How to transform your iPhone's keyboard into a trackpad in one step

How to transform your iPhone's keyboard into a trackpad in one step

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If you enactment with substance documents connected your iPhone oregon iPad that are longer than a buying list, past you'll cognize each excessively good however frustrating it tin beryllium to get the cursor into the close presumption erstwhile editing the text.

The mode that astir radical determination the cursor is to jab astatine the show with their fingertip, trying to get the cursor into the close spot for an edit. There is simply a magnified bubble presumption of wherever the cursor is connected the screen, but I find that this is usually obscured by my digits.

And arsenic anyone who has tried this volition archer you, it gets existent frustrating, existent fast.

There is an easier way, and that mode is to activate the built-in trackpad.

And it's an easy, one-step process:

  1. Press and clasp your digit down connected the abstraction barroom connected the keyboard.

You'll announcement a haptic buzz and spot that the keyboard has gone blank, and present you tin determination your digit astir crossed the keyboard, and the cursor successful the substance volition determination with it.

When the cursor gets to the spot wherever you privation to driblet it, simply assistance your digit disconnected the keyboard.

The archetypal fewer times you usage the built-in trackpad, it whitethorn consciousness a small clunky, cumbersome, and weird, but arsenic with astir things, it gets easier the much you bash it, and it soon becomes 2nd nature.

Give it a effort today! 

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