Huawei P50 Pro: Living without Google Services is … different

Huawei P50 Pro: Living without Google Services is … different

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When the Huawei P50 Pro showed up successful my mailbox, my excitement had nary boundaries. I was truly looking guardant to the device. The past Huawei telephone I utilized was the P30 Pro, and it gave maine the champion artillery beingness and camera acquisition of immoderate smartphone astatine that time. But things person changed aft the sanctions, and these changes person forced Huawei to accommodate to the limitations.

I knew I’d conflict to usage the P50 Pro arsenic I trust heavy connected Google apps and services, but I didn’t expect it to beryllium challenging. Setting up the instrumentality was arsenic casual arsenic it gets, but what came afterward was a conflict I didn’t want. The result? I didn’t insert my SIM successful the smartphone and enactment it successful the drawer wrong 2 days of unboxing. I didn’t expect to, but I ended up giving it different chance. Here’s however my acquisition has been with the latest Huawei flagship.

AppGallery conscionable doesn’t chopped it for me

Huawei P50 Pro connected to MateBook E.Andy Boxall/DigitalTrends

Huawei has faced a batch of challenges since it got sanctioned. While I thought it’d beryllium a conflict of survival, the institution has done good with AppGallery by talking developers into gathering apps for the Huawei ecosystem. The app organisation work has been improving time by day, but AppGallery isn’t capable for me.

First, I unrecorded successful a portion (India) that isn’t connected the precedence database for Huawei. The company’s marketplace stock is astir nil successful the Indian smartphone segment. The past flagship it launched present was the aforementioned Huawei P30 Pro. As a result, the apps Indians usage successful day-to-day beingness aren’t contiguous connected AppGallery, particularly the banking apps. It mightiness beryllium a antithetic script for European users with the Curve outgo provider, which lets you nexus your existing cards. But I mostly usage UPI for transactions, which isn’t imaginable connected the P50 Pro.

I’d person fixed a walk if this were a determination thing, but galore mainstream apps are yet to beryllium made disposable via AppGallery. For instance, Twitter and Instagram are 2 of the most-used societal media apps successful the world, and some aren’t disposable connected AppGallery, Sure, you tin hunt for the apps connected Petal Search and it’ll find Instagram for you, but the app won’t tally due to the fact that it requires Google Play Services.

Held unneurotic with duct tape

AppGallery has a agelong mode to spell to marque Huawei flagships large again. It is connected the close track, and I anticipation the institution tin find a mode to get the astir fashionable app developers connected board. As of now, you are apt to miss retired connected your favourite apps if you don’t find a mode to sideload them. And erstwhile you instal them, updating the apps is simply a tedious task.

While Huawei is progressing astatine a dependable complaint to mitigate the app problem, it has a agelong mode to go. The deficiency of Google Mobile Services (GMS) remains a large issue. Because of the deficiency of GMS, immoderate apps’ notification systems are broken. It is apt due to the fact that these apps — Slack is simply a bully illustration — usage Google’s Firebase system, truthful the notifications don’t amusement up connected the Huawei P50 Pro.

Quick apps are a astute solution

Quick apps are fundamentally web-based formats of apps that are installation-free and tin beryllium added to the location screen. A speedy app tin beryllium distributed to each mobile phones that enactment manufacture standards without adaptation, truthful Huawei is capable to marque usage of it without the availability of GMS. These tin besides enactment arsenic a abstraction saver if you don’t person a batch of retention near connected your smartphone.

Quick apps aren’t arsenic creaseless arsenic the existent APKs.

I’m moving Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, and Uber with Quick apps. It’s a astute mode to adhd these apps to your location surface arsenic a variant of the existent Android apps you’d usage connected your Google oregon Samsung smartphones.

However, speedy apps aren’t arsenic creaseless arsenic the existent APKs. Instagram views stories horizontally for immoderate reason. Gmail looks similar I person opened it connected Chrome connected an Android phone. That is what it is expected to look like, but I’m giving you discourse arsenic to what you tin expect from a speedy app — constricted functionality.

Huawei’s concern is untenable

Huawei P50 Pro backmost  sheet  successful  hands.

The Huawei P50 Pro doesn’t person 5G support, and it runs connected a year-old strategy connected a chip. While it’s powered by the older Snapdragon 888 4G chipset, it is simply a snappy instrumentality to usage successful day-to-day life. However, the lack of 5G is apt to beryllium a deal-breaker for you if you privation your telephone to past for the adjacent 2 to 3 years.

The cameras are the champion portion of the Huawei P50 Pro. It has 1 of the champion representation modes disposable connected a smartphone close now. Plus, the telephoto lens competes head-to-head with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, the nighttime mode tin brighten images to a level that they don’t look similar they were captured nether lowlight. I’d decidedly support the P50 Pro arsenic my secondary instrumentality conscionable for the cameras. But it simply cannot beryllium a superior device, and it definitely can’t beryllium my lone device!

It’s not Huawei, it’s the concern Huawei is successful that’s not moving for consumers similar me.

I’d person said if you tin look past Google Services, you’ll get top-notch cameras and a almighty smartphone. But you simply can’t look past that since it’s not conscionable the Google apps that usage its services. As I mentioned above, notifications misbehave from respective apps. Even if you are capable to instal apps similar Google Maps oregon Instagram, they won’t enactment arsenic they necessitate Google Play Services to function.

There are conscionable excessively galore compromises connected the P50 Pro for a flagship. Unless it gets a terms chopped oregon you tin get it for a cheaper terms tag, it is hard to urge the P50 Pro. Put simply, Huawei needs a amended solution, and it needs it fast.

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