How to trade in Temtem

How to trade in Temtem

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Temtem is 1 of the much ambitious Pokemon-like games to travel out, particularly since it comes from a overmuch smaller team. While it does person the extremity of bringing the conception of a monster collecting and battling crippled into much modern times with things similar afloat online, MMO-style gameplay, it does support galore of the mechanics that we each loved astir its inspiration. That includes basics similar catching caller Temtem, evolving them, battling, and besides trading.

Trading successful Temtem has galore uses, arsenic good arsenic immoderate hidden restrictions and secrets tied to it. Just similar successful a existent Pokemon game, trading is fundamentally required to implicit your postulation without spending dozens of hours searching for that 1 critter you're missing. It's rather casual and intuitive erstwhile you cognize however it works, but it's a small obscure to entree astatine first. Here's a afloat walkthrough connected however to commercialized successful Temtem.

A temtem roaring connected  a grid.

How to trade

Trading is done via proximity successful Temtem. You don't person to beryllium straight adjacent to idiosyncratic to trade, but you request to astatine slightest beryllium successful the aforesaid zone. Once you're loaded into an country and are acceptable to find a trading partner, here's what to do.

Step 1: Open your Menu.

Step 2: Select the icon of Two people to grow your menu.

Step 3: Select Interact.

Step 4: A database of each adjacent Tamers volition appear. Also, if you person friends, you tin straight prime them.

Step 5: Select the Tamer you privation to commercialized with, past take Trade connected the close side.

Step 6: Wait for the different Tamer to accept.

Step 7: Add immoderate Temtem, items, oregon Pansuns onto your broadside of the commercialized offer, and hold for your spouse to bash the same.

Step 8: Once you and your spouse hold to the trade, prime Ready.

Two tamers holding temtem cards.

Other trading details

As elemental arsenic trading is, Temtem doesn't fto you usage it to exploit the game. Every Tamer has a hidden level headdress that prevents them from utilizing a Temtem of a higher level that you get done trades, truthful you can't person a person springiness you a max level Temtem connected your archetypal day. You tin inactive bash the commercialized but volition person to hold until you level up capable to usage that Temtem.

There is 1 Temtem that tin germinate by being traded. This is Azuroc, which evolves into the last signifier Zenoreth aft being traded.

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