iFixit teardown offers a detailed look inside the Mac Studio and Studio Display

iFixit teardown offers a detailed look inside the Mac Studio and Studio Display

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iFixit has gotten its grubby mitts connected Apple’s caller Mac Studio machine and Studio Display, and has taken some apart to larn much astir them — including however easy they tin beryllium repaired oregon adjacent upgraded. The Mac Studio successful peculiar has generated immoderate controversy due to the fact that its SSDs don’t look to beryllium user-upgradable, contempt being reasonably casual to entree and remove.

There’s 1 portion of bully quality from iFixit’s teardown, which is that it does appear to beryllium imaginable to swap retired the SSD successful a Mac Studio for 1 of the aforesaid size successful lawsuit the thrust fails. But contempt determination being a 2nd SSD slot accessible, it doesn’t look to beryllium imaginable to simply insert an further 2nd thrust to easy upgrade the Studio’s retention yourself. As for whether it could ever beryllium imaginable for an end-user to upgrade a Mac Studio’s storage? “The jury’s inactive out,” says iFixit.

These difficulties person prompted speculation that Apple is implementing immoderate benignant of bundle artifact to forestall end-user SSD upgrades. But arsenic ArsTechnica explains, it astir apt has much to bash with the cardinal plan of the retention successful Apple Silicon Macs. While PC SSDs typically see some NAND flash chips and an SSD controller connected the aforesaid (removable) module, Apple’s caller Macs person separated them. The NAND stays connected the SSD module itself, but the SSD controller is built into Apple’s chips.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s inactive frustrating not being capable to easy upgrade your ain computer’s storage. Instead, you’ll person to wage Apple’s (often exorbitant) prices for its higher retention configurations arsenic a safeguard.

Elsewhere, there’s some bully and atrocious quality for the Mac Studio’s repairability. The bully quality is that astir components are held unneurotic with screws, and that the computer’s ports are modular and should beryllium comparatively casual to regenerate if they break. But really getting into the machine requires peeling disconnected a sticky rubber ft ring, its RAM is soldered on, and its cooling mechanics — portion beefy — looks similar it’ll beryllium a nightmare to particulate erstwhile the clip comes. Overall, iFixit gives the Mac Studio a 6/10 people for repairability, same arsenic the aged Mac Mini.

Finally, iFixit besides took the accidental to instrumentality isolated the caller Studio Display, which it says “opens similar an iMac, and wrong looks… a batch similar an iMac.” Although the institution teases that it’ll person much to accidental astir the show astatine a aboriginal date, it confirms that the Studio Display’s webcam appears to usage the aforesaid camera sensor arsenic what was recovered successful the iPhone 11. Which makes it adjacent much confusing that the monitor’s webcam offers specified shocking quality. Here’s hoping Apple’s promised bundle update improves things.

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