How to merge cells in Google Sheets

How to merge cells in Google Sheets

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If you person 2 oregon much cells successful Google Sheets that you privation to harvester into one, you tin merge the cells with a built-in tool. This lets you merge cells horizontally, vertically, oregon both.

Maybe you’re disquieted astir losing information erstwhile you merge cells successful your spreadsheet. This is simply a morganatic interest due to the fact that of the mode the merge instrumentality works. Fortunately, erstwhile you cognize the close mode to merge cells successful Google Sheets, you won't request to beryllium acrophobic anymore.

Let’s look astatine how to merge cells successful Google Sheets and options for retaining your information erstwhile you do.

Merge Cells successful Google Sheets

You whitethorn person file headers oregon adjacent enactment headers that you privation to merge into 1 cleanable cell. But you tin merge immoderate cells successful your spreadsheet including compartment ranges, columns, and rows.

Step 1: Select the cells you privation to merge by dragging your cursor done them. (Note: You tin lone merge adjacent cells.)

Step 2: Click the Merge Cells drop-down arrow successful the toolbar oregon Format > Merge cells from the menu.

Step 3: Choose the benignant of merge you privation to usage for your cells from these options:

  • Merge all: Merge each selected cells horizontally and vertically.
  • Merge vertically: Merge cells connected apical of 1 another.
  • Merge horizontally: Merge cells to the close and near of each other.

If an enactment is grayed out, past it doesn’t use to the selected cells. For example, if you prime cells successful a enactment arsenic successful our screenshot below, you’ll lone spot Merge horizontally available.

Merge horizontally successful  Google Sheets.

Step 4: After you take the merge option, you’ll spot your cells merged into a azygous cell.

Merged cells successful  Google Sheets.

Step 5: When you person information successful the cells you’re merging, you’ll spot an alert popular up letting you cognize that lone the information successful the top-left compartment volition remain. If this is good with you, click OK to proceed to merge the cells.

If you similar not to proceed due to the fact that you’ll suffer data, click Cancel.

You tin past manually harvester the information oregon look into 1 of the beneath options for joining that data.

Merge informing  successful  Google Sheets.

Combine the information into a caller cell

You tin harvester the information wrong cells utilizing the ampersand relation (&) and a basal formula.

Step 1: Go to the caller compartment wherever you privation to articulation the information and participate the compartment references for the cells to harvester with the ampersand betwixt them similar this:


Step 2: If you privation a separator betwixt the information similar a abstraction oregon hyphen, you tin adhd that to the look similar successful the following:

=A1&” “&B1

Here you spot a abstraction wrong quotes separating the information we’ll combine.

Both formulas supra harvester the values from those cells unneurotic into 1 string.

Formula to harvester  cells successful  Google Sheets.

Step 3: You tin past regenerate the compartment containing the information that volition beryllium retained with the results of the look oregon simply usage the caller cell(s) with the combined data.

Use the Merge Values add-on

Another enactment is to usage the Google Sheets add-on Merge Values. This hold lets you sphere your information erstwhile merging cells with an easy-to-use interface.

Keep successful caput that Merge Values is simply a third-party add-on requiring entree to your Google relationship for Google Sheets. You tin presumption these permissions successful the statement for the extension.

Step 1: Once you instal the add-on, caput backmost to your sheet, prime the cells you privation to merge, and click Extensions > Merge Values > Start from the menu.

Use the Merge Values add-on successful  Google Sheets.

Step 2: When the add-on’s sidebar displays, implicit the details to merge the cells and clasp the data.

Choose however to merge the selected values: Pick from successful each selected row, successful each selected column, oregon into 1 cell.

Separate values with: Select your separator from a space, semicolon, comma, oregon enactment break.

Place the results successful the: Choose wherever you privation your results from the near compartment oregon close cell.

Options: Check the boxes for immoderate further options you privation to use specified arsenic skipping bare cells oregon wrapping text.

Merge Values add-on successful  Google Sheets.

Step 3: Click Merge erstwhile you’re acceptable and you’ll person your information combined and cells merged.

Be alert that the Merge Values add-on is escaped for a proceedings period and past requires a paid subscription.

Merged values utilizing an add-on successful  Google Sheets.

Unmerge cells successful Google Sheets

If you merge a acceptable of cells successful Google Sheets and determine aboriginal you privation them successful abstracted cells again, you tin unmerge them. Keep successful caput that you tin lone unmerge cells that you’ve merged.

Select the compartment you privation to unmerge. Click the Merge Cells drop-down arrow successful the toolbar oregon Format > Merge cells from the paper and prime Unmerge.

Merging cells successful Google Sheets is simply a convenient diagnostic and particularly utile for file and enactment headers. Hopefully 1 of the options listed present for retaining your information if needed works for you!

For utilizing further features, instrumentality a look astatine however to make a graph oregon illustration successful Google Sheets.

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