How to use your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as a secondary screen

How to use your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as a secondary screen

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 bid is the champion that Android has to connection successful the tablet segment. From a stunning show and top-tier processor to a sleek physique and fantabulous stylus tricks, the flagship Samsung tablets battalion a large punch for their asking price.

To trial its mettle, we replaced the Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 successful favour of the Galaxy Tab S8 for a fewer weeks arsenic a superior enactment instrumentality and came retired thoroughly impressed by it. One of the astir utile features that the tablet has to connection is the quality to usage it arsenic a secondary screen. In doing so, you get a ace slim, light, high-resolution, portable surface that offers a large viewing experience. While the quality to bash truthful is rather convenient successful itself, the champion portion is that it doesn’t necessitate immoderate wired connectivity hassles.

Hardware compatibility

All you request is to guarantee that the tablet and your WiFi-compatible PC are latched connected to the aforesaid Wi-Fi network, and you’re bully to go. We tested the Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S7 FE arsenic a secondary show connected to an Asus ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop and a Microsoft Surface Go, and it worked without a hitch.

The lone 2 prerequisites are that some the devices should beryllium compatible with Wi-Fi Direct connectivity and indispensable beryllium moving a compatible operating strategy — Windows 10 oregon Windows 11 connected the PC, and One UI 3.1 oregon a aboriginal physique connected your Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet. With strategy prerequisites ouf of the way, present are the steps that you request to follow:

Get your Galaxy Tab S8 ready

In bid to usage the Galaxy Tab S8 arsenic a secondary screen, guarantee that it is moving One UI 3.1 oregon a aboriginal physique and is presently not moving DeX mode paired to different screen. If you person an older Samsung Galaxy S tablet, it tin besides enactment arsenic a secondary surface arsenic agelong it fulfills the bundle criteria. Here's however you get going:

Step 1: On your Galaxy Tab S8, swipe down from the apical borderline to presumption the Quick settings dashboard.

Step 2: Swipe near connected the Quick settings sheet to unfastened its 2nd page, and pat connected the icon that says Second screen.

Second surface  toggle connected  Galaxy Tab S8

Step 3: Tapping connected the icon opens the dedicated Second screen page. Here, you volition spot 2 options — Drawing/gaming mode for tasks that necessitate a faster effect and Video mode for contented consumption.

Second Screen leafage   connected  Galaxy Tab  S8

Step 4: Select the mode based connected your workflow oregon secondary surface requirement. Stay connected this leafage and determination your PC.

Prepare your Windows PC

The quality to acceptable up a Samsung Galaxy S tablet arsenic a secondary surface works crossed machines moving Windows 10 and Windows 11. There are nary minimum strategy requirements here, which means it volition tally conscionable good paired to a PC, irrespective of whether it has a lowly Celeron oregon a high-end Intel Core oregon AMD Ryzen chip. Here are the steps you request to follow:

Step 1: Hit the Windows + K shortcut connected your PC to unfastened the wireless show dashboard that appears connected the close broadside of the screen.

Step 2: On this dashboard, you volition spot the sanction of your Samsung tablet. Click connected it to initiate the pairing process.

Pairing PC with Galaxy Tab S8

Step 3: Once the 2 devices person been paired, you volition spot a dialog container that asks if you privation to alteration keyboard and rodent input crossed some screens. Click connected the checkbox to determination the cursor and let keyboard input crossed your PC and tablet.

Step 4: You tin further refine aspects similar resolution, refresh rate, and contented scaling to your liking by going to the show settings conception connected your PC by pursuing this path: Settings > System > Display.

Galaxy Tab S8 secondary surface  preferences

Step 5: You tin take to either reflector your PC’s surface connected the Galaxy Tab S8 oregon usage it arsenic a secondary desktop show for much surface existent estate.

Step 6: You volition spot a tiny toolbar atop each show erstwhile the Secondary Screen diagnostic is enabled. Tap connected the Pin icon to marque it spell away, and hover the cursor successful that country to bring it back.

Step 7: Once you’re done and nary longer request a 2nd screen, click connected the Disconnect fastener successful the toolbar that appears astatine the apical of the screen. Alternatively, you tin straight bring up the wireless show dashboard utilizing the Windows + K shortcut and extremity the pairing betwixt the tablet and your PC.

When you acceptable the Galaxy Tab S8 arsenic a secondary surface for the archetypal time, the cursor question mightiness beryllium a tad haphazard and origin the acquisition to beryllium janky. If you program to usage the Tab S8 for gaming, expect immoderate input lag, irrespective of the DPI settings of your gaming mouse. Things volition amended if you set the scaling and acceptable the surface refresh to the aforesaid worth crossed some screens.

All your cross-screen shortcuts, specified arsenic Alt + Tab, enactment conscionable fine. You tin besides play with Windows 11’s updated desktop tools. During our testing, when the tablet was not being pushed arsenic a superior computing machine, the Galaxy Tab S8 was stationed arsenic a secondary surface to support an oculus connected Teams chat and Discord groups, successful summation to the occasional video watching connected the tablet’s punchy screen. In those instances, the Tab S8 turns retired to beryllium a beauteous unthinkable secondary screen.

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