How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

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Knowing however to grounds a Microsoft Teams gathering tin prevention you truthful overmuch clip that's often spent asking for radical to repetition instructions oregon punctual you of what they said. Organizations whitethorn besides privation to grounds troubleshooting meetings for aboriginal analysis, compliance requirements, oregon to callback important decisions that were made. Microsoft Teams understands this and has made the signaling process elemental to usage – if it’s acceptable up properly.

Let’s spell implicit what you request to grounds a gathering successful Teams, however to find recordings erstwhile the gathering is done, and everything other you should cognize astir the process.

How to grounds a gathering successful Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Make definite you person the close permissions. There are a fig of permissions needed to commencement and halt a signaling successful a meeting. First, the idiosyncratic volition request a subscription similar Office 365 Enterprise, Business Premium, oregon Business Essentials.

If you're moving arsenic portion of an organization, your IT head whitethorn request to alteration recordings for the organization. Some organizations default to disabling recordings but successful definite situations. If you're moving independently, past it should beryllium enabled by default.

Only definite users tin grounds meetings erstwhile they join. That includes some gathering organizers and those who person portion of the organizer’s enactment connected Microsoft Teams. Those who are portion of antithetic organizations and guests volition not beryllium capable to record.

Step 2: Log into Microsoft Teams and articulation a meeting. Arrange for 1 idiosyncratic to commencement and halt the signaling if indispensable – you cannot marque aggregate recordings of a gathering astatine the aforesaid time.

Step 3: In the meeting, look astatine the paper astatine the apical of the window, and prime the More actions enactment (the three-dot ellipses icon).

The More Actions fastener  successful  Teams.

Step 4: Select Start recording successful the drop-down menu. Some organizations person a signaling argumentation that you volition present request to judge earlier the signaling tin start, though this isn’t common. All those who person joined the gathering volition person a notification that the gathering is present being recorded.

Start Recording successful  Teams.

Step 5: Turning connected signaling volition besides crook connected transcriptions, unless transcriptions person specifically been blocked by an administrator. Transcriptions tin beryllium viewed successful existent clip and are saved alongside the video erstwhile the signaling ends. Transcriptions are important if the signaling is being made for compliance oregon ineligible reasons, among different uses. Live transcriptions tin beryllium stopped astatine immoderate clip successful the More actions menu.

Live Transcript successful  Teams.

Step 6: When it’s clip to halt recording, spell to the More actions paper again, and prime Stop recording. The signaling volition present beryllium processed, which tin instrumentality a small time, truthful it whitethorn not beryllium instantly disposable to view.

Expiration Dates connected  Teams Recordings.

Playing a recorded meeting

When Microsoft Teams records a meeting, it is saved to SharePoint. If it was not a transmission meeting, it is saved to OneDrive. Visit these locations to find the record of the meeting. A nexus to the signaling volition besides look connected the transmission oregon chat wherever the gathering took place, and it volition beryllium disposable successful the Files tab of the channel, too.

You tin stock the record either straight with idiosyncratic other connected Teams oregon transcript it and paste it into a assortment of different platforms, depending connected what’s easiest.

Important note: Microsoft Teams recordings often person a built-in expiration date, aft which the gathering volition not beryllium disposable (plus a grace play for the proprietor of the record). This tin beryllium disabled by IT. The expiration day volition amusement up successful Teams on with the nexus to the meeting, arsenic good arsenic successful the Details conception of Show actions successful the signaling file. Those signaling the gathering tin typically customize the expiration date. It’s important to marque definite the video is shared oregon utilized earlier the expiration date. If the signaling was made for compliance purposes, expiration dates should beryllium disabled oregon the files should beryllium saved permanently successful different way.

Recording Meetings extras

There are immoderate different considerations to marque erstwhile signaling a gathering successful Teams:

  • Recordings volition automatically halt erstwhile everyone has near the meeting. However, signaling volition not halt if the idiosyncratic who began it leaves – that means idiosyncratic other whitethorn request to halt it manually astatine the close time.

  • Sometimes determination rules tin interaction signaling settings. For example, section regulations whitethorn necessitate that everyone springiness their support to beryllium recorded earlier beginning.

  • Guests and outer attendees volition not beryllium capable to presumption the signaling unless idiosyncratic shares it straight with them.

  • The video of the gathering tin lone amusement up to 4 video streams astatine once. You cannot power to different streams erstwhile viewing a recording.

  • Compliance requirements whitethorn overrule immoderate of the settings that we’ve discussed above.

If you're looking to acceptable up a gathering with immoderate colleagues, see making a caller squad first.

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