How to search in Google Sheets

How to search in Google Sheets

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Zak Islam

By April 8, 2022 6:26AM

If you’re moving connected spreadsheets via Google Sheets wherever you’re uncovering it hard to find words, numbers, oregon formulas, past there’s an casual solution to find what you’re looking for. Let’s instrumentality a look astatine however to hunt successful Google Sheets.

Using the Find and Replace tool

Step 1: Open your Google Sheets spreadsheet and past prime the Edit tab adjacent to File.

Step 2: Click the Find and replace field.

The Find and regenerate  tract  successful  Google Sheets utilized  for searching.

Step 3: Within the Find box, participate the fig oregon connection you privation to hunt for.

The Find container  successful  Google Sheets utilized  for entering a hunt  term.

Step 4: Within the Search drop-down box, you tin initiate the hunt to beryllium applied to each your sheets wrong that record via All sheets. You tin besides hunt wrong This sheet oregon a Specific range.

The antithetic  Search options successful  Google Sheets.

Step 5: Once you’ve selected an enactment from that drop-down menu, click the Find button.

Google volition show the connection oregon fig you searched for by applying a bluish borderline astir the compartment it’s inserted in.

The Find fastener  successful  Google Sheets and however  Google displays that search.

How to hunt for formulas

If you’re searching for a look alternatively of a connection oregon number, Google provides an enactment to bash so.

Step 1: Click Edit and past prime Find and Replace.

Step 2: Tick the Also hunt wrong formulas box.

The Also hunt  wrong   formulas container  successful  Google Sheets.

Step 3: In the Find box, participate the look you privation to hunt for. You tin hunt for the full look oregon you tin hunt for a definite look by lone typing the archetypal portion of that formula. For example, I included the effect for =sum successful the representation below. Click the Find button.

Searching for a look   successful  Google Sheets.

What is the shortcut for hunt successful Google Sheets?

Step 1: When you person your spreadsheet open, usage the CTRL fastener and F keyboard operation to unfastened a hunt box.

The shortcut to hunt  successful  Google Sheets.

Step 2: If you privation to unfastened Find and replace instead, usage the CTRL + Shift + H keyboard operation connected Windows oregon Command (cmd) + Shift + H connected a Mac.

The shortcut to unfastened  the Find and regenerate  model   successful  Google Sheets.

For much connected Google Sheets, caput implicit to our usher connected how to marque a graph oregon chart, arsenic good our tutorial connected how to fastener cells successful Google Sheets.

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