How to manage your Android lock screen

How to manage your Android lock screen

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The fastener surface of your Android telephone tin beryllium precise useful, showing notifications and letting you entree definite features without having to unlock your telephone first. (Something that whitethorn beryllium adjacent much utile if you’ve got a Pixel 6 oregon 6 Pro and are inactive having problems with the fingerprint sensor.)

Here are immoderate ways you tin tweak the settings for your fastener screen. These were tested utilizing a Pixel 6 moving Android 12; arsenic always, antithetic Android phones tin person somewhat antithetic procedures.

Enable fastener surface notifications

First, you tin take whether you privation to amusement some alerts and soundless notifications, amusement alerts only, oregon not amusement immoderate notifications astatine all.

  • Go to your phone’s settings (usually, by swiping down from the apical and tapping connected the cogwheel symbol) and prime Notifications
  • Scroll down to and pat Notifications connected fastener screen
  • Here, you tin take from 3 antithetic selections: show conversations (both default and silent); fell soundless conversations and notifications (silent notifications are those that travel up without a dependable oregon vibration, specified arsenic the upwind oregon a headline); oregon don’t amusement immoderate notifications astatine all.

(Again, your mileage connected what precisely is shown whitethorn vary, depending connected your phone’s shaper and the mentation of Android you’re using.)

You tin besides take to amusement oregon not amusement delicate accusation connected your fastener surface by toggling “Sensitive notifications” connected oregon off. If it’s toggled off, you volition lone spot the app that the notification is from alternatively than the notification itself — for example, you’ll spot “1 caller message” alternatively than immoderate accusation astir the message.

Choose which apps look connected your fastener screen

The apps that look connected your fastener surface are the aforesaid apps that are permitted to nonstop you notifications. You tin take which those are.

  • Go to your phone’s settings
  • Select Notifications > App settings
  • You’ll spot a database of your apps; you tin benignant them successful alphabetical order, successful the bid of the astir caller oregon astir frequent; you tin besides database which apps were turned off. Use the toggle to the close of each app sanction to crook its notifications connected oregon disconnected completely. If you pat connected the sanction of the app, you tin negociate much circumstantial types of notifications for that app.

Get idiosyncratic accusation connected your fastener screen

While you tin take conscionable to get wide notifications connected your fastener screen, specified arsenic quality headlines oregon the weather, you tin besides get much idiosyncratic notifications for emails, reminders, formation reservations, and different items.

  • With your telephone on, archer your Google Assistant to unfastened Assistant settings. You tin besides find them by going to Settings > Apps > Assistant > See each Assistant Settings > Personal results.
  • In the Your phone tab, marque definite Personal results (which lets Assistant entree your email, calendar, etc.) is toggled on. You tin past toggle connected Personal suggestions connected fastener surface earlier you ask.

  • In your Assistant settings, prime See each Assistant Settings
  • Then prime Personal results
  • Now you tin alteration idiosyncratic suggestions connected your fastener screen

Use Google Assistant connected the fastener screen

Google Assistant tin reply questions and travel absorption from the fastener surface if acceptable to bash so. It tin besides beryllium a small annoying if you accidentally trigger it truthful that it starts unexpectedly talking. Here’s however you tin either activate Google Assistant to enactment from the fastener surface oregon crook it off.

  • Go backmost to Settings > Apps > Assistant > See each Assistant Settings but this clip prime Lock screen
  • Toggle connected Assistant responses connected fastener screen. Now erstwhile you accidental “Hey Google,” your telephone volition answer. If you privation to activate Google Assistant from the fastener surface without saying thing (for example, by conscionable tapping the screen), toggle connected the 2nd conception connected that page.

According to Google, determination are immoderate verbal responses that volition not beryllium fixed from the fastener screen, adjacent if you let it to show idiosyncratic results. These see payments, Google Photos, requests to unfastened different apps, oregon questions astir your sanction oregon address, among others.

Update March 10th, 2022, 3:38PM ET: This nonfiction was primitively published connected November 26th, 2019, and has been updated to let for changes successful the Android OS.

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