iFixit teardown shows how Samsung packed an S Pen into the S22 Ultra

iFixit teardown shows how Samsung packed an S Pen into the S22 Ultra

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The merchandise of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone means we’ve got different fantabulous iFixit teardown to enjoy, which offers a large look astatine the insides of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra.

The teardown gives america a look astatine however Samsung has gone astir integrating its S Pen stylus into the Galaxy S22 Ultra, arsenic good arsenic the caller vapor enclosure for keeping the telephone chill during use. But the astir absorbing find relates to the vibration centrifugal wrong the S22 devices, which iFixit notes is present built into the bottommost talker alternatively than the top.

The speculation is that Samsung is trying to drawback up to the show of the iPhone’s Taptic Engine, but it’s doing truthful with a constituent that takes up little interior space. The changes Samsung has made to the vibration centrifugal were really picked up connected by Marques Brownless successful his review, though helium recovered it made the vibration harder to announcement portion the S22 was successful his pocket. Bummer.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra (left) and the regular S22. Image: iFixit

Unfortunately, Samsung’s flagship phones are inactive a spot of a nightmare to repair, which is atrocious quality for instrumentality longevity and hence the environment. Although the internals of some phones are held unneurotic with modular Philips-head screws, their casings are stuck unneurotic with pugnacious adhesive that’s hard to tease isolated (iFixit really cracks the backmost of its S22 Ultra during removal), and their batteries instrumentality “a tedious combo of isopropyl alcohol, suction cupful lifting force, and patience” to region and replace.

The effect is simply a brace of 3 retired of 10 scores for reparability, which is the aforesaid arsenic past year’s S21 Ultra, but represents a flimsy autumn for the basal Galaxy S21. For reference, past year’s iPhone 13 Pro scored six retired of 10, which proves that it’s imaginable to bash amended without sacrificing the premium flagship consciousness of a device.

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