Iconic Atari 2600 console gets the Lego treatment for company’s 50th anniversary

Iconic Atari 2600 console gets the Lego treatment for company’s 50th anniversary

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The Atari 2600 is getting the Lego treatment. The Danish artifact company’s latest exemplary is based connected the 1980 revision of the iconic console alternatively than its 1977 debut and consists of a meaty 2,532 pieces (which seems similar a missed accidental to connection 2,600 pieces, but I digress). It’ll beryllium disposable connected August 1st for $239.99 and coincides with the Atari’s 50th anniversary.

The motorboat of the acceptable comes a small implicit 2 years aft Lego made a likewise loving recreation of Nintendo’s classical NES console. But portion the Lego Nintendo console included some a buildable console itself arsenic good arsenic an accompanying CRT TV, the Atari exemplary is much self-contained; there’s the console itself arsenic good arsenic a controller with a movable joystick. Fantastically, the console does besides unfastened up to uncover a diorama of a 1980s surviving room.

And yes, the Lego cartridges acceptable successful the Lego console.

The acceptable besides includes a trio of crippled cartridges based connected the classical games Asteroids, Adventure, and Centipede, which tin beryllium slotted into the Lego console itself. Finally, 3 outer dioramas amusement disconnected blocky recreations of the games. The beingness of the acceptable was antecedently reported by German Lego instrumentality tract Promobricks.

“The Atari 2600 was 1 of the astir memorable gifts I got arsenic a kid,” Lego decorator Chris McVeigh said successful a property statement. “This is wherefore it has been specified an unthinkable acquisition to bring 2 icons together, Atari and Lego, successful this awesome set. We anticipation that gathering this classical console takes you backmost to those halcyon days erstwhile a fistful of pixels meant a satellite of adventure.”

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