How to repurpose an old Android phone as a security or pet camera

How to repurpose an old Android phone as a security or pet camera

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Recently, 1 of my cats had a spot of an incidental and coiled up having to deterioration a collar astir his cervix to forestall him from irritating a nasty wound. We were instructed the collar could travel off, truthful agelong arsenic we were watching him. Given I enactment from home, I had nary occupation with that, but determination were times erstwhile my look had to beryllium buried successful a screen, truthful I couldn't ever person my oculus connected the small guy.

As they say, necessity is the parent of invention. To beryllium capable to support ticker implicit him, and inactive conscionable deadlines, I decided to marque usage of 1 of the galore Android phones I had lying around. With the assistance of a simple-to-use application, called DroidCam. This app makes it remarkably casual to make a information oregon webcam that tin beryllium utilized for galore applications (security, monitoring, etc.). Let maine amusement you however this is done.


To marque this enactment you volition request the following:

  • An Android telephone (running mentation 5.0 and up).
  • A powerfulness cord for the telephone (you don't privation your artillery to tally out).
  • The DroidCam app.
  • A web browser connected the aforesaid web arsenic the phone.

With those things astatine the ready, let's get this up and running.

How to usage an aged Android telephone arsenic a information oregon favored camera

Step 1: Installing DroidCam

Installing the exertion is elemental with these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store connected your Android device.
  2. Search for DroidCam.
  3. Tap Install.

Once the app is installed, you're acceptable to go.

How to usage DroidCam

Make definite your Android instrumentality is connected the aforesaid wireless web arsenic the desktop oregon laptop you'll usage to presumption the camera and commencement the application. Once it starts (Figure 1), it volition contiguous you with the code you usage to link from your browser.

Figure 1

The DroidCam app interface.

The DroidCam interface is simply a spot old-school but works similar a charm.

Image: JackWallen

The output connected the surface displays the IP code and the larboard you request to usage to entree the camera. If you constituent a web browser to http://SERVER:4747/video (Where SERVER is the IP code displayed by DroidCam), you'll spot the video output from the camera (Figure 2).

Figure 2

DroidCam keeping ticker  implicit    a cat.

My feline is being watched and helium doesn't adjacent cognize it.

Image: Jack Wallen

The escaped mentation of the app lone offers 240p oregon 480p resolutions. To get 720p and 1080p resolutions you indispensable acquisition the pro mentation of the app (DroidCamX $5.49 connected the Google Play Store), which adds sound, HD mode, and SmoothFPS for much unchangeable video. However, for precise basal security/baby/cat cam usage, the escaped mentation does conscionable fine.

Remember to plug that telephone into an outlet, arsenic streaming video tin devour distant astatine the battery. The bully quality connected that beforehand is that the app volition proceed streaming, adjacent aft your telephone is locked and asleep. 

That's the gist of utilizing DroidCam arsenic a web/security cam. I've utilized this setup for a fewer applications, wherever I needed much eyes than improvement gave me.