How to silence Google Assistant responses on your Android phone

How to silence Google Assistant responses on your Android phone

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You’re sitting successful your bureau and determine to find retired erstwhile your adjacent assignment is. You prime up your telephone and murmur quietly, “OK Google, when’s my adjacent appointment?” And then, large capable to beryllium heard implicit the full room, your Google Assistant announces, “Next up, you person an assignment with your urologist connected September 3rd astatine 9AM.”

You don’t person to fell nether your table anymore. Google has present made it imaginable to soundlessness each Google Assistant dependable output and lone amusement the answers to your questions connected your phone. Here’s however to acceptable it up.

First, you request to get to your Google Assistant settings. You tin bash it 1 of 2 ways:

  • Use your dependable by long-pressing connected your powerfulness fastener oregon saying “Hey, Google” oregon “OK Google” and accidental “Open Assistant.” Or...
  • Go to Settings > Apps > Assistant > See each Assistant Settings

Once you’re successful your Assistant Settings page:

  • Scroll down to Assistant dependable & sounds, look for Speech output and prime Phone
  • Here you tin take however overmuch talking your Assistant volition do. Select None (unless hands-free)

  • Go to the Google Assistant managing page.
  • Select “Assistant dependable & sounds.”
  • Select “Phone” astatine the bottommost of the page.
  • Select “None” and you’ll soundlessness your Assistant (unless you’re successful hands-free mode).

And you’re done! From present on, you tin either benignant successful oregon talk your requests to Google Assistant, and it volition silently connection you immoderate assistance it tin provide.

Update March 15th, 2022, 11:40AM ET: This nonfiction was primitively published connected August 27th, 2019, and has been updated to relationship for changes successful Android.