'I can say this': Moon Knight producer clears up George Clooney director rumor

'I can say this': Moon Knight producer clears up George Clooney director rumor

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Moon Knight stands unsocial  aft  beating up   immoderate   enemies successful  his Marvel TV show
George Clooney reportedly directed an occurrence of Marvel's Moon Knight. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight enforcement shaper Grant Curtis has revealed that George Clooney wasn't progressive successful the Marvel TV show's production.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar, Curtis suggested that the fashionable actor-turned-director had not been drafted successful to helm 1 of Moon Knight's episodes.

Curtis was responding to aggravated speculation, which appeared online successful precocious 2021, that Clooney secretly directed an occurrence for the upcoming Disney Plus show. In October, The Ronin reported connected Clooney's imaginable involvement, with the rumor supposedly stemming from his clip moving with Oscar Isaac connected 2017's Suburbicon. For those who whitethorn not know, Isaac is the pb prima successful Marvel Studios' Moon Knight.

Two months later, The Cosmic Circus added substance to the fire, suggesting that Clooney was moving alongside 1 of his Catch-22 adjunct creation directors connected Moon Knight. The Cosmic Circus aboriginal clarified that the accusation it had received whitethorn person been incorrect.

Despite The Cosmic Circus' retraction, speculation surrounding Clooney's imaginable engagement successful Moon Knight generated plenty of involvement online, with many Reddit and Twitter users commenting connected the rumor.

Marc Spector plays with a Rubik's Cube successful  Marvel Studios' Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac was rumored to beryllium teaming up with George Clooney connected Moon Knight. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

With truthful overmuch quality generated from a azygous portion of gossip, TechRadar went to the root and asked Curtis straight astir Clooney supposedly directing an occurrence of the Marvel Phase 4 project. Suffice to say, Curtis was unequivocal successful his response.

"I don't cognize wherever that rumour started," Curtis said. "But I tin archer you this: the directors of our amusement are Mohammed Diab, and Aaron Moorhead and Julian Benson."

Diab (Clash), alongside Moorhead and Benson (Synchronic, Archive 81), were already confirmed to person directed aggregate Moon Knight episodes. Moorhead and Benson, who are besides reportedly acceptable to nonstop Loki play 2, were brought connected for 2 episodes. Meanwhile, Diab was expected to helm the different 4 until Clooney was rumored to beryllium progressive successful the MCU project.

However, Curtis' comments look to person enactment an extremity to suggestions that Clooney has directed an instalment of the Isaac-starring TV series. Sure, immoderate fans whitethorn reason that Curtis has somewhat sidestepped the question – aft all, helium lone confirms that Diab, positive Moorhead and Benson, directed immoderate of Moon Knight's six episodes. So immoderate readers whitethorn suggest that Curtis hasn't actually denied Clooney's involvement.

But we person much grounds that Clooney isn't progressive successful immoderate capacity. Ahead of Moon Knight's virtual junket, TechRadar received a property notes papers that confirmed which episodes Diab, and Moorhead and Benson, had helmed. The second duo person directed episodes 2 and 4, with Diab helming the different four. 

We tin besides corroborate that, astatine the precise least, Diab, positive Moorhead and Benson, person directed the archetypal 4 episodes. TechRadar has had the privilege of seeing 4 Moon Knight instalments, truthful beryllium definite to cheque backmost with america soon for our spoiler-free review. For now, you tin spot what critics' aboriginal impressions of Moon Knight are.

If you've already work that article, find retired wherefore Isaac's co-star Ethan Hawke thinks that Marvel's latest TV amusement could spawn a mini MCU franchise. If it does, we could spot Moon Knight squad up with immoderate different MCU superheroes, which would let him to articulation our 'how to ticker the Marvel movies successful order' guide.

We'll person much Moon Knight sum winging its mode to you up of the show's March 30 launch, truthful cheque backmost successful with TechRadar soon.

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