How to protect your Firefox saved passwords with a Primary Password

How to protect your Firefox saved passwords with a Primary Password

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Firefox logo connected  an unfastened  laptop.

In a cleanable world, you would ne'er let a web browser to prevention your passwords. Why? Because web browsers aren't precisely the astir unafraid pieces of software connected your desktop. To complicate matters, astir modern browsers let you to sync your passwords with an account, truthful they are disposable to immoderate browser associated with that account.

That's not precisely safe.

Don't judge me? If you usage the Firefox web browser (which is acold much unafraid than, say, Chrome), unfastened the browser and past spell to Settings > Privacy & Security, and click Saved Logins. 

What you volition spot mightiness astonishment you. You tin scroll done the full database and presumption immoderate saved password conscionable by clicking the oculus icon associated with the entry.

You're not prompted for a password oregon anything… you conscionable get unfettered entree to each the sights Firefox has to amusement you.

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That's not good. Worse, you could upwind up with your accounts being accessed by idiosyncratic different than yourself.

What bash you do?

Well, if you perfectly indispensable person Firefox prevention your passwords, you request to support them with a Primary Password. Once you've enabled the Primary Password (formerly called Master Password), you'll beryllium prompted to benignant that password each clip you unfastened Firefox, and immoderate clip you privation to presumption a saved password.

Fortunately, this is casual to do. The 1 happening you person to support successful caput is that if you hide that Primary Password, you're successful for a challenging ride. In bid to reset that password, you person to unfastened Firefox, constituent it to chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xhtml, and past click Reset. However, erstwhile you bash that, everything you've saved volition beryllium lost. 

So, if you privation to support those saved credentials intact, it's successful your champion involvement to not suffer that password. To that end, you should see utilizing a password manager and creating a precise strong and unsocial password arsenic your Firefox Primary Password.

How to support your Firefox saved passwords with a Primary Password

Are you acceptable to acceptable up this option? Let's bash so.


The lone happening you'll request for this is an updated mentation of Firefox. I bash urge you ever support your web browsers updated to the latest versions to debar bundle vulnerabilities. That's each you need. Let's acceptable that Primary Password.

Open Firefox and past click the paper fastener (three horizontal lines) astatine the apical close of the window. From the drop-down menu, click Settings.

The Firefox menu.

Access to Firefox Settings is recovered wrong this drop-down menu.

Image: Jack Wallen

From the Settings window, click Privacy & Security successful the near pane, and past find Logins and Passwords.

The Privacy & Security conception  of Firefox Settings.

Saved passwords are recovered wrong the Privacy & Security conception of Firefox Settings.

Image: Jack Wallen

Also: It's past clip you started utilizing a password manager (whether you similar it oregon not)

Click the cheque container for Use a Primary Password. A pop-up model volition appear, wherever you participate and verify the Primary Password. You'll besides spot a precise wide informing astir remembering the Primary Password. Take heed of this informing and instrumentality enactment of your Primary Password (preferably successful a password manager).

The Firefox Primary Password instauration  window.

Adding a Primary Password to Firefox.

Image: Jack Wallen

Click OK and your Primary Password is set. Now, immoderate clip you commencement Firefox oregon effort to presumption a password successful Settings > Privacy & Security, you'll beryllium prompted for that password.

Congratulations, you've added a much-needed furniture of information to Firefox. Now, the lone idiosyncratic who tin presumption your saved passwords is you. Even with this added protection, you should see not allowing your web browser to prevention your passwords and, instead, use a password manager.

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