How to wipe your Android phone before selling or trading it in

How to wipe your Android phone before selling or trading it in

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About to bargain the latest Samsung phone oregon are you more of a Pixel person? Whether you program to commercialized successful your aged Android telephone for a discount connected your caller phone, merchantability it connected eBay, springiness it distant to a friend, oregon driblet it disconnected for recycling, you’re going to privation to hitch it of each your information archetypal by resetting it to mill conditions. Luckily, that’s beauteous casual to do.

Before you start, beryllium alert that these instructions were tested connected a Pixel 3 moving Android 12, but the process for astir existent Android phones should beryllium beauteous overmuch the same. Needless to say, archetypal marque definite that each of your information is transferred to your caller phone, backed up, oregon both. Once your aged telephone has reset, there’s nary going back.

  • Reset options springiness you 4 choices.
  • You’ll beryllium reminded of that you’re wiping each your data, and removing your accounts from the phone.
  • Are you definite this is what you privation to do? Absolutely sure?
  • Go to Settings
  • Select System > Reset options
  • You volition beryllium presented with 4 choices. Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth is sometimes utile if you’re having occupation with connectivity. Reset app preferences volition reconstruct each of your app and notification defaults, among different things. Erase downloaded SIMs volition assistance you delete immoderate integer SIMs you nary longer need. However, nary of these volition delete the information connected your phone. That’s the occupation of the past choice, Erase each information (factory reset), and that’s the 1 you’re going to select.
  • The adjacent surface volition archer you what is going to beryllium erased, and which accounts you’re signed into. Select Erase each data.
  • If you person a PIN oregon immoderate different information setup, you’ll beryllium asked to participate it
  • You’ll get different surface asking if you’re definite this is what you privation to do. Are you sure? Then deed the Erase each data button.

That’s it! The process usually takes lone 2 oregon 3 minutes. Your telephone volition reboot and statesman with the accustomed opening questions, specified arsenic language, account, network, etc. Once you spot those, you’ll cognize that it’s worked.

There are a fewer things to beryllium alert of. First, if you’ve got a Samsung phone, you whitethorn beryllium asked for your Samsung relationship password earlier you tin reset (provided you’ve created 1 and added it to the phone).

If you’ve got an Android telephone that is utilizing an earlier mentation of the OS (say, earlier mentation 8), the reset may, aft it reboots, inquire for your login. This could beryllium awkward if you’ve already sent the telephone to idiosyncratic else. As a result, if you’ve got an older phone, it’s a bully thought to crook disconnected your surface fastener (by going to Security > Screen lock and selecting None) and deleting your Google relationship (which you’ll find astatine Settings > Account > Google) earlier you commencement the reset. (In fact, that whitethorn beryllium a bully thought successful immoderate case.)

There is grounds that immoderate information whitethorn stay connected a telephone even aft it’s been reset. To beryllium other careful, you tin encrypt the telephone earlier resetting it:

  • Go to Settings > Security > Encryption & credentials and prime Encrypt phone
  • Go backmost to your settings and commencement the reset process

Of course, if you privation to beryllium really sure, and you don’t mean to springiness the telephone to anyone, you could ever drawback a hammer.

Update September 3rd, 2020, 10:50AM ET: This nonfiction was primitively published connected May 22nd, 2019, and has been updated to notation much caller phones and to update a paper selection.

Update March 24th, 2022, 11:40AM ET: Updated to notation much caller phones and update instructions for Android 12.

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