How to View Links You’ve Clicked on Instagram

How to View Links You’ve Clicked on Instagram

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We often click connected links portion browsing connected Instagram. Be it a targeted advertisement oregon a nexus from someone’s profile, story, oregon post. Sometimes we request those links again, but arsenic the links unfastened successful apps inbuilt web viewer, it won’t look successful your browser history.

Luckily with Instagram, you tin easy get those links back. Unlike Facebook oregon Twitter, Instagram is not that link-friendly. But they bash support way of each the links you’ve clicked connected the app.

Moreover, you besides tin fell a circumstantial nexus oregon everyone astatine once. If you are besides successful request of immoderate links you’ve clicked before. Follow this nonfiction to cognize precisely however you tin find them.

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Steps to View Links You’ve Clicked connected Instagram

  1. Start by opening the Instagram app connected your Android oregon iOS device. Now, determination to your illustration leafage by tapping connected your illustration icon astatine the bottommost close corner.
Instagram App Pointing To Profile Option
  1. In the illustration section, pat connected the 3 lines paper icon astatine the apical close corner.
Instagram App More Option In Profile
  1. From the sidebar, pat connected the Your Activity option.
Instagram App - Pointing To Your Activity
  1. On the adjacent page, a implicit database of each the links that you’ve clicked volition appear. It volition amusement you each web page’s thumbnail, time, title, and link. If you privation to revisit immoderate link, conscionable pat connected it, and the leafage volition unfastened successful Instagram’s inbuilt browser. 
Instagram App - Your Activity - Links
  1. For hiding immoderate link, you conscionable person to long-press the nexus and select Hide from the pop-up that volition appear. Remember this volition lone fell the nexus from the Your Activity section.
Instagram App - Hide Link
  1. You tin besides region each the links from the list. For that, conscionable pat connected the Hide History option astatine the top. Make definite to recheck if you request immoderate links for aboriginal oregon not, arsenic this volition wide the full list. As mentioned above, this volition besides fell the links from the Your Activity section only; Instagram volition inactive person your information for their interior purpose.
  2. This won’t halt immoderate web pages that you whitethorn sojourn successful the aboriginal from showing up successful this section. So, erstwhile you commencement clicking caller links, they volition again commencement appearing connected the Your Activity page. 

So, this is however you tin presumption the database of each the links you’ve clicked connected Instagram. It’s that simple, present unfastened the Instagram app and commencement uncovering the mislaid pages again.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Open Links from Instagram connected a Different Browser?

When the leafage opens successful Instagram’s autochthonal browser, you conscionable person to pat connected the 3 dots astatine the apical close corner. From that menu, pat on open successful a browser. Just prime the browser from the disposable option, and it volition unfastened there.

Is There Any Way to Recover Links that you person Hidden?

When you fell a link, it gets removed from the Your Activity section only. As the links are inactive connected the Instagram server, you tin get them by downloading a transcript of your Instagram information done the Account Access tool

How to Prevent the Links from Saving Up connected the Your Activity Page?

There is nary mode to bash that. If you privation to region immoderate link, you indispensable region it manually by pursuing the method. 

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