How to Remove Write Protection from a USB

How to Remove Write Protection from a USB

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USB representation sticks and akin transferable information retention devices are convenient if you privation to person your photos, media, oregon enactment files acceptable to go. It’s been rather immoderate clip since these retention devices person go the astir prevalent method for storing integer data. However, sometimes it mightiness hap that you can’t transportation your files onto a USB instrumentality due to the fact that constitute extortion is activated.

Failed constitute attempts tin beryllium rather an inconvenience connected a USB stick. Luckily, determination are speedy and casual methods to lick the constitute extortion issue, whether you’re connected a Windows PC oregon a Mac. There’s adjacent a solution if you’re moving connected a Chromebook.

Note: Some SanDisk USB sticks (flash drives) and perchance different brands person an interior extortion mechanism. According to SanDisk, if the USB thrust experiences a powerfulness fluctuation oregon different perchance damaging error, it shuts disconnected constitute access, and determination is nary mode to get it back. They expect you to transcript the information to different thrust and regenerate it.

Check for a Write Protection Switch First

Before we spell into details astir constitute extortion removal successful antithetic operating systems, there’s 1 happening to cheque first. Some information retention units person a carnal power for toggling constitute extortion connected oregon off.

Take the USB instrumentality you’ve tried to constitute to and look for that switch, usually located connected the side, and it mightiness besides beryllium labeled arsenic “Lock” oregon “Write Protection.” Switch it to the different position, reinsert it, and past transportation information to the representation instrumentality again.

If that works, your occupation is solved, and each you request to bash is guarantee the power doesn’t accidentally get moved successful the incorrect presumption again. If there’s nary power (most common), oregon you inactive can’t constitute to the USB, you’ll request to employment different methods. Let’s get started!

Remove USB Write Protection utilizing Windows

There are respective ways to region constitute extortion from a USB instrumentality if you person a Windows PC. Let’s instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of them now.

Turn Bitlocker Off to Disable USB Write Protection

Since Windows 7, BitLocker got integrated into Windows 7/Vista Enterprise and Ultimate, and Windows 8 and supra Pro and Ultimate editions to support your information with encryption. The bundle chiefly gets utilized for interior drives, but it tin besides encrypt USB sticks/drives. Other versions of Windows similar Home editions necessitate a abstracted download to decrypt the information erstwhile it comes to USB encryption. This script besides applies erstwhile utilizing macOS. Yes, Windows has a Bitlocker decryption instrumentality for Macs too. Regardless, Bitlocker is disconnected by default, but you whitethorn person activated it earlier and forgot astir it, oregon idiosyncratic other did it.

How to Turn Off BitLocker connected a USB Stick

To crook disconnected BitLocker connected a USB stick, you indispensable person the password oregon betterment key. If you don’t person either option, you’ll person to reformat the drive. If you person the cardinal oregon password to BitLocker, travel the steps below.

  1. Open “File Explorer” and look for the retention instrumentality you person successful mind. If the icon has a padlock, BitLocker was enabled for the device.
  2. Right-click connected the icon and spell to “Manage BitLocker.” This measurement takes you to the BitLocker Drive Encryption window, wherever a database of each retention units and their encryption presumption display.
  3. All you request to bash present is click connected the protected USB thrust and prime “Turn Off BitLocker.” Enter the password oregon prime different options and take to participate the betterment key. The presumption shows that the instrumentality is getting decrypted and, upon completion, BitLocker is turned off.

After you’ve disabled BitLocker, effort to transcript thing connected the USB instrumentality again and spot if the occupation got resolved.

Use Diskpart to Disable USB Write Protection

Diskpart is simply a bid instrumentality that lets you negociate each retention units detected by the computer. To region constitute extortion utilizing Diskpart, travel these steps:

  1. First of all, cheque and retrieve (or constitute down) the retention capableness of the USB device. This proposition comes successful useful later. After you’ve confirmed the abstraction limit, plug the USB instrumentality into the machine port.
  2. Launch “Command Prompt.” You tin bash this either by pressing “Windows key+R” and typing “CMD” oregon searching for Command Prompt from the “Start Menu.” If you spot the “Access is denied” message, right-click connected Command Prompt and take “Run arsenic Administrator.”
  3. In Command Prompt, benignant “diskpart” and property “enter.” Then, benignant “list disk” and property “enter” again.
  4. You’ll spot a database of each retention drives, named Disk 0, Disk 1, and truthful on. This measurement is wherever you’ll request the capableness accusation to place your USB device. Compare it to the “Size” column, and you’ll find the disk number.
  5. Type “Select disk #”, wherever “#” is the disk number. For example, if your USB was Disk 1, benignant “select disk 1” without quotes, past deed “enter.”
  6. Type “Attributes disk wide readonly” and property “enter.” Yes, “attributes” has an “s” and “readonly” is 1 word.
  7. Finally, hold for the constitute extortion removal to finish, benignant “Exit”, past deed “enter” to adjacent the bid punctual window.
  8. Restart your PC and effort penning connected the USB instrumentality again aft the strategy has rebooted.

Use the Windows Registry to Disable USB Write Protect

Going into the Registry is not recommended if you’re not an experienced user. The incorrect input could earnestly impact your strategy show oregon render it unresponsive. Don’t worry, though. Even if you’re not acquainted with the under-the-hood features, you’ll beryllium capable to region the constitute extortion if you travel our method precise carefully. Just guarantee not to instrumentality immoderate enactment different than the specified steps below.

  1. Connect the removable retention instrumentality to your PC, benignant “regedit” successful the Cortana Search Bar, past prime the “Registry Editor” app and click connected “Open.”
  2. Click connected the “right-facing chevron” (angle bracket) awesome adjacent to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” successful the near sidebar to grow the directory operation of that folder.
  3. Repeat “Step 1” procedures for the “SYSTEM” folder to grow it, past bash the aforesaid for “CurrentControlSet.” The implicit way truthful acold should beryllium “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet.”
  4. Repeat “Step 1” procedures again to grow the “Control” folder, past corroborate if “StorageDevicePolicies” is present. If not, proceed to “Step 5” to make it yourself. Otherwise, skip to “Step 7.”
  5. Right-click the “Control” folder. Select “New” and take “Key.” This measurement volition make a caller subfolder nether “Control.”
  6. Rename the recently created folder to “StorageDevicePolicies.”
  7. Now, right-click connected “StorageDevicePolicies,” take “New,” past prime “DWORD (32-bit) Value.” Name the caller introduction “WriteProtect” without quotes oregon spaces.
  8. Double-click connected “WriteProtect” and alteration “Value Data” to “0” and “Base” to “Hexadecimal.”
  9. Click connected “OK,” exit the Registry, and restart your computer.

After the reboot, cheque if the USB is present operating arsenic it should. This method disables the constitute extortion connected each your drives, truthful it should marque your USB writable again. Beware that editing the Windows Registry connected your ain tin messiness up your computer, truthful aft you’ve followed our instructions, it’s champion not to revisit it.

If nary of the supra options removed record extortion from your USB stick, effort searching for a third-party application.

Removing USB Write Protection connected a Mac

There’s overmuch little flexibility erstwhile resolving the constitute extortion contented connected Mac versus Windows. You lone person 2 options available—one is for retention units that can’t beryllium written to owed to a responsibility with the device, portion the different involves formatting the drive.

Option 1: Repair the Permissions

The permissions for your USB thrust mightiness beryllium faulty, causing it to go write-protected. If that’s the case, you should effort fixing the mistake utilizing “Disk Utility.” To bash so, travel these elemental steps:

  1. After plugging successful the USB device, unfastened “Utilities” and prime “Disk Utility.”
  2. Find the thrust you’d similar to repair successful the near sidebar and prime it.
  3. Click connected the “First Aid” tab, hold for immoderate scans to finish, and past prime “Repair Disk Permissions.”

If the responsibility was successful the support settings, the steps supra should region the USB’s constitute protection.

Option 2: Format the Drive

One definite mode to region the constitute extortion connected macOS is to format the drive. Beware that this process erases each information connected the USB device, truthful guarantee you transcript immoderate important files to different determination earlier proceeding.

  1. To format the USB, motorboat “Disk Utility,” find the drive, past click connected it.
  2. Go to the “Erase” tab, prime “format,” rename the USB thrust if you privation to, past click connected “Erase.” Confirm the enactment successful the pop-up model to commencement the formatting process.

Once the thrust is formatted, the constitute extortion should beryllium gone. When choosing a format, enactment that immoderate of the options are Mac-exclusive, portion others, similar “exFat,” tin beryllium universally utilized with Mac and Windows computers.

Removing USB Write Protection connected a Chromebook

If you’re utilizing a USB with your Chromebook and fishy it’s write-protected, formatting the thrust is your lone option. Follow the steps beneath to reformat your locked USB thrust oregon stick.

  1. Go to “Apps” and click “Files.” Alternatively, property “Alt+Shift+M” connected the keyboard.
  2. “Right-click” connected the thrust and take “Format Device.”
  3. Confirm the enactment by clicking “OK” successful the pop-up prompt, past hold for the process to finish.

Unfortunately, this is the lone reliable method to region constitute extortion from a USB connected Chromebook. As antecedently stated, formatting the thrust volition erase each data, truthful backmost it up beforehand.

Remove Write Protection From a USB connected Linux

If you are a Linux user, this process unlocks the constitute extortion connected your USB thrust oregon stick.

  1. First, motorboat the “Applications Menu (),” past look for and click connected “Terminal” oregon benignant “term” successful the hunt barroom astatine the apical to find it and motorboat it. On immoderate Linux distros, “Shift + Ctrl + T” oregon “Ctrl + Alt + T” motorboat the terminal arsenic well.
    Linux Terminal App
  2. Next, benignant “lsblk” and property “enter” to get a database of each attached devices. Linux lsblk command
  3. Type “sudo hdparm -r0 /dev/sdb” without quotes and property “enter.” In this example, the USB is mounted astatine “/dev/sdb.” Adjust accordingly (sdb, sda, etc.) The “-r0” turns the read-only support off. You mightiness request to unmount/remount the USB thrust via the terminal erstwhile read-only is off.Linux terminal command

In the example/procedures above, you place the drive, past alteration its read-only permissions to off, past unmount and remount it via the terminal, not by ejecting it.

In closing, constitute extortion tin beryllium a nuisance, particularly erstwhile you don’t cognize however it happened connected your retention device. Luckily, you’ve learned however to region constitute extortion from a USB connected Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook computers. The contented should nary longer drawback you off-guard, but determination are nary guarantees. With each the methods explained here, astatine slightest 1 should let you to edit, copy, move, oregon delete files connected your USB oregon SD paper successful nary time!