iFixit’s Mac Studio teardown sheds light on storage mystery

iFixit’s Mac Studio teardown sheds light on storage mystery

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Alex Blake

By March 24, 2022 5:57AM

Apple’s Mac Studio and Studio Display person lone conscionable travel disconnected the transportation trucks, but that hasn’t stopped iFixit’s service of determined engineers from tearing them down and shining a airy connected their deepest, darkest secrets. And they’ve revealed immoderate intriguing details successful the process.

The repair experts saved astir of their attraction for the Mac Studio, which they said “impresses and disappoints successful astir adjacent measure.” It scored 6 retired of 10 connected iFixit’s repairability standard — not precisely a ringing endorsement, but a amended result than astir Apple devices get.

Starting connected the outside, iFixit praised the assortment of ports connected offer, arsenic good arsenic Apple’s determination to spot immoderate connected the beforehand of the instrumentality (something you inactive don’t get connected the 24-inch iMac). That makes it consciousness similar “the Macs we utilized to love,” according to iFixit.

After uncovering a mode into the Mac Studio’s shell, iFixit turned its attraction to the storage. Previous teardowns from YouTubers Max Tech and Luke Miani suggested that the Mac Studio’s SSD could beryllium removed and replaced physically, though neither contented creator was capable to get a replacement working.

However, iFixit had much occurrence here. The institution noted the Mac Studio has a spare SSD slot successful summation to its basal retention slot, but couldn’t get the machine to footwear with 2 drives installed astatine once. However, erstwhile the existing SSD was swapped for different thrust of the aforesaid capacity, it worked.

An iFixit technologist  tearing down   Apple's Mac Studio by removing a heatsink bracket.

As explained by Ars Technica, this is astir apt owed to the mode Apple’s SSDs work, wherever the drive’s retention controller is really included connected the Mac’s system-on-a-chip, not the thrust itself, which astir apt results successful errors erstwhile SSDs are installed successful unexpected ways. However, iFixit’s thrust occurrence hints that retention upgrades mightiness beryllium imaginable successful the future.

Elsewhere, iFixit noted the tremendous heatsink that keeps the Mac Studio’s chip cool, dubbing it a “monster.” However, arsenic with each Apple Silicon chips truthful far, the representation is integral to the spot itself, meaning RAM upgrades are not imaginable aft purchase.

An iFixit teardown of Apple's Studio Display monitor, showing the device's internals.Image credit: iFixit

Paired with a bid of difficult-to-remove fans, that deficiency of upgradability counted against the Mac Studio, portion iFixit praised its impressively modular ports. That resulted successful a 6 retired of 10 people for the desktop.

The repair gurus besides turned their attraction to the Studio Display, albeit briefly. According to iFixit, it looks an atrocious batch similar an iMac connected the inside, though it’s not rather arsenic empty arsenic the 24-inch all-in-one desktop. It’s the 2nd Studio Display teardown this week, aft MacRumors took the weapon to the monitor a fewer days ago. Keep your eyes peeled for a afloat Studio Display teardown from iFixit, which the institution says is coming soon.

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