than 4,000 ticker hours successful the past 12 months.
  5. You indispensable person much than 1,000 subscribers.
  6. You indispensable person a linked Google AdSense account.

If you aren't eligible for the YouTube Partner Program yet, absorption connected creating great, accordant content, and you'll get there.

When does YouTube wage you?

YouTube pays its creators monthly.

At the commencement of each period for the erstwhile month, YouTube volition wage retired your gross to your AdSense account. So, for the wealth you made successful January, you'll beryllium paid successful aboriginal February.

Once the wealth is successful your AdSense account, you'll person to retreat it to your connected slope account.

How overmuch bash YouTubers make?

Asking however overmuch YouTubers marque is an open-ended question, and the honorable reply is immoderate amount!

Small accounts connected YouTube tin bring successful a tiny broadside income. YouTube's biggest creators tin marque implicit $50 cardinal successful a year.

It each depends connected your content, your followers, and which monetization methods you take to use.

That's wherefore it's indispensable to cognize each the ways you tin marque wealth connected YouTube.

How overmuch does YouTube wage per view?

How overmuch YouTube pays per presumption depends connected your gross streams and followers.

YouTube pays retired 68% of its AdSense revenue. On average, a YouTube transmission tin marque $18 per 1,000 advertisement views.

How overmuch does YouTube wage for 1 cardinal views?

If your videos are getting a cardinal views, you could marque up to $30,000 per video!

However, this isn't guaranteed. Your gross volition beryllium connected ads, sponsorships, affiliates, and more. This fig differs for everyone, truthful it volition beryllium connected your channel, its size, and however you're monetizing YouTube videos.

Why spot Animoto to marque YouTube videos

To beryllium a large YouTuber, you request to person large videos.

Great videos are each successful the tools you use. You'll request a bully camera, a microphone, due lighting, and a great video editor to start.

Animoto is simply a fantastic video exertion due to the fact that it's amusive and straightforward. Any acquisition level volition service you well–you could beryllium a video editing maestro oregon a first-timer.

Animoto is simply a large video shaper for 5 reasons:

  1. Our video templates animate your adjacent video portion redeeming time.
  2. Trim your footage, harvest your photos, and set the timing of your media.
  3. You tin entree millions of stock photos and videos from wrong the video maker.
  4. You tin afloat customize your videos with unique video and substance styles
  5. It's casual to preview and export your finished merchandise successful moments.

Don’t cognize wherever to start? Show your assemblage what to expect connected your YouTube transmission with a fun, informative trailer video.

Look nary further if you request a elemental video exertion to make large YouTube videos.

Now you cognize however to marque wealth connected YouTube and however Animoto tin help!

Time to bring successful the cash

If you're looking to boost your YouTube contented and monetize your channel, you tin commencement today.

Use our checklist, prime immoderate monetization methods, and make large videos with Animoto.

If you enactment the clip and effort into increasing your transmission and raking successful revenue, you could beryllium a precocious YouTube earner successful nary clip present that you cognize however to marque wealth connected YouTube.