I tried the pixel-flavored Coke, and it Bytes

I tried the pixel-flavored Coke, and it Bytes

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Coke recently announced that it was making a limited-edition soda, called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. The flavor, according to the company, was “born successful the metaverse” and “inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted successful the experiences that gaming makes possible.” It’s hard to ideate amended bait for The Verge, truthful I asked Coke if it could nonstop maine a can. And it delivered.

The tin for Coke Byte (as I’ll beryllium calling it for brevity’s sake) is simply a amusive purple color, and has a benignant of retro-game aesthetic — it says “recycle maine to play again” connected the side, and it is adorned with cubes meant to correspond pixels. I stuck it successful the fridge until my woman Becky got home, and we cracked it unfastened to yet observe what pixels sensation like.

Image showing the Coke Byte tin  successful  its box. Check retired that retro aesthetic.

Honestly, we’re inactive not rather sure.

We some had the aforesaid absorption upon the archetypal sip: “Ew. Bad. No.” Becky said it made her rima spell numb. While that didn’t hap to me, the sensation was truthful off-putting that neither of america wanted to support drinking it. Of course, my marque is enduring discomfort for The Content, truthful I drank a bully 75 percent of the tin earlier I yet gave up and dumped the remainder down the drain.

Out of the can, it conscionable looks similar Coke. Reader, it is not.

It is... hard to picture the taste. To start, the soda is sickly sweet, adjacent to idiosyncratic who doesn’t caput the occasional solid of regular Coke oregon Sprite. It’s not conscionable sweet, though — there’s a flavor there, but it’s not thing I tin picture utilizing immoderate of the nutrient words I know. It’s not bright, but it’s surely not bitter.

There’s thing vaguely fruity astir Coke Byte. Not successful the lemon-lime Gatorade way, wherever it astatine slightest evokes the sensation of thing natural, but much similar however Axe Anarchy has a “dark pomegranate” scent, oregon however the reddish NyQuil is technically berry flavored. Both Becky and I commented connected however we were reminded of cough syrup.

What Coke Byte doesn’t sensation at all similar is Coke. I bought a vessel of archetypal Coca-Cola, arsenic good arsenic immoderate plain Coke Zero Sugar to effort alongside Byte, and some of the much accepted drinks had the aforesaid somewhat tangy cola sensation that the pixel-flavored mentation lacks. Byte did person the somewhat poison-y aspartame aftertaste arsenic the regular Coke Zero Sugar (which Becky says she doesn’t truly announcement oregon mind), but it was mostly drowned retired by immoderate the different spirit is. Carbonation-wise, the 3 sodas had astir the aforesaid magnitude of fizz.

Spot the unusual 1 out.

Throughout our sensation test, Becky swore it reminded her of something, but couldn’t enactment her digit connected it. That wasn’t the lawsuit with maine — I don’t deliberation I’ve ever tasted thing rather similar Byte. But a fewer hours later, a thought occurred to me: possibly Coke was trying to spell for an vigor portion vibe. The lone benignant of vigor portion I’ve had is coffee, truthful I asked Becky if it reminded her of Red Bull oregon Monster.

 “Is it imaginable  the coke is trying to sensation  similar  Red Bull oregon  Monster?” “I deliberation  it’s Red Bull OMG.” “Sigh” “That’s wherefore  it smells similar  medicine. It’s Red Bull mixed with coke. How gross.” “I was going to accidental    this means I’ll person  to effort   Red Bull too. But really  I’m not going to bash  that.” My dedication lone goes truthful far.


I don’t deliberation that spirit illustration is what I would’ve gone with if idiosyncratic had asked maine to marque thing sensation similar pixels. I’d astir apt effort to evoke the staticky, faintly metallic acquisition of licking a CRT monitor. (Apologies to my ma for what I was similar arsenic a kid.) But I can't blasted Coke for going the way it did. There’s the stereotype of the the vigor drink-downing gamer, and the company’s intelligibly going for gaming assemblage with Coke Byte, describing the sensation arsenic “reminiscent of powering up a game.”

I cognize I’ve been precise antagonistic astir this soda, but that doesn’t mean it’s categorically bad. Obviously, sensation is highly subjective; portion Becky and I didn’t similar it, Katie Teague over astatine CNET tasted it and seemed to deliberation it was fine.

If you’re into vigor drinks and privation to effort thing new, Coke volition beryllium selling an “extremely limited” Byte for a constricted clip (though if you’re looking for a jolt, beryllium warned that it lone has a specified 34 mg of caffeine — a emblematic Red Bull is importantly smaller and has astir 80 mg). The institution says radical successful the US volition beryllium capable to bargain a two-pack of the 12-fluid-ounce cans starting May 2nd, exclusively connected the Coca-Cola Creations online store. It’ll outgo astir $15 positive shipping, according to CNN.