How to reset Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro

How to reset Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro

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Apple AirPods and their top-of-the-line cousin, the AirPods Pro, are designed to beryllium casual to use. You tin acceptable them up successful seconds if you already person an iCloud relationship and an Apple device. However, sometimes those small earbuds can make problems similar refusing to complaint oregon sync correctly. Or, you whitethorn conscionable privation to marque definite the latest AirPod updates are installed. That calls for a afloat mill reset, though it’s not ever wide however to marque that happen. Our usher digs into the details. Follow these casual steps for a harmless reset!

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Pop your AirPods into your charging lawsuit and wait

Step 1: Grab your charging lawsuit and spot your AirPods wrong if you haven’t already done so. This besides applies to the AirPods Pro, wherever resetting instructions are the same.

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Step 2: Close the case, and hold for astir 30 seconds to a minute. Apple advises doing this truthful that if 1 of your AirPods has mislaid each artillery life, it tin recharge a small and beryllium recognized by the lawsuit earlier the reset begins.

Step 3: If your lawsuit is debased connected artillery itself, it’s a bully thought to complaint it up earlier trying to reset. If the lawsuit doesn’t person a charge, you won’t beryllium capable to reset it properly.

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Activate and unpair your AirPods

Step 1: Have the Apple instrumentality you usage AirPods with astatine hand. Pop unfastened your AirPods lawsuit truthful that the Apple instrumentality tin consciousness them, and past caput into your Settings.

Step 2: In Settings, spell to Bluetooth and find your connected AirPods. Select the bluish I button, aka More info, adjacent to them. Choose the enactment to Forget this device. Confirm the decision, and erstwhile your AirPods are nary longer connected, acceptable your Apple instrumentality successful different country and instrumentality to your AirPods.

Note: If your AirPods/AirPods Pro are having basal dependable issues, specified arsenic nary audio, halt here. Try heading backmost into Settings and manually reconnecting your AirPods. Sometimes this tin hole insignificant issues and you won’t person to interest astir a afloat reset.

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Complete the reset

Step 1: Keep the lid of your AirPods lawsuit open. Locate the indicator airy to support an oculus connected it. This airy is usually connected the beforehand of the lawsuit for astir AirPod models, though the precise archetypal procreation has it connected the wrong of the case.

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Step 2: Now crook to the backmost of your AirPods and find the Setup button. This is simply a small, circular fastener beneath the lawsuit lid, marked by a faint outline.

Step 3: Press down and clasp the Setup fastener — you should beryllium capable to consciousness erstwhile it is pressed down. Keep holding the fastener down and ticker the indicator airy connected your charging case, which should commencement pulsing white. After astir 15 seconds, you should spot the airy flash amber, past alteration to white. When this happens, you tin fto spell of the setup button. Your AirPods person present been reset.

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Reconnect your AirPods

Now you tin retrieve your Apple instrumentality and bring it adjacent to your AirPods again truthful they tin connect. Keep the AirPods charging lawsuit lid open, and hold for your Apple instrumentality to initiate setup procedures erstwhile again (if your AirPods aren’t showing up, adjacent the lid and unfastened it again). Complete the setup and pairing, and you’re done! You’ll person to re-answer immoderate basics astir learning motion controls and Siri, arsenic good arsenic acceptable tests for AirPods Pro, etc.

What if you aren’t utilizing an Apple device?

If you are connected thing similar an Android level instead, the steps are the same. However, alternatively of automatically mounting up your AirPods astatine the end, you volition person to spell to the Bluetooth conception of your Android instrumentality and manually hunt for, past reconnect, your AirPods.

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Got AirPods Max instead?

Charge your AirPods Max for a minute, past find the Digital Crown and the noise-control buttons, some connected the aforesaid broadside of 1 earcup. At the bottommost of this earcup, you volition find the presumption light. Press down and clasp some the Digital Crown and Noise control buttons for astir 15 seconds, until the airy flashes amber and past achromatic again.

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