How to Post a Video on Instagram

How to Post a Video on Instagram

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When it comes to achieving societal media goals, 54% of marketers find video to beryllium the astir invaluable tool. Additionally, 68% of video marketers planned to see Instagram video successful their 2022 video selling strategy. With these stats successful mind, and Instagram’s propulsion toward accrued video creation, present is the clip to commencement posting videos connected Instagram if you haven’t already.

In this blog, we’ll beryllium focusing connected 3 types of Instagram video formats: Instagram Video, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Stories. We’ll enactment however to station them, the champion situations to usage them in, and which Animoto templates marque for casual IG video creation.

Keep speechmaking oregon skip up to the video format you’re astir funny in.

How to station an Instagram Video

IGTV videos, (which were long-form videos successful a stand-alone app), and provender videos, present unrecorded unneurotic successful the aforesaid video format, Instagram Video.

Instagram Video posts tin beryllium up to sixty minutes agelong and are added conscionable similar photograph posts: by either uploading a video from your Photo Library oregon signaling a video utilizing Instagram’s built-in camera.

Steps for posting an Instagram Video

  1. Click the positive motion successful the apical close corner.

InstagramVideo1_How to Post Video to Instagram

  1. From the drop-down menu, click Post.

InstagramVideo1_How to Post Video to Instagram

  1. Choose your video from the Photo Library, click next, adhd a filter, caption, location, etc., and past property stock OR…

InstagramVideo4_How to Post Video to Instagram

  1. Click the Instagram icon connected the close broadside of the screen. This volition bring up your in-app camera truthful you tin grounds a caller video. Then you tin adhd a filter, captions, location, etc., and stock to the feed.

InstagramVideo3_How to Post Video to Instagram

You tin besides station an Instagram Video from your illustration by clicking the positive motion successful the apical close corner, choosing the Post option, and adding a video from your camera roll.

Why station an Instagram video

The Instagram Video format works good for users wanting to station longer videos. If your Instagram Video is longer than a minute, viewers volition spot a sixty-second preview successful the feed. The full-length video volition unrecorded successful the Video tab connected a user’s profile.

Instagram Video ideas

While you tin usage immoderate of our templates to make an Instagram Video, we deliberation our Daily Check-in, Editorial Quote List, and Personal Story templates are fantastic ways to commencement gathering a transportation with your audience.

How to station a video to Instagram Reels

Reels is Instagram’s mentation of TikTok videos. With Reels, individuals and companies alike tin make short, entertaining videos, up to 60 seconds successful length, successful which they tin bring their personalities and brands to life.

Steps for posting an Instagram Reel

  1. Click the positive motion successful the apical close corner.

InstagramReel1_Posting Video to Instagram Blog

  1. From the drop-down menu, click Reel.

InstagramReel2_Posting Video to Instagram Blog

  1. From here, your in-app camera volition open. If you privation to usage a pre-recorded video, you tin click the tiny quadrate container successful the bottommost near corner. This volition unfastened your Photo Library, and you tin take a video from determination to station to Reels.

InstagramReel4_Posting Video to Instagram Blog

  1. You tin besides make a caller Reel. Swipe the circles astatine the bottommost of the surface near and close for antithetic filter options. After you take your filter oregon determine not to usage a filter, clasp down the ellipse astatine the bottommost of your surface and grounds your Reel.

InstagramReel3_Posting Video to Instagram Blog

  1. When you're finished creating your Reel, click next. Here you’ll beryllium capable to decorate your Reel similar you tin with an Instagram Story.

On the left-hand broadside of your screen, you'll find a assortment of tools for editing your Reel.

They include:

InstagramReel5_Posting Video to Instagram Blog

Audio: Choose a opus to adhd to your video.

Length: Choose the magnitude of your Reel. It tin beryllium 15, 30, oregon 60 seconds long.

Speed: Make your video slow-mo oregon summation the speed.

Layout: Add a grid to see aggregate video clips to your Reel and Zoom successful and retired connected your video clips.

Timer: Record video for a definite magnitude of time, up to 30 seconds, without holding the camera fastener down.

Why station an Instagram Reel

To vie with TikTok, Instagram has prioritized Reels, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg stating Reels is “the superior operator of engagement growth” connected Instagram. If your extremity is to turn your following, summation engagement, oregon boost marque awareness, Reels is for you.

Instagram Reel ideas

If you're caller to Reels, our templates marque Reel instauration accelerated and simple. Tutorials, explainers, and narratives marque for captivating Reel content. Easily amusement disconnected your taxable substance expertise with our Expert How-To template oregon stock however to marque your favourite look with our Trendy Social Recipe template.

Steps for posting an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are abbreviated photos oregon video clips, up to 15 seconds successful length, that vanish 24 hours aft they’re posted. Instead of displaying wrong your superior Instagram feed, they’re showcased astatine the apical of the app, successful a enactment with the Stories of each the different accounts you follow.

There are a mates of options for posting Instagram Stories. You tin upload your ain video, oregon you tin grounds a video clip straight successful Instagram. We’ll stock however to bash both.

Uploading a video to Instagram Stories

  1. You tin commencement by either tapping your ain Story (a ellipse with your illustration representation successful it) successful the apical near of the Instagram app erstwhile you unfastened your provender oregon by tapping your illustration representation from your Instagram illustration erstwhile logged into your account. You tin besides click connected the + successful the apical right-hand country of your screen, past click connected the Story option.



  1. From present you tin entree your camera to instrumentality a photograph oregon grounds a video, oregon upload a photograph oregon video clip you already person successful your camera roll.

  2. To make thing new, click the achromatic container successful the apical near country with the Instagram icon successful the middle. It’ll bring up a surface with your camera open.


  1. You tin clasp down the ellipse fastener connected the bottommost of the surface to grounds your Story.


  1. When you're finished recording, region your digit from the fastener and past property the arrow astatine the bottommost close of your surface to stock with followers.

You tin besides get much originative with Story tools, which you tin larn much astir here.

Why station an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are fantabulous for engaging with your assemblage and generating marque awareness. Tease a caller product, beforehand a giveaway, oregon stock a thought-provoking question oregon punctuation and see stickers for accrued engagement.

Instagram Stories ideas

While you tin usage astir immoderate of our templates to make a Story, we’ve included immoderate fashionable ideas below. Customize our Graduation Memories template to observe idiosyncratic events similar graduations and birthdays, physique involvement successful your latest merchandise with our Just Dropped template, oregon summation engagement with a Fun Social Quote.

Get started

For Instagram video inspiration, follow Animoto connected Instagram and articulation our Social Video Marketing Community connected Facebook to get feedback and ideas from the Animoto squad and your chap video marketers. Happy video making!