How to use Firefox's mobile Collections feature

How to use Firefox's mobile Collections feature

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The Firefox mobile browser is an outstanding alternate to Chrome. Not lone is it much secure, but it besides doesn't aggressively way you similar Google's browser. Firefox besides includes a fewer useful features, 1 of which is called Collections.

Collections is simply a mode to signifier websites specified that you tin harvester related sites into, you guessed it, a collection. With Collections, Firefox makes moving with tabs connected a mobile instrumentality marque sense. Instead of having to either enactment with a third-party hold oregon comb done an ever-growing postulation of random tabs, you simply pat the postulation you privation and past unfastened immoderate of the associated websites to presumption the content.

Firefox Collections makes sense, and if you're looking to get a grip connected your tabs successful a mobile setting, this mightiness beryllium conscionable the diagnostic you need.

Let's spot however to usage it.


The lone happening you'll request to marque this enactment is an updated mentation of Firefox installed connected your mobile device. You tin instal Firefox from the Google Play Store (Android) oregon Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad). That's it, let's make immoderate collections.

Creating your archetypal Collection

1. Access the Collection instauration button

When you archetypal unfastened Firefox, you should spot a conception called Collections with a fastener labeled Save tabs to postulation (Figure 1).

Figure 1

The Firefox first-run Collections button.

We haven't created immoderate collections yet, truthful Firefox is prompting america to bash so.

Image: Jack Wallen

2. Add tabs to the collection

If you pat that button, it'll unfastened your existent tab listing (Figure 2), wherever you tin prime to adhd immoderate 1 of the unfastened tabs to the caller collection.

Figure 2

Adding tabs to a Collection successful  Firefox.

Five tabs are unfastened and acceptable to beryllium added to a collection.

Image: Jack Wallen

Select the tabs you privation to adhd to the collection, past pat the record furniture icon (to the near of the stock icon). You'll past beryllium prompted to springiness the caller Collection a sanction (Figure 3).

Figure 3

The Collections naming window.

Naming our caller collection.

Image: Jack Wallen

After naming the caller Collection, pat OK to prevention it. That caller Collection volition look connected the Firefox location surface (Figure 4).

Figure 4

A caller   Collection amusement   successful  Firefox.

Our caller Collection is acceptable to use.

Image: Jack Wallen

If you grow the caller Collection, you'll spot each of the tabs that person been added (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Tabs added to a Firefox Collection.

All of the tabs I added to the caller Collection are a pat distant from opening.

Image: Jack Wallen

Creating different Collection

Our archetypal Collection was elemental to create, arsenic Firefox held our manus done the process. Creating different caller postulation isn't rather truthful intuitive. To bash so, unfastened a caller tract successful Firefox and past pat the paper fastener astatine the bottommost close country of the window. From the popup paper (Figure 6), pat Save to collection.

Figure 6

The Firefox paper   popup.

The Firefox popup paper is wherever you make a caller Collection.

Image: Jack Wallen

In the resulting model (Figure 7), pat Add caller collection.

Figure 7

The Add caller   postulation  fastener  successful  Firefox.

Adding a 2nd Collection to Firefox.

Image: Jack Wallen

Give the caller Collection a sanction and the tab and Collection volition beryllium saved. 

You tin make arsenic galore collections arsenic you request to successful Firefox to marque managing your tabs considerably easier. For anyone who often uses a mobile browser, this diagnostic could marque the quality betwixt enactment and chaos.