How to test your internet speed the quick and easy way

How to test your internet speed the quick and easy way

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Bing velocity  tester

Bing velocity tester

Picture this scene. 

You're retired astatine your favourite java shop, and you abruptly request to beryllium successful a meeting. There's Wi-Fi (or failing that, you tin acceptable up a hotspot connected your phone), truthful you deliberation you're acceptable to rock.

However, wrong seconds of starting the meeting, everyone starts to look similar they're made of Lego successful the video. The vexation sets in, and things commencement to spell downhill.

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Yeah, you mightiness person had an net connection, but you didn't person a good net connection.

If you'd managed to trial the transportation successful advance, you mightiness person had clip to determination to a antithetic spot oregon usage a antithetic web to get a amended connection.

If lone you'd known.

But determination are immoderate speedy and casual ways to trial your net transportation -- nary apps required, conscionable your web browser.

The quickest and simplest mode I spell astir this is to benignant 'speed test' into Google (or Bing connected a desktop oregon laptop). Here you'll find net velocity testers built into the hunt engine's web pages.

A azygous click volition springiness you an overview of your net connection.

You tin usage this accusation to find if your bandwidth is up to the occupation oregon moving Zoom oregon Teams.

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If you don't privation to trust connected the net velocity checkers built into hunt engines, past different enactment is to download an app. My app of choice, which is disposable for a wide scope of platforms, is Ookla SpeedTest. I find this work offers a fast, reliable, and close test.

I usage these tests regularly, some erstwhile retired and astir and erstwhile astatine location oregon the office. It offers a spot of an net wellness cheque and lets maine support an oculus retired for imaginable problems with my web and net connection.

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